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I run. I have a lot of hair. Not that kind of hair, I wax. Anyways, my hair can cause a lot of problems on my runs. This is me after my first marathon (excuse the drunk look in my eyes, I did just run my first mary and all)…bad-hair-updated

It took me a very long time to get this rat’s nest out. And really, after running the last thing I want to do is F with my hair for an hour.

My mom used to spend the longest time trying to manage my long hair when I was a kid. I remember lots of this stuff: detangler shampoo

I also remember being convinced she was trying to murder me with that brush. There may have been tears to achieve this look. But, it’s like they always say, “No pain, No braids…” RED-FOLKLORICO

One thing I’ve started to do is use these rubber bands. They don’t slip and my pony tail doesn’t “drop” while running.IMG_7699

Now I also braid my hair to try and prevent it from weaving itself into a rope that’s impossible to de-tangle. Sometimes in two “down” braids, DSCN0357-1sometimes up in ponytails that are braided, but always braids now that I live in MD. I think the humidity makes tangling a lot worse because I didn’t have this much of an issue in CA. before marathon

Breakfast – Eggs for Almonds. Since I am out of almond butter (damn you TJ’s!) I went with an egg sandwich for breakfast. I also have a massive melon that I cut up. I should have waited another day or two though because it’s not that ripe yet.

(Add a piece of bread with PB to get my nut butter fix.)IMG_7917

Kaitlin (a blog reader) discovered my secret past as an actress! She found this link of a very familiar looking brown eyed red head in a commercial.

I’m sad to say this isn’t me, but I do have to admit it could have been… I lived outside of LA growing up, took acting classes and saw an agent because I wanted to be an actress! That girl stole my part 😉

I am off to be a little worker bee.  See you later!

Question: What do you do with your hair while running?


  1. says

    my hair is really thick and curly too and the humidity makes running with my hair so hard as well! i like doing the whole braid thing too although i’m not a very skilled braider so they kind of suck.

  2. says

    my hair is really think and I have a lot of hair.
    Although for the most part my hair is straight humidity tends to make it really PUFFY!!
    SO I like to keep it in a ponytail while running.
    AND the only elastics that works on my hair are Goody, they really do stay put.

  3. Rebecca says

    My hair is short in the back, longer in the front, like Victoria Beckham had her hair a while ago. I just tie the front back and leave the rest down since it doesn’t come very far past my chin. It’s not the most flattering look, (I think it makes my forehead look large) but who really looks hot while they run anyway?

  4. says

    I have ridiculously heavy, thick, wavy hair which is best kept short. But during the time I was training for my first marathon my younger sister and I were also growing our hair out to donate for Locks of Love. Now you need at least 13″ to donate so my hair was RIDICULOUS. The only style that would keep it tamed and not tangled was a long French braid down my back, a dozen bobby pins and a headband.
    Now it is short again and a simple bun or low pony is enough to keep it in control!

  5. says

    I’ve got thick curly hair, but it’s not as long as yours so I don’t have too much trouble — as long as I use a good conditioner. I don’t worry about de-tangling until I’m in the shower.

    I’m always running in a ponytail, with clips, bobby pins or headbands holding my bangs back.

  6. says

    i don’t really run much anymore because of my knee, but when i did a pulled it all up in one of those loose bun/knot things. i still had to brush it all out, but it wasn’t as bad as when it was in a ponytail!

  7. says

    I TOTALLY thought my mom was trying to kill me too when she brushed my hair. Tears, tantrums, the whole bit…but I always loved how it looked when it was nice and brushed, haha. I’m sure we’ll torture our future daughters in the same way.

  8. says

    My hair is really thick and curly. If I didn’t tie it up during workouts it would be a fro. When I bike, I like to do two pigtails or two braids.

  9. says

    I just cut my hair shorter so a simple ponytail works now but I used to do pigtails and braids sometimes…

    I also felt the wrath of my mother with a brush trying to get through my hair – I used to love the Johnsons and Johnsons detangling spray – the smell was amazing.

  10. says

    omg I loved those sweet secret things!! Yayyyy. I definitely just do the pony. I’ve never had a problem. But when it was super short, it was a pain to put it into a teeny tiny low pony and bobby pin/clip the crap out of my hair to keep short pieces from getting lose!

  11. says

    I can’t stand any hair on face or neck when I run. I use those same hairbands and pull my hair into two pigtail/bun type things AND wear a headband! Yes, I’m obsessive. My forehead looks like Tyra Banks in the process……..just wish my butt looked like hers! :)

  12. says

    I’ll definitely never win a prize for best looking exerciser. My hair is in between my chin and shoulders and straight. It’s long enough to put in a ponytail and I use those same rubberbands—the kind that don’t slip. I pin my bangs back, swept to one side, with a bobby pin. I cannot stand to have my bangs flapping when I work out. It’s not the prettiest look, but when I’m working out, function overrules fashion.
    When I run outside, I wear a hat with my ponytail through the hole in the back of the hat.
    Recently, I’ve been testing out the pigtail look.

  13. says

    I just put it up in a ponytail. =D Those Goody rubber bands cost A LOT here so I just use plain scrunchies. Luckily, they hold up my hair just fine.

  14. says

    I usually just do a low ponytail (so it won’t swing and bounce against my back while I run) and keep my bangs back with a Bondi Band. The first time I did that in the rain, though, it got REALLY tangled. Now I loop the ponytail up (don’t pull it all the way through the final time) if it’s raining, which helps.

  15. says

    I have a lot of layers and some really thick hair, so it takes quite a few bobby pins to keep the hair out of my eyes while I’m doing anything active. When my mom brushed my hair when I was little, I think I cried every time. I have a very tender scalp, which encouraged me to learn to brush my own hair.

  16. says

    I love this post! But then again, I always love when you post old pictures from youth.

    I have hair that’s pretty OK while running. A ponytail is all I need! I guess I’ve been somewhat blessed.

  17. says

    Maryland totally changed my hair (which is naturally curly). In CA, I wore it curly in the winter and straight in the summer. In MD, with all the humidity, I have to do the opposite! There was a very scary period of trial and error as I figured this out!

  18. says

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