2010 Resolutions Revisited

Today is July 1st! This means I only have 6 months to complete my 2010 resolutions! I was reviewing them this morning and am not doing well at all :( Oh No!

But, the good news is that 6 months is plenty of time to finish them off. It’s just going to take a lot of hard work.

Fitness Goals:

-Lose 20 pounds – (Intuitive Eating, Cut back on sweets, Eat whole foods)

Status: I’ve lost five pounds so far, but still have 15 to go. I’ve decided to join Weight Watchers and lose the rest with a more organized plan since it seems I am not moving in the right direction with this.

Run a 1:45 half marathon and a sub four hour full marathon (yikes!)

Status: Nope. I have not run one half marathon this year and my full marathon was a fail um, not quite there.

Plan: Long Beach Full and I’m thinking the Las Vegas Half to reach these goals!

– Do Yoga twice a week

Status: I became obsessed with KB and yoga went out the window. I’m totally fine with that, but need to find KB and/or yoga in SoCal now.

– Run five races

Status: 2 races down, 3 to go… TBA

– Recommit to being vegetarian

Status: I have stuck to this 90% and I’m at peace with that too :)

Personal Goals:

Enjoy more time with family and friends

Status: Well, I spent a lot of time with Ben…

Go to a new country

Status: Planned for September :)

Learn Spanish

Status: Fail, but I have a bunch of books and programs to help

Choose to be happy

Status: Working on it, but definitely happier than I’ve been in a long time!

Run – This morning I had to stall my run a bit because my stomach hurt from all the junk I ate yesterday. Boo. But, when I finally did get out I did a great 6 miles!

The stats:

Mile 1: 8:55

Mile 2: 8:49

Mile 3: 8:39

Mile 4: 8:31

Mile 5: 8:49

Mile 6:  8:46

Then, it was time for breakfast. One of the things I brought in my suitcase was my fave protien powder:IMG_9664

This morning I made a smoothie…IMG_9662 

and some PB&J toast x2. IMG_9661

This is my favorite breakfast, and the only reason I eat anything else is because I “make” myself!

Question: How are your 2010 Goals/Resolutions going???


  1. says

    i’m totally failing at my goals as well. haha. i think i need to print mine out or something because if they’re not in front of me i totally forget about them!

  2. says

    Awesome goals! (Have you mentioned or hinted about the trip this September?!) I looked back at my goals in June and got a little discouraged (Haha… the one I was doing well with was a “shoe-in” to begin with…) but you’re right — we still have 6 months to go! We can do it :)

  3. says

    I think you will do really well on WW. I am a huge fan. Now that you are in CA, I would like to meet up for a run. Our splits on our runs today look pretty close, so I bet it would be a good run.

  4. says

    I’m actually doing pretty well with many of my resolutions actually!

    when is the lb marathon? i’ve never run any of their races, is there a 1/2? and my cousin asked me to run the vegas half but it’s like, over $100! and only $10-15 less than the full…what is up with that?!

    i know you’ can accomplish all your goals! you’re doing a great job so far!

  5. says

    Thanks for reminding me about my goals. I’ve been thinking about joining WW for the past 2 weeks and I may do it. Ive been inspired by all the success stories. I need to revisit my resolutions too.

  6. says

    Well, my resolution (or goal) for the year was to run a marathon and qualify for Boston. However I was injured early on in training for a May marathon, so I now have my fall marathon to attempt this feat.
    So far, so good!

  7. says

    Mine are generally the same every year and every year I seem to not accomplish them. It might be time to admit that these are little imperfections that I need to just embrace and not beat myself up over :).

  8. says

    I’m did an evaluation last week and I’m happy with the progress I have made towards my goals.

    I don’t think Weight Watchers is a good choice for someone who is close to their goal, exercises rountinely, and already knows what they should be eating. I did it for about 3 weeks earlier this year and I was hungry all the time. I ate all the points I was supposed to eat each day and used some of the “bonus points.” When I converted the points allowed into calories, I was only allotted 1200 calories per day. No wonder people lose weight, but it’s also no wonder most people don’t stick with the program. I think writing down everything you eat is a great idea, but I certainly wouldn’t pay to join Weight Watchers to do that. Sorry for the dissertation, just wanted to share my experience with you.

  9. Sarah W. says

    I decided to try counting points too…(not joining WW officially b/c no extra money allowed to pay for that, but I found my points online somewhere and know how to count) At any rate, I had been eating like 1300-1500 cals and not getting anywhere with it, so the past 2 days I decided to try WW, I think i might like counting points better than counting calories……..we shall see!! its helping me make smarter choices, because while before i was counting calories and making chips fit in, while counting points, i dont want to waste my measly point allotment on chips :-p i look forward to seeing how u do!

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