Berth 55 in Long Beach

In my family the birthday boy or girl gets to pick where they want to have dinner. Since it was my brother Michael’s birthday today he chose Berth 55 in Long Beach for lunch.IMG_9907

Berth 55 is a counter service seafood deli right on the water in the Port of Long Beach. IMG_9904

My brother has raved about this place for three years now, but I’ve never tried it until today. IMG_9902

The menus are posted up around the restaurant. The prices are great considering the quality and taste of the food!IMG_9877  IMG_9876

You order at the counter and wait for your number to be called. IMG_9878

We took a look around while waiting. The view isn’t exactly breathtaking  since it’s the Port of Long Beach and all industrial, but being by the water is still nice :)IMG_9881 IMG_9880

All the seating is outside. It’s actually really chilly for July in Southern California so the breeze off the Pacific Ocean made it a little too cold for my taste (but I’m always cold).IMG_9896

The family! IMG_9893

My mom and I ordered the Clam Chowder to share. I think this is the BEST clam chowder I’ve ever had – and I’ve tried several, including many in San Fran. 

We got the large and it was HUGE.  I really loved it and kept going back for more.IMG_9885

Michael highly recommended the fish & chips, so I went with his suggestion. The plan was to share with Ben and take some of his grilled swordfish. It turns out the fish & chips was a ton better  than his dish! It was hard to give even a bit of this up.

The breading was seasoned very well and it wasn’t greasy even though it’s fried. I pass on his recommendation.IMG_9892

Ben and I also shared an order of BBQ shrimp. My family got another order of this too and loved it. I don’t really like shrimp in general (texture thing) so I’m a bad judge.IMG_9889

Overall, everyone loved their food. The service was quick and the prices are good. We will definitely be coming back!

Here is Ben, Matt and myself after eating. We were very happy with the entire dining experience. Great food, great company, great location!IMG_9894

After eating we went back to my mom’s for cake and ice cream. I told Michael I would make him any kind of cake he wanted. He chose Funfetti.

I wanted a challenge like the time I made Ben lemon cake from scratch, but he wanted Funfetti. But, it’s his special day, so Funfetti it is!IMG_9909

Oh wait more specifically, he wanted Funfetti cake and Pistacio ice cream.

Ask and you shall receive. IMG_9917

This is my piece, I ended up serving myself both Cherry Garcia fro-yo and Pistacio. So.Good. IMG_9914

The center of the cake is Nutella. Because it makes everything better.


Now there’s talk of ordering Pizza for dinner. Ridic. I really need to Cut the Crap tomorrow!!


  1. says

    Mmmmm clam chowder!! Sounds delicious!
    Nutella as a cake filling is clever! I’ll try that!

    I SERIOUSLY need to cut the crap tomorrow!

  2. says

    I love getting some fried food without it being just pure grease!

    The chowder looks good, and I hate chowder!

    And funfetti is sooo yummy, I think I’d pick that too!

    Eh, you can eat healthy tomorrow! =)

  3. Dynamics says

    Families can be bad influences on us. I seem to have the problem of not being able to say no. But then I have to get right back to my regular healthy eating the next day. Sometimes I kick myself in the butt for not choosing wisely. For instance….Tommy’s for lunch to day. For those of you who do not know about Tommy’s, the best chili burgers in town and the french fries are just as great. All in all a huge calorie, fat, carb disaster. But it sure tastes good.

  4. says

    That is some inspirational stuff. Never knew that opinions could be this varied. Thanks for all the enthusiasm to offer such helpful information here.

  5. Lorin says

    Oh man I know how you feel. This past month I’ve had graduation, traveling so I’ve been eating really crappy (especially when I went to New York, couldn’t resist chocolate pizza at Max Brenner’s and im eating a chocolate covered peanut butter pretzel as I write this, I think it’s a sign :)!) Anyways, I definately need to get back on track also. I see the sun at the coast by you, in San Diego it’s still cloudy!!

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