Happy Birthday Michael and Double Digit Rule

Last night I carb loaded like I was running a Marathon today. My brother suggested L&L Hawaiian BBQ and I was skeptical at first, but it’s his b-day today so I went for it.

The other times I’ve been there it’s all bbq chicken and macaroni salad. But this time I noticed a “Healthy Menu” listing. What?! I was super excited because this is one of those places where I thought I “couldn’t” eat healthy.

I ordered the Mahi-Mahi plate. It came with brown rice and green salad. The salad came with a bad Italian dressing, so I used some Ranch we had at home. I LOVE that they had brown rice too!IMG_9861

I hated it :)IMG_9865

I have missed my “Grizz” this week because he’s been working so much and has a very long commute since we’re staying at my mom’s for a month. Grizz is my nickname for Ben – Doesn’t he seem like a Grizzly Bear?IMG_9866

Ben’s food – I still stole some macaroni salad because I love it. It’s one of the worst things I eat and I’m not going to deny myself.IMG_9864

Saturday – This morning I woke up before my alarm. I was ready to run! L&L Hawaiian BBQ may be my new pre-long run ritual!

Pre-run I had iced coffee and toast with almond butter. Same-o same-o, but if it’s isn’t broke…IMG_9867Then, I did 12 miles around my hometown. I usually drive to a better long run locale on Saturdays, but today I just didn’t feel like adding extra time to my morning.

I tried to get Susan to come with me, but she works today. Boo.  I ended up doing well considering I really wanted a running partner.

But, I realized the double digit rule applies to running too.

My friends and I had a DD (double digit)  rule where we didn’t call each other before 10am or after 1o pm. We said it was either too early or too late to have the phone ring. And it was set in stone.

I think I need a friend to run with after double digit miles. Once I hit 10 or 11 miles I get bored and want to go home. I told Ben he’s going to have to meet me for the last few miles at least! We’ll see if that happens. If not, I may have to finally break down and get an ipod for runs longer than 10 miles. I’m hesitant to do that because I’ve heard once you have music to run with you can’t run in silence and right now I’m fine with it :(

After the run I re-fueled with a HUGE smoothie  and half a bagel with cream cheese.


I ate an apple at Matt’s soccer game (no pic)

Then, I frosted the Birthday Cake I made my brother Michael. Today is his 24th birthday!!!IMG_9873 Don’t judge the messy word art…


I just used  icing (made blue with food coloring)  in a plastic bag with the edge cut off. Sandra Lee better watch herself because I am good at this Semi-Homemade stuff :)IMG_9875

Happy Birthday Michael!REDHEAD DOLL

My brother Michael was always my partner in crime growing up. It’s not easy being a red-headed Mexican in Pico Rivera, but it was great to have someone who could relate.


Michael and I have very different personalities. I am super outspoken and loud, he is quiet and reserved. Basically, I did the talking for both of us growing up. And that worked just fine :)




He played football, I was in cheerleading. It was good that we were so close in age and were able to go to the same schools through high school. We had a lot of school pride :)

BLUE FOOTBALLHere’s an artsy pic from my wedding – Michael’s sunglasses with Ben and I in the reflection.


Happy Birthday Mike – I hope this year brings you tons of happiness, success and fun! IMG_9912

<3 Monic (my nickname, not a typo)


  1. says

    First of all, I feel you on getting bored during runs. Back in MI I would go to all kinds of beautiful parks and nature areas and the wilderness entertained me. In NY, there are only two really big parks and a lot of sidewalks. I am so bored. Today I did seven miles and could hardly handle it. Ewww…

    Secondly, I love your cake! The writing seems just fine to me, and the sprinkles look downright delectable.

    Thirdly, you and Michael are TOO cute. Perfect brother and sister pair. Happy birthday to Michael!

  2. says

    love all the pictures. definitely very cute!

    awesome job on the run too. it’s great that you know yourself well enough to drag along someone to push you through the last few miles :)

  3. says

    Good on you for running by yourself and getting up early again! As for the ipod….i run with and w/o…you shouldnt get independent on the ipod. i do have to say there are alot of times i dont care to have it. i like to run in solitude. Just depends on mood. I think it would be a good idea for you. Esp when you are running your marathons and you are not feeling the run..music will help distract you.
    In my last mary on the last 4 miles my feet were dying…thankfully i had my ipod. it distracted my bad thoughts and kept me going.

    Loved the cake and your din din…both looked yummy. 😀

    Feliz Cumpleanos por su hermano!

  4. says

    i get bored after like 5 miles of running w/o an ipod…unless i’m mad/frustrated about something….hahaha. we totally need to become running partners! i know i need one!

    and happy bday to your bro! what a great look’n cake!

  5. says

    I did 12 miles today too (contrary to my lastest blog post – it needs updating!) … and yes, those last miles sure get lonely. I didn’t take my iPod today becuase it was raining, but really, I can take it or leave it. It’s nice to have occasionally, but I wouldn’t say I’m the least bit dependant on it. Awesome looking cake, by the way!

  6. says

    I can not do any kind of workout without music! Even yoga, I need some sort of calming music in the background.

    That is a beautiful cake and I hope your brother had an awesome birthday!

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