Settling for Satisfactory

When I was a kid nothing less than an “A” or 100% would be acceptable. I was a hard worker and I took pride in everything I did.  I feel like But now I’m performing at 60% and I have been letting that be okay. I have been settling for satisfactory lately.

My running, my eating, my life/organization – all are just okay when I want them to be Great! I need to start planning better and taking responsibility for my actions.

Crap Free Week has helped me see how much crap really is in my diet :( Like tonight, I slipped with a handful of chocolate chips after dinner – little indulgences like this happen every single day and miss the blog’s eye. These are the things I want to eliminate. I don’t have any problem with treats, but there are a lot of them over here –  way too many actually.

I’m sticking with CFW through Saturday, but I have to admit it’s been more challenging than I thought it’d be!

My afternoon snacks were super healthy and free of crap though. I packed bell pepper strips, watermelon and oatmeal. These really kept me full through the work day.


I finally had the chance to take my first field trip to Sonic after work. I always see the commercials (remember I’m a sucker for marketing?) and have wanted to try it for a while!

IMG_9973 IMG_9969

I had to walk since Ben dropped me off at work  and wasn’t sure how to order. I went to the door, but you can’t go inside?! IMG_9974

So I wandered around like a creeper until I  realized that you order at the tables for “car-less people”. I pressed the button and ordered up a Diet Cherry Limeade as suggested by my lovely readers.IMG_9968

Thank you for the suggestion! It was so good and refreshing!! It totally hit the spot on my walk back.IMG_9971

I have a super long days for the next couple of weeks. It is a one hour commute, eight hour day, wait for Ben two hours and then another one hour commute. Very.Long.Day. So it was a sight for sore eyes when Ben and I came home to dinner. My mom made beans and stew. That’s a tortilla with cheese for dipping.IMG_9975

  We make refried beans without actually frying them at all.  My mom cooks up pinto beans, we dump some of the water and then smash them up. There are just like refried except not.fried. IMG_9976

And the “cherry” on top of my dinner…


Question: What kind of student were you? What kind are you now or What kind do you think you’d be now?


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    I was definitely an overachiever! Most of that pressure came from myself but my parents always supported me know matter what.

    I think I would be the same kind now. Actually, I still strive for perfection in my job. I think as I get older, I find it easier to let go though. Just takes experience and practice.

  2. says

    That’s such a good way to put it! In school, no less than 100% is acceptable. Why is my life/body any different? Thanks for pointing this out. I really think I need to change my mindset. 100% all around!
    Hope you have a great day!

  3. says

    I was a good student but only tried as hard as I needed to! I was okay with A’s and B’s (and a C in math, hehe) but probably could have done better if I applied myself a little more. But to me, friends and tennis and such were also important and balance took priority over being perfect in one particular area.

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    total perfectionist and needed 100% on everything too. I’m probably down to 60% too with my eating, but everything else is still up there, making my life a bit unhappy cause i’m always stressed. settle for 85% i shall try!

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    As a student I did well but could have done better. I was smart enough just lazy and knew I could usually get away with it. I am like that with diet sometimes too. I’ll eat unhealthy things, not gain weight and use it to justify eating poorly down the road. I really need to grow out of this habit soon!

    We don’t have Sonic here but I always see the commercials and want to try it! (I’m a sucker too!!)

  6. says

    It totally depended on the subject. With subjects I liked I tried as hard as I could and it was really important that I did very well.

    But subjects that I knew I was bad at, and that I hated, I really didn’t try hard at all.

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    I was a strange combination of perfectionist and lazy person. Like a lot of young people, I didn’t really appreciate the fact that I had so much time to study while I was in school, but I DID want to get an A in every class. I’m really good at the rote memory things (and at BS-ing), so I always did well in school. These days, if I could go back for a graduate degree, I think I’d be much more into learning for learning’s sake. I’d rather take on less and do it really well.

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    I was just like you and still am. I just finished grad school in May 2009 and was still a perfectionist. However, this is bothersome sometimes b/c I focus too much on succeeding and not on what I really want or what’s best for me. It’s not always important to get an “A” on everything, especially if you’re working toward something that doesn’t really suit you. Learning the hard way…

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    I always did pretty well in school and am now struggling with balancing school and work – unfortunately school cannot be my #1 priority as work pays the bills.

    It is so hard not being able to devote a good amount of my time to my studying.

    Sorry about your commute – at least there is an end in sight!

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    Ugh, your commute sounds like a nightmare. I don’t know how you cope with such long days! At least you have wonderful mama-made dinners waiting for you when you get back :)

    I’ve always been a perfectionist, and even though it’s great to get straight As, I’ve found that having that attitude has been kind of detrimental in my day to day life – if something doesn’t go 100% the way I want it to go, I feel like it’s been a total failure. Which is never the case! I need to work on easing up on myself :)

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    I think SO many women that have food issues are perfectionists. I too was a superhard worker in school where anything less than 100% was not enough. Putting that much pressure on yourself demands a release somewhere else (eating)–but you still have to deal with those perfectionist demons when the results of too much eating show up on your body. Such tough stuff!! You seem to have a good balance, though, and it’s nice to read a blog where the writer doesn’t seem to have it all together… not that anyone does or anyone intends to present that image, but the writers of some of my fave blogs (who are amazing! no offense intended) seem to have all their issues (at least in regard to food) kind of settled. I like hearing about your struggles–but you still present a very healthy life!!

    I think transitioning into the working world is rough, too–at least at my job–where it didn’t seem to matter if you were working 100% while someone else was working 65%–you all got the same treatment. SO FRUSTRATING for an A-student like myself! :-)

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    I was a much better student when left on my own. I would get the syllabus the first day and work at my own pace doing all the work in advance. It made finals week MUCH easier!

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    I was not a great student in high school or the beginning of college but I eventually learned the best ways for me to study and became a much better student! I’m studying now to become a nutrition consultant and I’ve found that my good studying habits kicked back in! I graduated from college 5 years ago so it’s been a while. :)

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    I’m totally with you- I was a total type A student. It paid off in the end, but man- 6 hours of homework/night in high school is no way to live! :)

    I’m not quite as type A with my diet. I try to make the healthiest choices possible about 80% of the time and give myself some lee-way with the other 20% (although, I’m also definitely guilty of mindless snacking!).

    There are no Sonics near where I live (Chicago) but I ALWAYS see commercials for them. The only times I’ve eaten there were when I was visiting the South…their advertising is such a tease! I have to say, I appreciate that they have tater tots- yup, that would be one of those “20%” items. :)

  15. says

    I was a total perfectionist student until I got to high school and then I calmed down – until I got to college and had to get the highest grade in every class! :)

    I love Sonic – I grew up in Texas where they’ve always been around.

  16. Sara says

    I am currently a college student and certainly a perfectionist. I am not the smartest, but I study hard and accept nothing less than an A. I like achieving, but sometimes, my high expectations can be quite frustrating. I need to learn how to relax!

  17. says

    MMm my favorite drink at Sonic is the Route 44 Diet Cherry Limeade….with VERY EASY ice. otherwise they have to fill your cup 3/4 of the way with ice and you get very little soda. I found this out the hard way 4 yrs ago…when i took the drink back the manager explained its their policy to overfill with ice unless you ask for less. SO i always do…every friday 😀 its our family field trip night.
    Their cherry cream slushes are amazing too! love those.

    Your moms stew and beans look sooo good. Now i want a pot of homemade beans with tortillas. 😀
    Now seeing your posts on cherries makes me want to grab some this week….love me some cherries

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