Speedy Gonzales

Today’s marathon training called for a tempo run. Basically, a tempo run is a run where you do a few miles at a faster pace than usual.

I am loving my new little Days of the Week whiteboard! I won it at the Baby Shower this weekend.IMG_9684

This run was supposed to be: 2 mile warm up; 3 miles at 8:30 pace; 1 mile cool down. I don’t have my Garmin with me, but from memory…

I ended up doing something like:

Mile 1: Warm up

Mile 2: 8:35

Mile 3: 8:29

Mile 4: 8:31

Mile 5: 8:14

.40 mile: Cool Down (I ran out of time!)

Yes! I felt like Speedy Gonzales!!! Arriba! Arriba!!!Speedy gonzales

I might start wearing sombreros for my tempo runs. If anyone can, a Mexi-can. (I still have to make a shirt with that on it!)Foodies 057

I also had to make breakfast speedy since I have such a long commute! I have oatmeal in a jar. But, I have to admit to a major blog land no-no, I used instant oatmeal packets – one maple brown sugar and one regular. Mixing them makes the best flavor or it’s too sweet.

Poured into an almond butter jar and topped with pineapple cottage cheese and blueberries. IMG_9689

I am obsessed with pineapple cottage cheese right now. Ob.Sessed. IMG_9692

Lunch was eaten while working since today was a busy and short day. I made a veggie burger wrap with POP chips on the side. Nothing amazing, but I love this meal. Easy, filling and delicious, just like I like it.IMG_9694

And now I am enjoying free Wi-Fi, an iced coffee and a blueberry scone at The Coffee Bean while writing up my Breathe post and blogging. IMG_9695

I’ll save half for Ben because I am a good wife. That or, I am planning on a delicious dinner :)IMG_9697

BreatheTwo Runners are Better than One


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    What an awesome run! I <3 Pop Chips, I have to buy the single serving bags b/c if I buy the large bag, I'll eat them all in one sitting. :)

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    Awesome job on your run! I love when you start your day with a great run and feel like a superstar. I was also supposed to do a tempo run this morning at about that speed and failed a bit so now you are my idol. In my defense though it was 80 degrees, insanely hilly, and a bee stung me in the middle. Your breakfast also sounds amazing, I need to try it – you heat up the oats first, right?

  3. says

    Great run! That is a great white board.

    Nothing wrong with instant oatmeal packets – I enjoy them too. Sometimes regular oatmeal is just too time consuming…

  4. says

    I totally use instant oatmeal a majority of the time. I love the kashi packets as well as the TJs oatmeal with flax packets. I see nothing wrong with them if it saves time. I think they’re still pretty healthy, as long as they don’t have a ton of added sugar! :)

  5. says

    Great pace on your run!! And I like your white board- don’t you love filling it in? I get a little thrill from writing stuff on my calendar. Is that weird?

    Whatever, I’m not judging on the instant oatmeal. I like the apple cinnamon flavor with a spoonful of PB stirred in.

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    I am in love with your white board too – I could really use one of those in my office! As for instant oats, I can’t do it. Not because they’ve got added suger or whatever, simply becuase they chop the oats up into such small pieces and I can’t stand the mushy-ness. I dig the flavors though!

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