The Perfect Scone

Oh.My.Gosh. IMG 0751 thumb The Perfect Scone

I found that elusive scone I had been searching for. The one I had heard rave reviews about over and over. I found it. And it may have changed the way I look at scones forever.

I used to not be the biggest fan of scones. “Too dry” I’d say, “Not sweet enough”.

I always reached for a muffin or cookie at the bakery before a scone. But, these scones are more like crumbly cinnamon rolls than the dry scones I used to imagine.

See how it’s made like a cinnamon roll with rings? They just crumbled off into my mouth…IMG 0754 thumb The Perfect Scone

I got the cinnamon for myself and it was very similar to a cinnamon roll except for more biscuit-like in texture. It was perfectly sweet – not overkill like some cinnamon rolls can be – but not too tame like some scones. Just right icon smile The Perfect SconeIMG 0757 thumb The Perfect Scone

And I got the blueberry for Ben. I stole a bite of his of course, but the cinnamon was better.IMG 0749 thumb The Perfect Scone


Plus an iced coffee to wash it down icon smile The Perfect Scone Happy Thursday to me. IMG 0758 thumb The Perfect Scone

I actually made myself breakfast before class this morning – a bagel with AB&J. I only ate the AB side since the other side tasted off.IMG 0747 thumb The Perfect Scone

So when I got out of class early and had a few minutes to kill before work I drove by the scone bakery and got myself a second breakfast. Happiness followed.IMG 0755 thumb The Perfect Scone

Will someone please volunteer to stand guard at the bakery at not allow me back in? They have a cinnamon-chocolate chip flavor. God help me.


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    I’m not usually a scone person, but I made some snickerdoodle scones for my daughter’s teacher last year and became a fan. I’m glad you found a good one; it looks really yummy.

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    I hate scones. Definitely too dry. And I was with you until you described that one as “crumbly.” I hate baked goods that aren’t super moist and that don’t stick together.

    Eh, more for everyone else!

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    Where oh where may one find these scones at? Or are you purposely keeping it a secret so we won’t steal them all?…if I’m possibly down in the area!

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