Always Carb Loading

Last night Ben asked me if I had started carb loading yet. My response,

“What?! I never stopped after my last race…in January.”

The fact that carb loading is only for races should have been specified in the runner’s manual or something. Someone should have told me this!

Today I carb loaded with grapes straight out of the fridge. And some watermelon.

I made a random egg scramble for lunch with leeks, spinach, salsa and black beans. I was out of ketchup so this one packet’s worth did not cut it. Boo.IMG_2344

While I was out running errands I picked up a pack of TJ’s whole wheat cinnamon rolls. These things are amazing as is, but I added pumpkin butter and it changed my life. (For the better. In case that wasn’t clear.)IMG_2374

I have a little tradition of carb loading for real with ridiculous amounts of rice and soy sauce. I started that party tonight with a tofu stir fry.

I love my wok :)IMG_2350

Tofu, veggies and TJ’s teriyaki sauce = the easiest and tastiest stir fry ever!IMG_2352

+ IMG_2353 =IMG_2359

I have to admit I was jealous of Ben’s orange chicken though. It’s so much prettier than my plate. So I stole some.IMG_2361

And in a action that clearly displays my lack of foresight, I bought Dark Chocolate Covered Peanut Butter Cups today.IMG_2370

They’re not as good as you think. They’re better. IMG_2371

A lot better.IMG_2372 Even the checker was like, “Oh my gosh these are so good. But, I ate the whole container in front of the TV one night.”

Sounds like he can predict my future as well.

But, this counts as carb loading, right?

Ben really wants to order this online – a Nutella snack pack!

nutella snack (source)

When I saw the picture I asked him what country sells those (because Nutella is foreign and all).

Ben’s reply, “Happy Land”

Can’t say I disagree.

Question: How’d you carb load today?


  1. Lisa says

    What kind of veggies do you use on your stirfry? It looks delish! Of course so do the pb cups. I would eat them – along with that nutella snack pack in one night….now I’m having thoughts of pb cups with some nutella smeared on them!

    Good luck on the race!

  2. says

    I was never a huge carb lover until I became a runner. Ugh, there is a legitimate reason for it though, I swear! Runners are constantly looking to burn energy, and carbs happen to be the fastest source of energy that the body pulls from. See, it’s science so don’t feel bad for eating that extra cookie. 😉

  3. says

    Ha, I’m always carbo-loading too! In fact, when all of my friends jumped on the Atkins bandwagon in college, I embraced an all carb diet to show them that carbs aren’t evil. When I didn’t gain any weight- and after savoring a few too many bagels and cookies in front of them- they caved and came back to carb land :)

  4. says

    In the name of carb loading, I requested that my grandmother make her famous chicken pot pie for me. I followed it up with some delicious pumpkin roll for dessert. I also pulled some grapes straight from the fridge. I don’t want to skimp before a marathon 😉

  5. says

    they sell those nutella things in africa of all places! i have bought them a couple of times. i guess i live in happy land. complaint: not enough nutella. and there are WAY better and yummier things to stick in nutella besides those relatively flavorless biscuit sticks that it comes with. So you aren’t missing out. seriously.

  6. Jen says

    Oh yums… a Nutella snack pack?! You mean I can easily take my choco-hazelnut addition on the move?!

    Hmm, and as for carb loading – I had some oatmeal with a banana, and later I’m hitting up the Waffle House for a free waffle. (FYI, everyone – it’s part of a giveaway for that new “Due Date” movie. Walletpop has the info on it & a link to print out the coupon, if you are interested – )

  7. says

    I want to carbo load at your house…too bad I’m not training for anything! The “happy land” response made my day and sounds like it could’ve come straight from my husband’s mouth!

  8. says

    On Monday we went to Ledos and I ordered a Stroboli — it was HUGE. I had a wedge of it each day this week. Except yesterday–I played it safe and stuck to oatmeal for breakfast AND dinner. And today? After finally achieving Marathoner status, we headed for Bertucci’s for more pizza. Haha… Good luck on your race!

  9. says

    Good luck on your marathon! I did Steamtown last Sunday (I have my race report up on my blog if you want to psyche yourself up–or, um, out!) and then went to the Bahamas to recover. I am now on the other side of carbo loading–trying to knock off the couple or five pounds I gained while training (oops!).

  10. says

    I think it’s amazing you ran a marathon! I know you’ve done it before, but it’s one of my ultimate goals to one day run one (or have enough time to train for one while trying to become a doctor) and I applaud you. You’ll break 4:00 I can feel your determination :-)

  11. says

    Tried the cake and it was kinda hard to cut into 4 pieces, it was too thin. But… We abltsuoely loved the frosting!! However all of it together is like sugar overload… in a good and a bad way!! Overall I would say it is worth trying, and by the way your pictures are really chic and cool!

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