Commit To Fit – Lululemon Giveaway!

Hello Friends :) I did not want to wake up this morning and even pressed snooze – that NEVER happens! But, I finally dragged myself out of bed and did Jillian’s 30 Day Shred Level 1.

I mentioned challenging myself to the Shred before the marathon, but ended up stopping because my knee kept feeling achy. Well, now it’s back and I’m going to do it 3 times a week for the next 30 days. This goal is realistic and do-able, but still very challenging for me since I avoid strength training at all costs. I really want to focus on it for the next month. So, the challenge starts today!

After shredding I had 5 minutes to make breakfast and get on my way. A smoothie and english muffin combo fit the bill. I am in love with that pumpkin cream cheese. LOVE.IMG_2707 You know how to make pumpkin coffee even more pumpkin-y?

Put pumpkin pie spice in the grounds when you brew it!IMG_2512

It’s time for another giveaway courtesy of Subway’s Commit To Fit program. The company is encouraging people to decide how they “Commit to Fit”. You can participate on  their FB page too (they have another contest you can enter over there). IMG_2713

Lululemon Giveway! IMG_2710

I am super excited to present this giveaway!

Up for grabs is a $50 gift card to Lululemon, Gaiam gym bag and a yoga mat.


I was actually in desperate need of a yoga mat because one time as I was pulling my old mat out of my car it got stuck under the seat and ripped :(

Now I have a brand new mat to accompany me on my Yoga once a week Commit to Fit Challenge that I made for myself. I feel more Zen already :)

To Enter: Leave a comment on this post telling me how you deal with stress. (It’s okay to say you have a crying fit if that’s the truth.)

Extra entry: Link back to this post and let me know you did.

Contest ends: Wednesday night at 7pm PST. I’ll announce the winner on Wednesday night’s post.


  1. says

    I’m always teaching a lesson on dealing with stress. My favorite way is to escape the stressful situation and watch a funny tv show like Seinfeld or to go ahead and cry it out like you said :).

  2. LizZ says

    it depends on the stress…if its angry stress then i like to go for a run, or play some field hockey…but if its something else then i am totally a cryer.

  3. says

    I’m trying to get better about dealing with stress. If you would have asked me this question a few months ago, I would have said that I would freak out, shut down, and eat – or not eat, whatever the case may be.

    But now, I’m trying to do more yoga and other things to occupy my thoughts rather than stressing out.

  4. Emily G says

    One way I deal with stress is to journal about it – especially if it’s something in my head that is keeping me awake, then writing it down gets it out and makes it easier to break down into a manageable issue. The other way is to go for a bike ride or a run and either force the stress out through intervals (angry stress) or remind myself of the beauty around me and how lucky I am to be able to do what I do (other stress). It’s really all about getting some perspective on the situation.

  5. Maddie says

    Not to sound cliche, but exercise really is the best stress reliever. I love a good hard run to get all my stress out, and thats when I usually push myself hardest, too!

  6. says

    I have to try that pumpkin coffee. I bet it smells amazing!

    When I’m really stressed… its not pretty. I get angry. Mega, mega angry… then I cry. I’m not one to cry first, its always the last thing that happens in a majorly stressed scenario. But since I’ve been living a more healthy life, I’ve learned to work out before the stress really piles high, so that I burn off that extra negative energy!

  7. says

    Well, I used to eat but I’m trying to get away from that! I now go on hikes by myself to zen out and clear my head. I also plan my week if I go on a weekend and think about how to better manage my time.

  8. Melissa says

    Best way for me to deal with stress is cry, talk to my mother (she’s my best friend) and take my dog for a walk, he always seems so calm and peaceful, its healing in a way.

  9. Angie says

    If I’m home and stressed, I’ll go for a run, or take a long, hot shower, get in pajamas, and relax with tea and tv.

    If I’m at work, it’s a little more difficult- I try to breathe deep and make a list, so that I don’t get too overwhelmed.

  10. says

    I LOVE adding pumpkin pie spice to my grounds, it makes the coffee SO tasty! My bf absolutely hates it though so I can only do it on the weekends when he’s at work.

    My #1 way to deal with stress is an envigorating workout. Sometimes I come home so stressed out and furstrated and I just get on the treadmill and RUN and by the end I’m all gross and sweaty and exhausted but I generally feel so much better about everything.

  11. Elizabeth says

    I cry. If I feel up to it, I try to work out. Usually, I just shut down and try to figure out the best answer.

  12. Lindsay says

    The best way for me to deal with stress is to watch football…something about watching the guys tackle each other into the ground makes me feel better. Thank God for NFL Network, or this would not be possible on Tuesdays and Wednesdays!! Now that I type this out, I realize this probably isn’t the best way, but you know, it works for me!

  13. says

    I think for me dealing with stress is a 3 step program. That feeling of being overwhelmed easily creeps up on me. When it begins to be too much, any little thing will set me off. I come home from work sit on the couch and cry about anything and everything. After I get through that mess of tears I usually pop open my laptop. Sure maybe working out is a better idea, but I start to read blogs of every day women (and sometimes men) and remind myself that it’s not so bad. Reading about others inspirations reminds me that I’m not alone. Eventually I’ll take to my own blog and write about my goals. I am learning to write instead of eat. I will then follow this all up with a Lavender Hot bubble bath and a good night of sleep.

  14. says

    I deal with stress by running, spending time outdoors, and having fun with my boyfriend. Stress often creeps up on me if I’m not careful, and I have to be really proactive about keeping myself healthy and sane! Running is absolutely my favorite way of destressing after a tough day or event.

  15. says

    Pumpkin spice in coffee? My dear, you are a genius.

    I de-stress by running, eating pretzel m&ms and crying. Often all at the same time.

  16. says

    When I just super overwhelmed running really helps to calm me down and helps clear my head. I have also been known to take a nap and a long shower to relax and destress.

  17. says

    Dealing with stress!? It can range anywhere from yoga (which really is the best remedy!), a run, or if it’s really bad- ice cream. Ice cream makes everything better :)

  18. Rachel says

    I deal with stress by either working out (yoga or running) or drinking wine. Or both! I guess which I choose depends on just how stressed out I am…

  19. Hannah says

    I run to deal with stress! Or I go visit my baby cousin…every time I see him I forgot why I was stressed to begin with!

  20. Steff says

    When I am stressed, I turn to one of my tried-and-true remedies: running, venting to friends, taking a break, and consuming large amounts of red wine and/or chocolate. I guess some of these are healthy and some are not?? At any rate, they work!

  21. Ida says

    When I’m feeling stressed I like to go for a walk with my ipod, Or clean- putting things back in order makes me feel better somehow.

  22. says

    I use running and being prepared as my main stress releavers. If I plan and make lists I am less likely to feel overwhelmed with what is on my plate.

  23. says

    To be straight up honest, crying really CAN relieve stress and I have found that in certain situations, it helps get my feelings out and then I can tackle whatever probably I am facing (lately, it has been lack of sleep due to classes!). Running is a good stress reliever for me too, and of course my guilty pleasure of Facebooking. But whatever works, right?

  24. Meg says

    It depends on what I’m stressed about, but usually crying, running, wine, or chocolate–or some combination of all of them.

  25. Lizz says

    Crank up music in the car and take 2 minutes to think about nothing but the words to the song. Parking is best before attempting…

  26. Martha says

    Honestly, I’m not the best about dealing with stress — in the past I’ve mostly just bottled it up and let it make me cranky for days on end — but I’m working on it! Now I’ll go for a long walk with my dog and/or listen (and sing along) to some cheesy 90s pop.

  27. Heather says

    If I am being “good” I run to relieve stress. I don’t know what I would have done in some situations if it hadn’t been for running. Sometimes though I really just need a bottle of wine, a brownie sunday, and Grey’s Anatomy (Season 1&2)!

  28. says

    I’m huge fan of yoga as it makes me focus on something other than my always active mind. But you are right: sometimes only a good release like crying will do when life gets too stressful! I’m trying to learn with dealing with my stress instead of ignoring it.

  29. says

    What a awesome giveaway! I deal with stress in many ways – running, going for a walk, deep breathing (including yoga!), cooking (with a glass of wine, please) or just talking it out with my mom, sisters or husband. We just moved and there’s a yoga studio 1.5 blocks from our apartment. I’m going to try it out next week. I could definitely use a new mat. I’ve had mine since 2007. :)

  30. Beth says

    I’d like to say I deal with stress by running, and sometimes that’s true. I certainly feel less stressed after a run. But if I don’t get out the door on that run fast enough, I find myself yelling (usually at inanimate objects) or something equally ridiculous. Luckily this usually ends in a giggle fit when I realize that I’m yelling at my coffee pot (hey! it made gross coffee this morning!) :)

  31. Meredith says

    My most recent method was to cry myself to sleep like a baby last night. It wasn’t pretty, but I’m feeling better now :)

  32. Jessica says

    Alone time at the gym with a good magazine. Hot house Yoga if I have the time! And in really bad situations, I will go to the fridge with a spoon and find the cream cheese frosting. (ek)

  33. says

    i cry when i’m stressed, but i know that’s not the most productive way for me to handle it (mostly because i end up sobbing uncontrollably for an hour and then my eyes are all puffy for 2 days). i try to handle stress in a more productive way through exercise, cooking, and knitting. i learned to knit when i was in law school and it was a lifesaver. still is!

  34. Lisa says

    Let’s be honest…yes, when I reach my limit I cry…but what I tend to do most is drink wine and watch really bad reality tv. HELLO!!!! Teen Mom and Real Housewives…nothing gives me more pleasure. :-)

  35. Tawny says

    To be totally honest, I don’t deal with stress well. I am most definately a stress eater, so I reach for the Chocolate, or sometimes a glass…or 3 of wine! :( Not the best way to deal but it’s who I am!

  36. Emily says

    Ok, this is going to sound odd, but I imagine myself as one of those big Clydesdale horses. Then I figure out what all needs to be done and just put my head down and plod through it all. 😛 As a mom of two young kids, the exercise is done to keep the stress at bay. If it catches up to me, I have to deal with the “have to’s” before I can run, spin, lift (good motivation).

  37. Jen says

    I deal with stress by continuing to go about my day as “normal” until I gradually decompress, so to speak. Maybe that’s not healthy but… I can’t afford to curl up in the fetal position and cry on terrible days, even if that’s what I really really want to do.

  38. Blair says

    When dealing with a lot of stress, I do one of two things (and sometimes both, time permitting):
    1. Run
    2. Bake cookies
    I could sound all virtuous and tell you I don’t even eat the cookies, but that’d be hiding the fact that I usually just want to eat the dough and am too impatient to wait 10-12 minutes for the baking process to occur.

  39. says

    How do I deal with stress? Historically I’ve been pretty bad at dealing with it (read: ignoring the issue/hoping it’ll just go away). If I wasn’t ignoring it altogether, I would eat away my stresses – salty potato chips? Yes, please! Lately though, I’ve been able to recognize that stress eating (or ignoring) is NOT a good solution. Now I try to step back and look at whatever is stressing me out and see what logical steps I can take to make it less stressful, whether it’s breaking it up into smaller pieces for myself, delegating, a bitch fest, or plain old “nose to the grindstone” until it’s done. I also rely on spinning and running to get rid of any extra tension I have left over! There’s nothing like taking out your aggressions on the pavement or spin bike!

  40. Sophie Howl says

    To me running is my cure-all when it comes to stress or my ‘me’ time. After I had y first baby last September I needed an outlet and running came to me with open arms. It have me confidence, gave me some alone time, and I had energy to go about my day. Now one year later, I’m 60 lbs lighter (yep babyweight & some!) and it still saves me :)

  41. Rachel says

    Running and exercise in general are great stress relievers, so I try and get in a good workout instead of pulling out the ice cream carton. : )

  42. Jen says

    Actually, I do tend to cry a lot; it’s how I deal with my feelings. Luckily, it’s short lived. If I don’t cry, I bake – muffins usually. Nothing makes me feel better like a batch of apple pecan mini muffins. :)

  43. beth says

    The healthy way I deal with stress is by getting outside. That always makes me feel better whether it is simply a run or a walk or weeding. The unhealthy way I deal is to drink beer and eat pizza with friends, the latter part still being healthy I suppose 😉

  44. says

    Yoga and chocolate are my methods for dealing with stress. Deep breaths also help, and cooking is a huge part of my keeping calm on a daily basis, I just love to cook and it is very relaxing for me (when I don’t have to make something in a hurry, of course!)

  45. Ali W says

    I deal with stress by doing yoga but if something is really bad theres nothing like a good cry to get it out of your system!

  46. Abbey says

    I bake like a crazy woman! One weekend earlier this year when I had just started nursing school I baked probably 14-15 dozen cookies (all different kinds) and when I realized I was knee deep in cookies I had to deliver them to all of my family and friends so I wouldn’t eat every single one! A long walk with lots of deep breathing always helps me, too =)

  47. says

    When I’m stressed, if I’m good about acknowledging it, I will go for a run, go to yoga, bake or just relax on the couch. But I can’t say I’ve never let the stress build up and had a meltdown…these are getting less frequent though :)

  48. Molly says

    I usually cry when I’m stressed, but I cry all the time so who knows if that is dealing with it… I also love going for a walk with my dogs when I’m stressed!

  49. Leada Fuller says

    When I’m stressed, I have to distract myself. I make a cup of tea or hot cocoa and watch something that makes me happy until I’m relaxed enough to get back to work. That usually does the trick.

  50. Lacey Q says

    To deal with stress I usually try to tell myself to take slow deep breaths, although exercising really helps me also!

  51. Christina says

    I deal with stress in this order:

    freak out, cry, call someone, glass of wine, go to next available yoga class :)

  52. Taylor says

    My first reaction to stress is sweets (chocolate chip cookie… or 2… or 12)… but I am in the process of creating healthier habits for dealing with stress like running or writing in my journal.

  53. says

    Exercise always helps but when I am in a position where I can’t exercise (sitting at my desk at work!) I always look at the poster hanging on my wall that says “it’s the little things in life that making living so grand.” When it seems all the big things are overwhelming I take a minute to be happy about all the little things that make my life awesome!

  54. says

    My stress reliever is cleaning. For some reason whenever I get all psycho stressed I start to clean everything. It makes no sense to me, since I am by no means a clean freak – but I always feel better when I purge all the clutter in my house. Running has been more of a preemptive thing. I have been way less stressed about everything (probably cuz I am just too worn out to worry).

    I linked to your blog for the extra entry!! Hope I get it! Hope I get it!!

  55. Christine says

    How I deal with stress: eating (okay, I know, not so good!), exercise, crying, calling my sisters on the phone, and doing a little yoga here and there!

  56. says

    I usually will put on my gym clothes and depending on weather either hit the pavement for a long run or go to the gym and do a serious sweat session. Working out will calm me down and make me realize that life is good and short and that the “stressful situation” will eventually work itself out.

  57. NC says

    My goto stress reliever is running outside … especially fall where the weather is nice and crisp . The second would be cooking something that I never done before . At the end of it , I have good food and feel refreshed too …

  58. Meredith says

    I deal with stress with a good work out followed by a nice long shower and after that, I open up a bottle of red wine and indulge :)

  59. says

    I, too, am obsessed with TJ’s Pumpkin CC. I’m trying to think of other foods to spread it on, because I’m getting tired of toast, and apparently it’s unacceptable to eat cream cheese off the spoon. Husbands just don’t understand.

    Great giveaway! I need a new mat, and would looove some lulu money. I deal with stress by 1.) Crying fit (usually if stress was accompanied by criticism), 2.) a glass of wine, and 3.) curling up in bed with a book and forgetting about it for a few minutes :)

  60. courtney says

    sadly, i take stress out on someone who is close to me, cry to them, and then probably go for a run (sometimes while crying).

  61. says

    I usually do one of the following 3 things to relieve stress:
    1. Cry (I try not to do this one much because it really don’t do anything but dry out my contacts & make my eyes red)
    2. Workout! Especially going for a run or kickboxing
    3. (My favorite) Listen to music that helps me sing/yell/dance to get my anger out and feel better!

  62. Rebekah says

    I find that I deal with stress by calling either my mom or my husband, venting and then letting them know that I feel better by getting it out. Exercise helps too :) food used to be my comfort when stressed (and other emotions) but I have come to realize that overeating when stressed just makes me more stressed…so for the most part I have stopped doing that.

  63. kate says

    Go running and listen to hip/hop & rap ( my guilty please) the entire time. But now I’m stressed out over the fact that i can’t run to due to injury. I guess its always something :)

  64. says

    I used to deal with stress with some combination of eating too much, drinking too much, or crying. More recently I’ve found that a good night at the gym (and maybe some chocolate or beer in moderation) make me feel a whole lot better the next day. As for crying…sometimes that really does help the most!

  65. says

    Refuse to acknowledge I’m stressed until I completely freak out and have a major panicky meltdown. Find BF, freak out, have him talk me out of the hole I’m in & remind me it wouldn’t be so bad if I’d just acknowledge the stress in the first place. :)

    I am the Queen of Denial!!!

    I am getting better at dealing with stress, slowly but surely. I have discovered the power of doing one proactive, healthy thing. It doesn’t even have to be related to the source of stress – being smart and controlled about anything is enough to kick start a chain reaction & help me deal with the rest.

  66. Kathryn says

    I typically exercise or take my dog for a walk although I have to admit that they are times I veg in front of the tv and eat chocolate :)

  67. Kristin says

    Stress…hmmm…I don’t know if I have a specific coping strategy…Sometimes I cry, sometimes I run, sometimes I eat cookies :) Luckily, my life has been pretty low-stress lately, and when it is busy and stressful I am usually able to see the light at the end of the tunnel and push through…I feel lucky for that!

  68. Lisa says

    I find the best stress reliever is running. Sometimes though it is a big bowl of ice cream. There are times nothing but sugar and chocolate make you feel better!

  69. Michelle says

    I run or go to the gym. a serious sweat session helps me relieve stress so much I joke it is cheaper than therapy and more effective

  70. Beth Meyer says

    I deal with stress through venting to friends, sweating it out at the gym, or through copious amounts of red wine and chocolate. Om nom nom

  71. says

    Awesome giveaway!! :)

    When I’m stressed, I work it off! Running or a little Turbofire does the trick. When you’re pushing yourself, you forget all about whatever it was that stressed you out in the first place! :)

  72. Holly says

    When I’m stressed, I try to give myself a little alone time to chill out. It could be running, yoga or even a good nap! Sometimes I find myself in the kitchen cooking the worlds largest dinner. It helps so that I don’t take out my stress on others.

    Of course if I win, I’ll relieve stress by going shopping at Lululemon!

  73. jessica g says

    stress. do i deal with it? i guess i do since i’m an executive of a nonprofit (i.e. overworked, underpaid). in the last year, i’ve taken to running. i went form not being able to run one block to having run multiple races, two of which were half marathons. next goal = marathon!

  74. Rose says

    I usually hit the gym to run out stress on the treadmill. But if I can’t make it there, the cookie jar calls my name!

  75. says

    I handle stress all different ways. Sometimes my giving myself “me” time, talking to someone about it, or running, and sometimes by eating (I’m a stress eater). You can’t win them all I guess. Trying to move away from the eating and more to the other things.

    P.S. I linked to your blog! :)

  76. says

    I deal with stress by working out, taking a shower, or making my boyfriend cuddle me to calm me down. It all works…especially the cuddling :)


  77. says

    If I am being honest, I usually either frantically spaz or start crying. But I have found sometimes it helps me to just step away from that given thing stressing me out, take a moment, or a walk, or a glass of wine :) and breathe before I start up whatever was stressing me out again!

  78. says

    Depends on where I am if its stress at work I take a walk or go for coffee, but if it’s at home I try watching an episode of a favorite comedy show (The Office, Arrested Development are at the top of my list). Sometimes though you only have enough time to close your eyes and take a couple deep breaths and imagine you’re somewhere far, far away from whatever is stressing you out.

  79. Calle says

    I deal with stress by calling my mom (I’m away at school), venting to friends, or distracting myself from the issue and hanging out with my boyfriend :)

  80. Melody says

    I’ve been taking yoga twice a week for 90 mins and that helps a lot with stress. I’ve been trying to practice at least 30 mins a day on days I don’t have class. I feel a lot calmer and happier when I’m committed.

  81. says

    Depending on the circumstances of my stress I will either cry, go on a run, get a manicure or treat myself to a vanilla latte from Coffee Bean. Sometimes, I do all of the above. Its a foolproof system because continuing to stress leaves me with an illusion that I’m “taking care of the stress” when in reality, I’m probably fumbling to do anything.

  82. Ella says

    You can put spices in along with the coffee grounds?! I’ve never thought of doing that, thanks for the idea.

    When I’m stressed out I do yoga or go for a longggg run. Helps me clear my head. Napping helps too (:

  83. says

    How do I deal with stress? Hmmm I guess it depends. I try to just relax but lately stress has been followed with a glass (or two or three) of wine! lol. I’m trying to find a bikram yoga studio that’s in my area to go to.

  84. Melissa says

    I like to put on my comfy flannel pajamas, bake some cookies and snuggle up on the couch with a movie to relieve my stress.

  85. Cassie says

    I’m not always the best at dealing with stress, but usually I hit the gym. If I’m rocking out on my iPod, reading a trashy magazine, and moving my boday on the ArcTrainer, I can feel a bit better. If I’m too stressed to go to the gym, I obsess. I make lists and call my mom. I make the moves on my boyfriend, which is also another great stress reliever! 😉

  86. Christy says

    I deal with stress by either working out or baking. I try to give away all my baked goods except for a few samples in the kitchen. 😉

  87. Mandy says

    To deal with stress i either take a nap (if i have time), or do something that will take my mind of the ordeal (reading, yoga, cooking).

    It’s also really helpful to talk to people. That’s the best one, especially if it’s a big problem you’re stressed out about. Nothing like talking it out to make you feel better.

  88. says

    What a sweet giveaway!

    I deal with stress by exercising. Swimming is an excellent stress-reliever for me. It’s relaxing and meditative and I get my blood pumping! I always feel better afterward.

  89. says

    It all depends on the stress…usually a good sweaty work out does the trick. If I’m having a meltdown of sorts (usually unexplainably overly emotional) I calm down if I just sit down and plan something out – anything really, a hypothetical trip, the rest of my day, a grocery list…whatever I can focus on long enough to calm down!

  90. Sahar says

    I love this giveaway!

    I deal with stress by running, talking to a friend or my mom or taking a hot shower. I also make lists – sometimes it helps just to write things down.

  91. says

    I deal with stress in many ways depending on the day: exercising, eating (or binging), crying, reading, cooking. I wish that I could take eating out of the equation though.

  92. Tabitha Bradshaw says

    When I am stressed, I really do know that everything works out in the end. I know the positive thoughts I need to be thinking, but I can’t always get those thoughts started. So I will look up positive quotes or jokes or watch a funny show or movie. If I am working out regularly, it helps me to not get so stressed.

  93. Susan says

    I have two ways of dealing with stress the (old way) which I still occasionally default to involves searching my pantry for my ‘hidden’ chocolate stash and then having a handful (or 3)
    The (new way) the way I try to use to maintain my sanity and thinner figure is exercise. Hopping on the treadmill or popping in a workout tape is usually guaranteed to help me feel better. If that isn’t an option just getting outside, walking with my kids or working in the yard is usually helpful.
    FYI in the way olden times I loved to bake- it was a very relaxing for me and sadly very waistline expanding. I now have 2 young children who love to help mommy bake- baking is no longer relaxing 😉

  94. Patty says

    I wish I could say I respond to stress healthily, but … keep me away from snack foods. Talking it out also helps.

  95. says

    I THINK MY MIDDLE NAME IS STRESS!! When I don’t have stress in my life, I am not sure what to do with myself and will usually seek another project/activity to make myself stressed! LOL!

    A hot bath will alleviate some stress, or a great run!!!

  96. says

    I wish I handled stress better, but generally any freak out I have involves a lot of pacing along with a bit of nail chewing and ends with a trip to the pb jar or to the freezer for ice cream eaten straight from the carton.

  97. says

    Wow! That’s a nice giveaway. I deal with stress initially by trying to distract myself with anything – laundry, reading blogs, going to the gym. Anything to keep me busy. Then, I really get over stress when I take a few moments to sit and breathe (and pray).

  98. Angela says

    I am trying to change the ways I cope with stress. I am a big time stress eater and since I work from home and my job is extremely stressful, it’s a….PROBLEM. My new method of dealing with stress is to make a to do list and just start tackling it. If it gets really bad, I take a break and go visit with my dog and get a couple of kisses. My favorite stress relief is playing tennis or cycling but this time of year I am relying on spin class. Which seems to be working well.

    Long time your blog. Thanks for being real.

  99. Megan says

    Running a super hard workout alwyas helps me w/ stress. Last week I went WAY faster than the “half marathon pace” my track club coach instructed us to run and I felt much much better afterwards!!

  100. Tina M says

    My biggest stress killer is COOKING. I love it! Its a great way for me to forget about my surroundings, and focus on the food… YUM

  101. says

    top 5 ways I handle stress:

    1. vent to best blend, and ROA, Julie
    2. glass o-vino
    3. runnnnnnnnn (although, with sprained ankle this is difficult)
    4. write.
    5. yoga. if by yoga i mean corpse pose in my bed in a nap-like fashion.

  102. Jen says

    To deal with stress I work out or just go for a walk if the thought of working out is too exhausting. I also cook or bake!

  103. Steph says

    To be honest, my first instinct is to eat. I’m trying to work on that, so perhaps doing yoga would be beneficial for me.

  104. sally kate says

    I’m sure most people do this but I have recently found myself eating when I’m stressed. Thankfully I have finally become aware of this, but unfortunately I havent stopped myself from it :( fail. I know that I should be going on a walk, which sometimes I do take it out on the gym, but initally I flock to chocolate.

  105. Heather says

    I usually email my dad in a rant… somehow typing it all out really helps me focus on what’s stressing me out and realize that more often than not I am stressing myself out more than I need to be.

  106. says

    I try really hard to avoid stress in my life because it wreaks such havoc on my body and mind, but when it does make its way in I usually go for a run or a tough class at the gym so I can’t focus on anything other than my body. I also love to do some retail therapy, although that sometimes brings on more stress when I see the credit card bill!

  107. Carrie says

    Stopping what I’m doing and focusing on the present moment… not the cause of the stress or its implications, not the past, not the future, not even what I think I need to do to fix it… just focusing completely the present moment will snap me out of whatever stressed-out spin I’m in and give me a chance to get some perspective. Oh, and chocolate helps too.

  108. Madison says

    I love to run to get my mind off things when I’m stressed. Honestly, I can NOT think about anything other then my breathing while I’m running, which is a god-send sometimes.

    Salted dark chocolate is plan B :)

  109. Megan says

    I deal with stress through exercise and watching mindless tv. It is very helpful for me to zone out and force myself to relax!

  110. Lindsay says

    i deal with stress by having a glass of wine with friends, or going for a run, or just zoning out and watching tv.

  111. Valerie C. says

    Learning how to deal with stress and anxiety has always been a big deal in my life. I have suffered from severe anxiety disorder since 7th grade. Meditation, medicine, breathing techniques did nothing to calm me down. My mom has always been really into health and fitness so i grew up being very active in one way or another. I really started hitting the gym HARD in the beginning of high school and managed to find the ultimate release….cardio…lots and lots of cardio. I lost 80 pounds and gained confidence and strength!!!

    Unfortunately, I became too addicted with the powerful endorphin release and suffered from an eating disorder for a couple of years that I still feel struggle with at times.
    The most important thing i realized is that stress will always be there…and overdoing it with exercising, i.e. taking no rest days, is not the solution.
    The reason I mention this is because your blog, along with other members of this blog health community have allowed me to realize that all is not lost if I allow myself a rest day…and it’s OK to eat that brownie and not kill myself the next day on the treadmill.
    I have become less obsessed/STRESSED about the number on the treadmill and more aware of my body’s need :)

  112. Laura says

    I love to run or do something for myself…like going to get a pedicure or just walking outside to take some pictures. I think in stressful times we tend to forget about ourselves.

  113. says

    I deal with stress by talking it out, working out, or writing about the issue to sort it out. All of these outlets have helped me. I can’t keep things bottled up or it drives me nuts!

  114. says

    My way of dealing with stress is isolating myself in a quiet room and meditate. Just a few minutes and it makes a whole lot of difference. I de-stress so quickly :)

    btw, a Naturally Nutty nut butter giveaway is going on my blog :)

  115. says

    I deal best with stress by hitting up one of my awesome friends for a glass of wine and some good laughs. There’s nothing like good company to help you get things in perspective.

  116. says

    I deal with stress by walking away from the stressful situation, whether that means literally going for a walk or just shutting down my computer and unplugging.

    Oh, and adding spice to coffee grounds is my favorite trick. Cinnamon is crucial!

  117. Elisa says

    If I have the chance I run to ease my stress. If I can’t run I try to direct my attention to less stressful things in my life and come back to the stressors when I can think more clearly.

  118. Rae says

    Kickboxing. hands down best way to “punch” someone in the face without actually doing it…and a great upper body workout, too!!

  119. Lindsay says

    Hi Monica! I deal with stress by being as cranky as possible to everyone around me. AND I deal with stress by cutting up a watermelon, usually consuming half of the watermelon in stress-eat mode. This, effectually, contributes to cranky stress bloat.

  120. Regan says

    Running of course always helps, but in order to combat stress I LOVE going out and swinging in my hammock with some music….and if its been a REALLY tough day a small serving of red wine.
    I also love to just drive out to the trails and walk around without any music…just going out and being one with nature.

  121. Kianni says

    “How do you deal with stress?
    hehe XP
    Kinda. I try to handle it best I can, usually as long as I get my runs in in the morning before anything else I feel I can handle the rest of my day. Usually I just try to think things through. However if it’s something that is out of my hands or involeves waiting I’ll usually go on a walk or lift weights or do yoga (sometimes all three) I’ll call my mom to vent to her. Writing helps to. Just letting out the frusturation (my usual reaction to stress) I just need to get my self to focus on something other than what is stressing me when thinking about something that is out of my control does me no good. (reminding myself of that also helps)

  122. Alicia says

    Stress is hard at times there is nothing better that crying even if you do not know why you are crying. Normally I a work out is the best way for me, that and a journal entry where I get all the crap that I am thinking about onto a page of paper. It feels so much better just to write it down somewhere.

  123. Madeline says

    I make lists – helps me get my thoughts organized and then it feels so good to cross the items off once they are done. Also, I eat chocolate. Too much chocolate.

  124. says

    I cry, yell and then make a to-do/goal list. After that I take some deep breaths and get to work. It usually works!

    This is an awesome giveaway! Hope I win.

  125. Ashley says

    I deal with stress by working out at the gym and doing yoga once a week. I’ve found that through exercise I can release a lot of pent up frustration and I often leave feeling refreshed. Yoga helps me calm my mind…which I definitely need!!

  126. says

    To relieve stress I normally call my mom (sometimes crying is involved if it’s that bad) to vent. She’s a wise woman and always gives me a fresh perspective, which never fails to make me feel better!

  127. says

    To handle and relieve stree I usually go for a run or a long drive. I’ve recently started taking karate a few nights a week which not only helps with cross-training, it’s a great stress reliever! I literally kick and punch everything out!

  128. Meaghan says

    I’m in grad school right now, so I have that ‘dealing with stress’ thing down to a T! I usually try and go for a walk outside, but let’s be honest- sometimes the only cure is good ole’ ice cream!

  129. JessicaE says

    I want to get back into more strength training, too.

    Relating to that, the way I deal with stress is RUNNING!! (Or a glass of Merlot and snuggles with the Husband 😀 )

  130. Lisa says

    Normally, I clean (my room is impeccable around exam time), or eat something roasted and warm (squash! so comforting), or go for a long run, if I have time. Mentally and emotionally, I ALWAYS feel better after a run!

  131. Jordan says

    I really like to bake something that I can give away. There’s something about seeing smiles on other peoples faces that makes me feel better. And..sometimes, I might eat part of the goodie too!

  132. says

    I love to bake with my mom to reduce stress. I grew up making banana breads and chocolate chips cookies all the time and it just reminds me of great times!

  133. christina says

    To deal with stress, I break out my ipod and sneakers, and I go on long walks and just breather and take in the fresh air. This clears my head and I always feel a million times better afterwards.

  134. Jess says

    I make a list of all my stressors to get them out of my head and into a place I can do something about them. Then I take a break and have a sweaty workout session.

  135. meeyeehere aka rachel crisman says

    I go running and I do yoga for my stress. I have always had high blood pressure from my stress,even as a teenager.I try to keep my weigth to a normal level and try to get plenty of exercise

  136. says

    I run when I am stressed, either really long or really fast. The funny thing is, I can tell I am stressed out when I have the sudden urge to clean and organize everything (which is saying something since I am a very clean and tidy person).

  137. Amy says

    I am a long time reader, but not a frequent commenter…I deal with stress either by running or some other kind of exercise…or by crying (hadn’t done that in a while until last week)

  138. katiek436 says

    well if we’re being honest I don’t deal well with stress :( I tend cope with it by thinking through my situation alone and then seek out resources for solutions to my stress. I don’t over react or cry I just need a little alone time. When the weather commits I talk long walks to just breath…i think that is the best coping mechanism…just to breath and know things will be ok :)

  139. Grace says

    I go to Whole Foods! I don’t even have to buy anything (although, let’s be honest, I almost always do…), I just love being there and browsing through all their drool-worthy products! Something about the place relaxes me. You know how in Breakfast at Tiffany’s Holly Golightly says that nothing bad could ever happen at Tiffany’s? Well, that’s how I feel about Whole Foods. :)

  140. Laura says

    I am not great at dealing with stress, sometimes I get mad at someone who doesn’t deserve it (namely my sister or mom!). But when I realize I am stressed I usually tackle smaller things, cleaning etc, to feel productive but take a break! It’s a break because I always watch tv while i clean!

  141. says

    I usually just take my me-time and spend it however I want to. Most of the time I run, read chicklit (really helps! :D) or watch tv series.

  142. Michele says

    To say I do not deal with stress well is probably an understatement. I usually just shut down and go a little crazy for awhile. But I am learning to exercise out some of that stress which is helping greatly.

  143. Lisa says

    I go for a nice, long run. Because only AFTER a long sweaty run have I earned the glass (or two) of wine that will result in the ultimate stress relief.

  144. Elana says

    I’ve only been running since the end of last winter, but I’m slowly convincing myself how wonderful it is as a stress reliever… my other favorite is a glass (or three…) of wine, or of course a good cry!

  145. says

    First of all, I LOVE lululemon so I’m super excited for this giveaway. Plus, I just went to my first yoga class last night so a yoga mat would be perfect right now.

    To deal with stress, I usually hang out with my fiancee because he never seems stressed! Or I eat dessert :)

  146. anou says

    I try to deal with stress the healthy way by exercising but I do end up eating or drinking my stress away sometimes in all honesty !

  147. Kellie says

    I honestly don’t deal with stress well, but I am trying. I am going to start doing yoga and learning to meditate. I am a work in progress right now.

  148. Jessica says

    Running is definitely the best stress reliever for me! If that fails, wine, yoga, and/or a good talk with my mom will often do the trick.

  149. says

    I usually go for a walk to get some air and release some tension, after that I have herbal tea and think about things that I have to look forward to.

  150. says

    I shop at Lululemon… which temporarily reduces the stress by helping me feel cute and motivating me to get out and move. Then I look at my bank account, and the stress comes back. What a terribly cruel cycle! :) It all balances out in the end, I suppose.

  151. Jessie says

    Sure, I exercise to relieve stress, but when the whole world is wrong and I don’t know what to do… I sing! It’s so incredibly cathartic to get loud, get emotional, and sing a song (for me, mostly show tunes… dork!) that encompasses my feelings. If you haven’t yet, you should try it!

  152. Angela says

    When I am under a lot of stress, I make lists and decide what needs to be done right NOW, and what can wait. I do those things, and then make time to RELAX and VEG. I find that I preform the tasks better when I split them up.

  153. says

    I deal with stress by eating unfortunately :/ It’s something I’ve been working on for a long time and hope to get a handle on soon. I know there are a lot of better ways to deal with stress and I am going to get better at handling it in a more productive way.

  154. Jessica says

    I deal with stress by exercising regularly and laughing! I am a teacher, and although my students can often be a source of stress, the laughter they bring into my day is also the best medicine. It’s so important to sometimes step back and realize that the thing stressing me out is just a small thing in the grand scheme of life.

  155. Valerie says

    I deal with stress by giving myself a night to do hand out and relax. I sit around in my bum clothes, watch movies, eat pizza, etc. It’s great. The next day I feel so much less stress!

  156. Jenna says

    I deal with my stress by running, the feeling of not being able to breathe, being all sweaty, all the good,gross things about running lessen my stress :)

  157. Megan says

    I deal with stress by running. When I was in PT school, running wasn’t enough and I’d break down and cry when the stress got to be too much, but I haven’t had that happen since I graduated! Ahh, the sweet relief of being done with school… When I was in college, I did yoga. I even signed up to take it as a class so I didn’t have any excuse. It worked like a charm and now I’m addicted!

    I also linked to the blog through my twitter account @meganroxanne! My profile is private, but I always add real people, especially runners. Woohoo!

  158. says

    I deal with stress by making myself stop, take a few deep breaths to get my breathing nice and calm and then I tell myself that whatever it is isn’t a big deal and that stressing about it won’t help me at all. I know it doesn’t solve whatever problem I’m facing, but it puts me in a better frame of mind to be able to start to fix the problem!

  159. Laura says

    I call my mom or go for a run to deal with stress. I also find that sleeping helps – everything seems a little more manageable once I’m refreshed.
    <3 lululemon!!

  160. Doreena says

    To deal with stress I put in a music, crank it up, and clean. I dont know why it helps me but by the time im done sorting out things, rearranging things and scrubbing things clean I always feel better.

  161. says

    I have a little crying fit (I’m preggo so it happens) and then I get work out time in. Sometimes a long walk is enough to bring me back to earth.

  162. Jennifer says

    I love this Commit to Fit!!!!!!! When I get stressed out I usually take my dog to the park and throw a ball. She likes to run after it and I get to hurl an object without getting in trouble :-)
    Other stress relievers include going for a run, Bikram yoga, talking to my husband, and/or writing how I feel down.

  163. says

    Wow this giveaway is the bomb.

    I am horrendous at dealing with stress, basically the only way I can fix it is to 1) fix everything that is bothering me, ie. clean the house, talk to the people that are bothering me and resolve, let go of a responsibility if it is truly too much, or 2) whine at my boyfriend who is pretty much the most levelheaded person on the planet, and he usually assures me I’m overreacting.


  164. says

    I always try to light some scented candles – makes me relax but doesn’t take away time from homework. A student’s gotta do, what a student’s gotta do. There may be a few crying spells here and there too :)

  165. Jen says

    Sadly, I wish I could say yoga or running all the time, but I will admit that sometimes I use food to comfort me in times of stress but it’s something to work on!

  166. sarah says

    running, yoga and baking are all great stress relievers for me. or any kind of really intense but sort of mindless busy work.

  167. says

    Shots! LoL, no just kidding. (kind of 😉 I usually find that working out is the best combat of stress. But if the stress is too much and causing me to become physically exhausted and not just mentally, I turn to sleep. I always feel better after a good night’s rest and waking up to a fresh start.

  168. Jessica Loudis says

    I deal with stress by napping and taking hot showers. Seems to work for me; and as a full time nursing student, working part-time and managing a household…I have a lot of stress!

  169. says

    I’d love to win! My stress releases are a good workout, singing along to pop songs on the radio, having a good cup of coffee or glass of red wine, taking a walk by the beach, and cooking a healthy dinner to enjoy at home :)

  170. Lisa says

    I run, bake, and shop! Lately I’ve noticed that my knee is hurting from all the running, my bank account is getting really low, and an entire pie and batch of cookies are sitting in the kitchen. Stress much?

  171. Katie R says

    Honestly, when I am stressed I feel like I need something in my mouth…so I have an obsession with hard candies and gum. But I try to manage my stress with hot yoga. I love how amazing I feel after class.

  172. Kaitlin says

    Depending on what kind of stress it is, I either go for a run or walk or sit down with a book and a cup of tea. Or get mad at my boyfriend for no reason (But I try to avoid that one).

  173. Aria says

    Currently, I don’t deal with stress well at all – I usually vent to my loved ones and cry a little. I need to get back into my working out grrove because I think that will help a lot!!

    P.S. the Pumpkin spice trick is genius!!

  174. says

    What a great give-away! My favorite way to de-stress after a really busy few weeks is to go to my parents’ cabin. It’s nowhere fancy, but there’s no internet and nothing much to do up there, so I can just relax!

  175. Lesley says

    I deal with stress by calling my dad. Seriously, he puts things in perspective for me and always makes me feel better!

  176. Pam says

    I work as a school counselor at an elementary school, which can be a SUPER stressful job! The best medicine for beating stress is to go pop in and spend some time in a Kindergarten class. Their hugs (and perhaps a spot on the floor for some naptime!) is always the best medicine! :o)

  177. says

    Winning amazing giveaways really eases my stress!

    I also deal with it by talking A LOT, especially to my dog. She’s the best listener. A good run always keeps me level-headed, too.

  178. says

    I deal with stress in lots of way — walking, especially, clears my head. I also sketch, just letting my pen wander on the page. Yay for giveaways!

  179. kathy says

    what a great giveaway!!
    i think exercise is the best way to deal with stress & actually feel better… but wine tastes so much better;) Venting usually helps as well-and usually helps put things in perspective!

  180. lisa says

    I am terrible at handling stress!! I get so grouchy !!:( Yoga use to help a lot and for some reason I quit going..? I really should start again, as Im so stressed lately and the boyfriend would prob love a break from the grump I have been 😉

  181. says

    First of all, love the idea to put pumpkin pie spice in your coffee grounds! Genius!!

    Secondly, I LOVE this giveaway! When I’m really stressed I usually try to relieve it by going for a hard run. But sometimes I never get out the door — instead I pick up the phone and call my Mom or boyfriend for a good venting/crying session.

  182. Meredith says

    When I get stressed I go to the grocery store and find the ingredients for whichever current recipe I’m trying to make or recreate. Then I’ll either go home and make it (and share it with people who aren’t stressing me out!) or plan on a time to make it later in the week. It’s a bonus if it’s a farmer’s market day and I can shop there!

  183. Amanda says

    A friend of mine never makes a pot of coffee without cinnamon in the grounds! So delicious!

    I love hitting the heavy bag to relieve stress – it’s especially good if you grunt when you’re punching.

    My second favorite option is a hot bath with a good magazine and a locked door.

  184. says

    I’ve always been a crier when things get really stressful! But the past year or so I’ve tried to help relieve some of the stress before it got to that point. I love to just take a 20 minutes to read a book for fun. (I also think exercise is a GREAT stress reliever!!)

  185. Lindsay says

    When I’m stressed, I’ve found the best way for me to handle it is brew some coffee, pick up the phone, and call my best friend since kindgergartedn( yes since 5 freakin k). She knows me so well and can talk me through anything. Then I usually take a nice walk to let out some steam!

  186. says

    I am HORRIBLE with stress. I have been known to break down in tears in stressful situations, but usually when I am stressed I like to work it out in the gym!! :)

  187. says

    When I deal with stress I like to be on my own. I rather not be bothered by anyone. Staying home, cleaning the house, relaxing, watching tv and cooking/ baking help me get over stress. I guess by secluding myself from the world for a few hours is what works best for me!

  188. Nikki says

    I deal with stress by actually taking a break from whatever I am doing that is making me stressful and go read food blogs.

  189. Colleen says

    If I’m at home, I deal in one of two ways: I either go to the gym, or make chocolate chip cookies :) Running and baking both help take my mind off of things, but somehow I work through the stress and frustration while not even thinking about the issue. If I’m at work, I take a break from whatever I’m doing and read blogs. That wasn’t a suck up answer, but I actually do!

  190. Dannielle says

    Stress…I just went through a round of midterms. I pounded out my stress on the treadmill at my college gym…love gyms open 24/7! (Most of these runs occurred around 10 or 11 at night…mainly when my brain turns to mush and stops absorbing information). If that doesn’t solve it, microwaved popcorn always does the trick, with embarrassing amounts of diet coke too.

  191. says

    I usually let stress build up and avoid thinking about it. Then I have a good cry over it. And get to work. Probably not the best strategy. But oh well.

  192. maja says

    when i’m stressed i watch Friends, SNL, Jimmy Kimmel, or something that will make me laugh and forget about everything else going on (it always works). i love comedy!

  193. says

    my mom has always told me to take a warm shower and drink some tea. she also told me it’s okay to cry, because it gets the sad out. and i hecka live by her suggestions!

  194. says

    when i’m stressed i re-evaluate. sometimes i need to not focus on something that isn’t a priority, and other times i realize it’s not that big of a deal, or that i have time to go to a yoga class/ go for a run, which helps with stress, too. :)

  195. Allison says

    I become even more type-A than I already am. I make lists of everything, I start cooking meals in advance like I’m preparing for a national disaster and I get even more strict with fitting in my workouts (NEED natural endorphins)… I also call my mom and usually end up crying because I’m trying to control things that I just can’t control :) oooh life… it gets me every time…

  196. says

    When I am stressed out I pick a book. It always helps to escape for some time. Everything seems easier afterwards… And then I make a list! Nothing helps me feel like I am making some progress more than a crossed out list :-)

  197. Erica Morris says

    Hmm, I usually stress eat. Which isn’t a good thing, but it’s the truth. I also walk on the beach (living in Santa Barbara helps), or sing.

  198. sara says

    Not gonna lie, when I stress sometimes I want nothing more than a bag of chips! But usually, I run for as long as I can, then eat the chips. I’m really working on forgetting the chips part.

  199. Liz23 says

    I (try to) deal with stress by exercising but that doesn’t always work and I am up half the night worrying about things I can’t fix! Surprisingly I don’t eat when I’m stressed although I eat for every other emotion. Sad? Happy? In love? Gimme some chocolate!

  200. Alex says

    I ( try to) deal with stress by breathing and keeping everything in the perspective ( seeing the forest among the trees). Since I’m in grad school stress is an everyday occurrence for me, so I also try to combat it by making time to work out and go to yoga, getting enough sleep, eating healthy foods and keeping organized by scheduling my entire life. When these things fail, I give in and let myself have a good cry and/or call my bf!

  201. Diana says

    I run or dance to relieve stress, or sometimes if I’m moody-stressed, I’ll just make tea and listen to Iron & Wine.

  202. says

    I deal with stress by eating chocolate cake! Just kidding. Well maybe a couple times. But the most effective way I deal with stress is deep breathing. If I take deep breaths in through my nose and out my mouth the stress level decreases immediately.

  203. says

    Stress is always something that needs to be combatted with an “attack from all sides” approach. In no particular order: talk out my stresses with my husband, exercise, a nap (I find I stress about things less when I am well rested), a glass of wine :-)

    I look forward to retreating this. :-)

  204. Olivia N. says

    I deal with stress in many different ways. I try and cope each day by running or doing yoga, but at night, when stress hits, I often put on my pajamas (even if its 7 o’clock in the evening) and fix myself a snack (or two) and watch mindless television or call my mom who will always graciously listen to my rants. When I’m home, I cuddle with my kitten too. She’s a pretty good listener as well.

  205. Tracie says

    I deal with stress by drinking. Just kidding! Usually when I am stressed out, going for a walk or just sitting on the front porch in the fresh air helps, but the biggest stress reliever for me is hugging my son!

  206. says

    My biggest stress reliever is talking to my mom or husband. They always have great advice and are always there to listen. My next stress reliever is running, it feels so good to have time to myself to think and de-compress or going for a long walk works well too :)

  207. says

    I throw on one of my favourite shows (How I Met Your Mother usually does the trick) and veg out with some ice cream or pizza or something similarly terrible for me.

    I’ve also found that going for a run is a good option, or just wandering down to the beach (if I’m lucky enough to live near one) and spend an hour or two just losing myself.

  208. staci says

    well, i used to eat when i was stressed, now i drink. ha! seriously, i head out for a walk alone and try to breathe deep as i let my mind settle down. yoga is always good too!

  209. Michele Williams says

    Exercise of any kind helps when I feel stressed. Usually a walk/run will do it, otherwise the stress starts to get to me and make me cranky :/

  210. Andrea says

    It takes a lot to get me stressed – I have made it my “mantra” that I will not stress about anything that I can’t control (like being late because traffic is stopped due to an accident is something that I cannot predict or change). That being said, not stressing about uncontrollable things frees up more time to focus on things that I CAN control, keep them in control, so that I don’t get stressed.

    However, it’s not a foolproof system and it’s inevitable that eventually SOMETHING is going to get me down! When this happens I find that doing something that occupies my mind like watching a movie, going to hot yoga or focusing on getting through a long run!

  211. Beth says

    How I deal with stress: soetimes I run, sometimes I eat, sometimes I throw a temper tantrum, and sometimes I clean. It depends on the day. :)

  212. Lee says

    I usually vent to a friend if I am really stressed out. If I’m alone, I try and get motivated to go for a run but usually I just grab a spoon and the ice cream container!

  213. says

    Hey, I follow you on Twitter and finally found your blog…YAY!

    When I am stressed I run…albeit slowly LOL. And if that fails, I get a pedicure.
    Sometimes I like to read too, nothing helps me escape like a good book, with a great plot!!

  214. Claire says

    I de-stress by laying on the floor and putting dabs of lavender scented oils on my temples…then I let my puppy lick my ears 😉

  215. Akemi says

    Right now, since I’m in a routine and fairly motivated, I work out…cardio and core and sometimes even some lifting. When I’m unmotivated, I go home and watch mindless tv or a movie. I have definitely felt better working out versus the sitting. There is a time for everything!

  216. Kara says

    When I’m stressed I have a nice long talk with my mama, and then buy a new pair of shoes. Not the most budget-friendly method, but it works for me! :-)

  217. MacKenzie says

    I go running and listen to my stress reliever soundtrack. Then i clean the apartment and write down a list of what i have to do!

  218. Molly says

    I nice hot bubble bath always helps with de-stresing, especially when it is followed by a calming cup of tea. The perfect routine after a stressful day and before I go to bed.

  219. Laura says

    My cure for stress is a good night’s sleep, some deep breathing, a good hard workout, and calling my friend who always cracks me up. Also, I try to do something nice for someone else to take my mind off myself.

    I love your blog, thanks so much for writing!

  220. Amisha says

    There is nothing like a long hug/cuddle from my husband to de-stress me. If he’s not around I hit the gym and I always come back feeling refreshed.

  221. Katie says

    I journal, run, practice yoga, but most of the time when i’m really stressed out i yell at the top of my lungs in my car while i’m driving. total stress reliever every time :)

  222. Caitlin says

    If I get really frustrated I vent to my mom or a friend. Then I go home and watch mindless TV for an hour to forget about whatever was bothering me. If I can occupy my mind with something else for a while, I calm down & move on.

  223. says

    I alternate between making oodles of lists and crying fits. Occasionally I buckle down and get some stuff done. Occasionally I distract myself from stress by taking on other random, less important tasks, like deep cleaning the house.

  224. Amanda says

    Well it depends on the level of my stress. A lot of times I run or clean (like a crazy angry woman!), but really sometimes a good cry does just as well :) Thankfully that doesn’t happen too much though!

  225. Lisa says

    I deal with stress by working out and spending time alone. I used to deal with stress by eating, so big improvement! Love your blog!

  226. jessica says

    i deal with my stress by swearing more. healthy? maybe not, but i generally feel better after dropping the f-bomb a few times.

  227. Maren says

    My yoga mat is disgusting because my cat used to use it as a scratching post. I just don’t get why cats use anything EXCEPT the scratching post we spend $50 on to scratch. Makes no sense. haha I definitely run or do yoga to relieve stress! Great giveaway! I hope I win!

  228. Jacquelyn says

    I eat some chocolate. Light some candels and go sit in a scalding hot shower for as long as I can stand it, or until teh hot water runs out. WOrks most everytime to relax or de stress me :)

  229. claire says

    My ultimate de-stress has different results every time: I disconnect, close my eyes, and listen to what my body’s telling me… depending on what it tells me, I could end up doing anything from having a glass of wine to going for a run to calling a friend on the phone to taking a power nap to eating a delicious bowl of fruit to kissing my cat to taking a shot of whiskey.

    Self-indulgence in the purest form can be really healthy as long as you are really listening to what your body is telling you, and not feeling guilty about it!

  230. says

    I love stress baking. Also, sampling sugary dough often puts me on a sugar high, which can lead to stress-ellipticizing, AKA rocking out on the elliptical while listening to bad pop music and reading magazines. Strange cycle, but it works, and I always come out of it feeling better.

  231. says

    I’d love to win! I usually deal with stress by running or working out, or just by talking to my fiance about it :).

    Amy Lauren

  232. Danielle says

    Sometimes I have a crying fit. Other times I talk to my mom or my aunts. I am learning that it’s ok to ask for help when I am stressed so I have been exercising that privilege as well :)

  233. Brooke says

    I def blow off steam by running or exerting myself in a vigorous, physical manner. Stress has fueled some of my best runs! I always a feel a milli times better afterwards too!

  234. bonnie says

    I hit the yoga mat or the pavement when I need stress relief! Sometimes though, a cheesy movie and time curled up on the couch definitely does the job!

  235. says

    As much as I love running & do find that to be a stress reliever, the best way to relieve stress for me is clean. Something about bleaching and scrubbing down the entire kitchen or bathroom brings me a sense of order and control. :)

  236. says

    I try to forget about whatever is stressing me for a little bit by watching a funny movie or reading a book. Usually when I come back to the problem, I also have developed a way to deal with it.

  237. says

    The way I deal with stress in the moment is CRY! But at the end of a very stressful day I love nothing more than lighting 5 or 6 candles in the bathroom, and taking a long hot shower with the lights off. I lay in the bottom of the tub and close my eyes and listen to the water; not thinking about anything else. Such a cure-all!!!

  238. says

    I’m always stressed so I have a ton of ways of dealing with it, but after a very stressful day I love to come home and take a long bath or shower, makes me feel so much better!

  239. Cynthia says

    ahh i’m so glad i saw this just in time! when i’m stressed, i always find myself taking a lot of naps.. or eating a lot of cookies haha :)

  240. jessica says

    scream!!! ok, not really, but blaring the music and singing/dancing at the top of my lungs makes me feel better while simultaneously giving my neighbors entertainment.

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