The Rox

After the race today I went to visit my mom and Matt. While there we took the perros for a walk. Roxy is the black lab mix on the left. She’s my dog Smile IMG_3988I bought her for myself after I begged everyone who would listen that I wanted a dog for Christmas 5 years ago. LIL ROXY

About a year later (while I was still living at my mom’s with the Rox), my brother got a dog, Bailey. IMG_3982

Bailey and Roxy are best friends, so I didn’t want to separate them when we moved to Maryland.


Now that we’re back I try to visit as much as possible, but I can’t take both dogs (um, one of them isn’t even mine). I’m torn because I miss the Rox, but I think she’s happier there? She has a huge yard (versus my patio) and a boyfriend.


I mean, she looks happy, right?


I taught my mom how to make Spaghetti Squash and then I proceeded to eat 3 bowls of it! There was also a handful of nuts and an apple somewhere in there.


Dinner was random and unpictured– veggie egg rolls and broccoli.

I want to frame this and title it:
“The reason I run…”


Good food, good run, good family. I had a great Sunday.


  1. says

    I kind of gave my dog up to my parents too. Love him to death but he is so much happier there with their dogs, and a yard he can run in and a lake he can swim in. I feel like people think I gave him up so I could have more freedom, but Id have him in a heartbeat if I were only thinking about myself.
    At least I can see him whenever I want :)

  2. says

    WOW I can’t believe you can just knock out a half marathon. NBD. You’re my hero :) I loved the race recap and all the scenic shots in your previous posts. And the kissing pooch photo above :) Have a great week, friend! Love you!

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    When I moved out, my dog stayed with my parents until my hubby and I bought our first house. Now that we are back with my parents, the dog is back to his original home and I think he likes it better this way. :)

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