Eggs on Tuesday

The day started with a chilly run. Well, it wouldn’t have been chilly if I would have had long sleeves on, but it looked warm before I got outside. Oh well. I was going to do a speed run, but I need to find a new route because it’s not working where I am now.

I got an email that my early class was canceled. Yes! This means I don’t have to eat yogurt bowls while driving wlEmoticon smile8 Eggs on Tuesday  I’m sure my fellow commuters are happy about that.

This means I had time to make eggs. Bagel with pumpkin cream cheese and PB & PB on the side.

IMG 4031 thumb Eggs on Tuesday

I’m digging eggs for breakfast, but don’t get to have them enough during the week. This was super satisfying.

IMG 4035 thumb Eggs on Tuesday

Toe nail update: It’s like a loose tooth – still hanging on, but still holding on too much to rip off. It hurts when I try to wiggle it. I’m going to put it under my pillow when it finally falls off. Is there a toe nail fairy?

IMG 4037 thumb Eggs on Tuesday

A year ago today I visited Connecticut…

Monica does Connecticut and Portable Restroom

  Worlds apart, huh.

Question: Do you remember when you lost your first tooth?

Me: I was a late bloomer. I remember my Kindergarten teacher giving you a special tooth shaped box when you lost your first tooth. You put your tooth in it and then put it under your pillow.

Well, I didn’t lose my first tooth under after kindergarten was over wlEmoticon sadsmile2 Eggs on Tuesday I was sad. But, my mom was a teacher at my school and asked my K teacher for a tooth shaped box. It was a big deal to me wlEmoticon smile8 Eggs on Tuesday


  1. says

    Yes–I was one of the last in my class to lose a tooth! It was in first grade, we were all on the floor watching a movie in school and it just fell out; one of the great moments of my life ha. After that my dad pulled the loose ones out; I swear I never felt a thing. Hope I have his gentle touch for my kids’ sake!

  2. Ella says

    I was a late bloomer too – I didn’t lose my first one until second grade.
    Sad but true – I remember when I lost my first toe nail as well. 8th grade – month into starting pointe. Ahhh, the memories.

    Jealous your early class was canceled! Sometimes for my 9 AM class I put oatmeal in a solo cup and eat it on the bus to my main campus. So college.

  3. says

    I lost my first two teeth on the same day. =) But I don’t really remember when it was, just it happening – at my grandparent’s house.

    I look forward to the day when my number of lost toenails passes my number of lost teeth… I’m on 4 so far. =)

  4. Ella says

    That’s so cute about the tooth box, I love it! My dad was a dentist, you would think I would have had something like that but no… we were old school in my house :)

  5. says

    I have absolutely no memories of anything tooth-related. My niece lost her first tooth really early though. I’m not even sure if she was quite 4 yet.

  6. Kianni says

    I remember losing my first tooth quite vividly. I was in 2nd grade and we were out in the playground. It fell out (finally after every other kid lost a tooth already) and I dropped it. Somewhere on the asphalt. Blended in quite well. Next thing I remember is a bunch of little kids crawling on the ground looking for my tooth, lol. One found it, and gave it to me. My mom said I was super lucky they actually found it among all the rocky little asphalt bits Then I got to go to the office and get one of those little treasure chests ^_^

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