Rock N Roll Las Vegas Half Marathon

I did it! When I signed up for the Las Vegas Half Marathon I thought, “This could either be the best idea or the worst idea I’ve ever made.” Well, I don’t think it ended up being either (dramatic much), but it did end up being a really good idea!

I was able to sleep in a bit considering it was a race day. The starting time was 7am and we were staying right next door! I needed all the sleep I can get this crazy weekend.


I woke up early and did my pre-race ritual – braids, sunblock, #2, toast bread with almond butter, chug water, put on timing chip… not necessarily in that order.


The race started in front of Mandalay Bay. It is the south most casino on the strip and went north from there.


I was staying at the Luxor. My friends and I love this place and not just because they followed me back on twitter (even though I thought that was very cool).

IMG_4767 IMG_4763

I hate to admit this, but there is a part of my heart that gets super happy when I see the Half Marathon / Full Marathon split and I get to go towards the Half side. Please tell me someone else feels like this.


Heather didn’t come down because she enjoyed a few too many adult beverages last night. So, this is the only post-race picture I got. Well, I guess I can catch the professional ones?IMG_4744

Maybe Heather should have taken her fortune (from the fortune cookies we got the from expo) a little more seriously?IMG_4754


I thought I would share a few tips I learned from the Las Vegas Half Marathon:

1. Don’t go dancing in heels the night before a race – especially new ones that haven’t been broken in.


2. All clear liquids are NOT equal. Vodka does not water make.


3. Fish burritos are a bad idea the night before. IMG_4727

5. If your friend takes pics like this the next morning – she is still drunk. And if you think it’s a good picture, so are you.IMG_4743

When I got back to the room I chomped on an apple.


ALL WEEKEND I was talking about Belgium Waffles. Seriously. Is that sad? Don’t answer that.

Anyways, Heather and I decided to order two delicious dishes for breakfast and share.

We got the amazingly light and fluffy Belgium Waffle.


And a veggie omelet with hash browns and toast. I love that Heather and I have similar taste in food and can get everything we like and share.


I got coffee because we had a very long drive ahead of us and I am a bit tired Winking smile


I am always sad to leave this city. I love it!

IMG_4774 IMG_4775

My road trip buddy, Heather.


I am wearing my medal for the drive Smile


I love road trips! The road  from Las Vegas to the state line is all open desert. It’s pretty cool.IMG_4779

Actually, I take that back. Normally, it’s pretty nice but today it took 2.5 hours to move 40 miles. I kid you not. It’s a miracle I didn’t pee my pants. Miracle.IMG_4781

Snacks for the road!IMG_4783


After we got past the traffic it started raining. A drive that normally takes under 4 hours took over 7 today. What.the.heck.

I wanted to wait until I got to my mom’s for dinner, but by 7pm we still had least an hour more to drive so I got Panda Express.IMG_4787

Panda Express has Eggplant Tofu that I love. Note: they specify that they don’t have any vegetarian ingredients so this must be made with chicken stock or something.


Now I’m finally at my mom’s waiting for Ben. He went on a road trip with my Dad and brother and need to meet here to get home Smile

Las Vegas Half Marathon Final time: 1:51:16

I set a new PR!!! (Technically my Freedom Run Half was faster, but it was a short course and don’t think it should count.)IMG_4744

Overall, I LOVED this race. I love Las Vegas and running down Las Vegas Blvd. past all the hotels was very cool! Everyone was in a good, fun mood and even though I was running alone I had a great time.


  1. Jennifer Skoblicki says

    Congratulations on a new PR!!! You rocked it…even if you went out the night before. I agree with you about when the route splits…it’s a sigh of relief!!!!
    I’m glad you enjoyed this one.

  2. says

    Congrats girl!!! I was in Vegas last August and loved being there. I always thought how cool it would be to run a race in Sin City. Glad you made it back safely. :)

  3. says

    Congrats on your PR!! A friend of mine was out there running the full and said it was a great race. I ran my 1st half marathon yesterday and loved the experience!

  4. Amber K says

    I can’t imagine running in the Vegas heat! Congratulations! I stayed at the Luxor when I went this year. I LOVED my room. My best friend and I stayed in the one with the hot tub in it. Fun, fun, fun!

    Why does Panda Express even have tofu if they are going to make it with a non-vegetarian stock? lol

  5. Bridee says

    Congrats on your PR. I also ran the half in Vegas and LOVED it! It was my 1st. My goal was 2 hours and I finished 2:01:08…. so much weaving during the water stations :) The traffic was CRAZY from Vegas to Primm…..YUCK! I don’t know how I came across your blog but I love it!! Thanks for the entertainment!

  6. says

    Thanks for the recap. I was going to run the Vegas Half–then I got myself injured. One of my concerns originally about Vegas was the fact that I’d want to go out dancing, drinking, and gambling before the race! Not a good idea…

  7. says

    I hate when the drive home from Vegas is like that. I love road trips too though and flying to Vegas is crazy expensive.

    Congrats on the new PR! That is awesome!!!

  8. says

    Heh – your first paragraph sums it up so well. Which is appropriate since it’s Vegas. ;p

    Congrats on the PR; always fun to land a surprise one. 😉

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