No Mess Hummustard

The easiest way to make hummustard is when you use up the last of the hummus in the container. IMG_6940Just add a squirt of mustard, a splash of water and stir.


This is the easiest “homemade” salad dressing or dip without dirtying an extra dish!


Then, pour it on a salad (or dish of your choice) and enjoy!


I had my hummustard salad with a Lean Cuisine flat bread thinger. I put some leftover roasted broccoli in it for some green power too!


A public service announcement from my cat, Vegas:

Stand Tall. You never know what’s over the fence unless you get up and peek over Smile 


Be curious.


It’s all about balance Smile



  1. Amanda says

    What is your cat looking at??? He’s quite enthralled and reminds me of my little man named Boo…. he likes to stand on his back legs too. Must be a boy thing.

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