Confession Thursday– Taco Stuffers


I am writing this as I eat a Deep Chocolate Vitatop, but at least I had a healthy and balanced lunch first! Now it’s time for some confessions: Confession #1: I didn’t have a lot of tofu in my leftover stirfry… …so what it lacked in soy protein I made up for in fat via peanuts! Sometimes a “sprinkle” gets confused with a “man handful”. Confession #2: I do not like baby … [Read more...]

Jogger Warning


Today Ben and I did Day 2 / Week 2 of his C25K training. I felt happy to have a running partner this morning because a jogger was attacked Tuesday night around my neighborhood. Local warning: A female jogger was pushed into the bushes on Alicia Parkway in Laguna Hills around 7pm. If you want the full story or to see a sketch of the attacker please click here. Just a … [Read more...]

I like food a lot. I like a lot of food.


Despite my heavy lunch I got hungry 2 hours later. Lame. So, I made some tacos. PB&J Tacos to be exact. I took many mini pitas, heated them and slathered them in ridic amounts of peanut butter and jelly. Yeah I did. I wasn’t sure what to make for dinner. I had some thawed ground turkey that was supposed to be the main event and decided to make Shepherd’s Pie. The first … [Read more...]