Feed Me Friday

And by feed me I mean, “Give me a drink!”

Monica is thirsty

I didn’t realize, but I’m going to miss my usual long run day because of an event I’m attending tomorrow morning. So, I had to do 8  miles this morning (I have another half marathon next weekend!).  This is probably one of my last shorter long runs before I start training for my next marathon!!!

It’s hot here! This is perfect weather for “living”, but a little warm for running!


I am sooooo glad I brought my hand held water bottle. I was thirsty the whole time. I filled it up on the way back too. Monica post run

When I got home all I wanted was a smoothie in a bowl… so I went BIG with it. smoothie in a bowl

I added a huge piece of banana protein bread on the side for some staying power. Slathered with PB = the best frosting when you’re out of real frosting…

Banana protein cake

I also had a photo shoot with my new bikini this morning. I’ll spare you. You’re welcome.

Question of the day: If you could live in ONE temperature for the rest of your life what would it be?

I think I would go with 72. I love it warmer than that, but I prefer running at around 65, so it’s a compromise.


  1. Ella says

    Great question. I think I would have to agree with 72. Warm enough to relax outside but not so warm that you can’t do all manner of sports including tennis, softball, running etc!

  2. says

    I want some banana protein bread! And agree that PB makes an amazing frosting. It’s warm in Dallas today, too – but going to freeze again after the weekend. It’s so hard for me to pick a temperature because I actually love running when it’s cold outside (like in the 40s) but on the regular, I love to be warm with sunshine on my face so I’d have to pick 75! I guess I need to move to California. :)

  3. says

    I love the seasons- but I am with Evan- I would love above 30 right now. My body is really feeling the impact of running in the snow ice and cold. But my chin is up- spring always comes!!

  4. says

    See you at the event tomorrow, I’m excited we finally get to meet :)

    My perfect weather is 75, clear and sunny. Oh wait…I am always in my perfect weather living here in SoCal.

    I agree, for running weather, I need it to be cooler though. Unless, there’s a 5 mile stretch that is just all shade.

  5. Lauren says

    I’m pretty sure you’ve posted the recipe for your smoothie in a bowl, but will you put it under your recipe section or email it to me?


  6. says

    I just taught this to my second graders! I gave my ideal weather at 76F with a nice breeze! I lived in Vegas- crazy hot with no breeze. I lived in Korea- crazy hot in the summer, WITH humidity. Now I am in Okinawa where it get INSANE hot in the summer with near 98% humidity. My ‘happy place’ is San Diego- it’ll get hot, but it is a refreshing kind of heat. I can go jump in the ocean and enjoy the scenery at the same time. I would love to move to San Diego once we are done our 4 years in Germany (that comes in May)!!

  7. says

    Well when I go out for my runs in the morning, it’s at about 58 degrees, which is kinda cold in my shirt and shorts, but once I start running I’m good. I’d say maybe in the llow 60s- 65 I’d be okay, if the sun was out, or it was breezy. I just wouldn’t want it cold and gloomy. At least not all the time. Sometimes I find overcast days calming though. My favorite memories are running through the fog, it cold and as I run seeing my breathe and feeling the heat from my body in comparison to the cold air ^_^

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