High Protein PB Banana Cake


What do you do when you have a bunch of over ripe bananas? Bake banana bread! But if you’re trying to eat more protein you need to tweak it a little. So, I grabbed my super ripe naners, peanut flour and made something up Banana Bread Recipe with Peanut Flour  Dry Ingredients: 1 cup Peanut flour 1 cup WW Pastry flour 1 tsp baking soda 1 tsp salt 1 tsp cinnamon Wet … [Read more...]

No Good Fruit


This morning Ben and I did a 20 minute run. Right now we’re doing 2 minutes of running, 1 minute of walking intervals. I’ll build him up as we go, but he’s doing really well! Post run I did Jillian’s 6 week Six Pack. Note: Since I am a distance runner and will soon start training for a full marathon in May I don’t really count these C25k runs as part of my training. I was … [Read more...]

A Bad Influence


This afternoon I got hungry around 3pm. I knew it would be a while until dinner so I wanted something that would stick to my ribs. I decided oatmeal with Almond Butter would be the best and most filling choice. It worked. I picked up this TJ’s tofu to keep my Monday Meatless, but the protein high. Here are the nutrition stats – I’m not super excited about the fact that … [Read more...]

Mexican Meatless Monday for Lunch


Ahhh, I am currently obsessed with this refreshing beverage… Lemon Croix with extra lemon. Amaze. It’s time for another Mexican Meatless Monday. This time I’m enjoying this meal as lunch. Yesterday’s taco salad inspired me to use up some ingredients that were about to turn to the dark side and create a salad of my own. I originally planned on making a wet burrito … [Read more...]

Menu Planning Monday


Hello and Happy Monday! I started my little day with a 5.5 mile slow run. I don’t know why, but I had major “lead legs” today. Post run I headed straight for the kitchen to make breakfast. I stuffed half a cantaloupe with Pomegranate Chobani. It’s been so warm here I’ve been craving cold comfort foods like fruit and yogurt constantly! I got this menu planner pad over … [Read more...]

Sunday with Family


After breakfast Ben and I cleaned up, ran an errand and headed toward my mom’s. She lives about 45 minutes north of me. First we made a pit stop for lunch. There were no healthy options on the menu, so I went with a Taco Salad. Here’s to you Mr. Five Thousand Calorie taco salad guy. I think there’s lettuce in it… Anyone remember that “Real Men of Genius” Bud Light … [Read more...]

Pancake Sunday and Nutella


You know how some people live each day just waiting for Friday? Well, that’s how I feel about Sunday. Every week I count down the days until Sunday. Actually, let me be more specific – I count down the days until Pancake Sunday. It’s the best day of the week! Sunday used to be the only day of the week that Ben and I would sleep in. Then we would walk to the corner store to get … [Read more...]

I Can’t Keep Track


I can’t keep track of how many scoops of Peanut Butter I use while eating a banana. It’s a lot. But I've been noticing how much longer I stay full with loads of PB. I love it. Nor can I track how many salads I ate today. Oh wait, 2. It’s two… That was anti-climactic. Two is also the number of pizzas I ate this weekend (so far anyways). Last night’s mushroom and … [Read more...]

The Race Is Half Full


This morning I woke up and had to talk myself into tackling a run. I had plans for coffee and had to get out the door if I wanted to get 10 miles done. Speaking of… a few weeks ago I said that I was going to try and go for the full marathon at Surf City. But, after much thought I’ve decided to pull back and only do the half. If I would have wanted to do the full I would have … [Read more...]

Totally Worth It


Ben and I went to the Cheesecake Factory for dinner tonight. It’s kind of like our special place because Ben was thisclose to proposing here on a date, but got cold feet! (He ended up asking me the next day.) I think it’s where it should have happened though We went to the one at the Irvine Spectrum. Right now the ice rink is open, the ferris wheel is running and the palm … [Read more...]

No Mess Hummustard


The easiest way to make hummustard is when you use up the last of the hummus in the container. Just add a squirt of mustard, a splash of water and stir. This is the easiest “homemade” salad dressing or dip without dirtying an extra dish! Then, pour it on a salad (or dish of your choice) and enjoy! I had my hummustard salad with a Lean Cuisine flat bread thinger. I put … [Read more...]

French Toast Friday– Funniest Person You Know


Sorry peeps, I don’t have a fancy new French Toast recipe for you today. I hope that last weeks French Toast Cups can hold you over until I think one up. Today’s FT was “regular style”. But even “regular” French Toast is AMAZING! So I’m happy Topped with PB, sf syrup and bananas. This meal is for real I did Jillian’s 6 week six pack, but kind of half way because I was … [Read more...]

Ask a Monican Part 6


Fact: A sweet potato is the highlight of any meal that it’s a part of. I don’t care if you make turkey burgers on the Foreman and top them with grilled onions… The sweet potato fries are king queen! But, call the Wambulance because now my stomach hurts from all this good food I guess there can be too much of a good thing? Except when it comes to fro-yo. Ask a … [Read more...]

Chip Crumbs


I don’t like chip crumbs. I always try to pick out the intact chips from the bag. This means I am often left with a bag full of chip crumbs and nothing to do with them. Okay, that’s not true. I make Chili Killers with them! Chili Killers or Chilaquilles = eggs cooked with tortillas or tortilla chips. I cooked up some onion and chips in a sprayed pan. Then, added salsa, … [Read more...]

Run for the Shirt


Some people say they run for the T-shirt. I never thought I was one of those people until I realized that I LOVE race tech Tees. Not because they are particularly cute. Nor because they fit correctly (I keep forgetting when they ask for “size” on race registration it’s unisex!). At least my elbows won’t get sunburned?I love race tech Tees because they help justify the … [Read more...]

Wacky Wednesday Accident Edition


Today was too gorgeous to be true. I went to yoga and came out feeling like a million bucks – apparently the weather felt just as good because it was amazing out!!! Post yoga I got a refreshing tea beverage from Cha for Tea. I love this place, but their prices are a little steep (haha “steep” get it?!). After yoga I stopped in a Trader Joes to get lunch – A spicy lentil … [Read more...]