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I had plans to meet up with a running group in Huntington beach this morning so I fueled up with a PB&J sandwich and coffee. This is part of the reason I may be changing my schedule. The group isn’t doing long runs on weekends so I will have to do them on a different day.

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Then, I was off to the beach for an easy 6 miler. I am skipping a long run this weekend all together and will be ramping back up next week!

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Running at the beach makes me happy <3IMG 8016 thumb Back To The BeachIMG 8017 thumb1 Back To The Beach

When I got home I stretched and showered ate.

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My favorite Smoothie in a bowl combo topped with cereal and almonds.

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Actually I just found out my favorite flakes cereal has been discontinued – Special K Protein Plus is tasty and has decent nutritionals too! I cannot find it anywhere and my mom finally found the last 4 boxes at her local market. She gave me two. We both love this stuff!

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See? Good stuff for a cereal. Guess I’m going to have to go back to granola. Darn wlEmoticon winkingsmile11 Back To The Beach

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LA Marathon Winner: Emily from Sweat Once Daily! Emily, send me your address and t-shirt size because you have a prize pack coming too wlEmoticon smile19 Back To The Beach 

The free LA Marathon entry was provided by Salonpas…

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Now I am supposed to be shopping / planning for my mom’s Birthday Dinner tomorrow, but I’m watching Little Miss Sunshine. I am that little girl Olive. Or at least I was when I was a kid wlEmoticon smile19 Back To The Beach little miss sunshine thumb Back To The Beach


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    olive is exactly like my lil sis! so we must be related somehow. such a great movie.

    i am SO JEALOUS of your weather. seriously. i really think i picked the wrong state to live in

  2. says

    I want some California weather here in D.C.!

    Ah I went through a serious Special K with red berries phase back in college- I went through like a box a week. I’ve seen moved on haha but I’m glad to see they have one w some protein.. And for the record, Kashi’s Strawberry Fields is basically the same but with better ingredients.

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    Hi Monica! I am semi-new to the blogging world and just came across your blog! And I am so glad I did. I just read your About Me, and we sound very similar! I love the “I run far, just not fast” – I tell people that about myself ALL the time! Can’t wait to read more!

    • says

      There are a ton of running groups that head to the beach on weekends. I’ve seen them in Long Beach, Newport and Huntington. If you’re in the area I’m sure most groups run at the beach some days :)

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