Easy Chile Rellenos Recipe


Is it getting redundant that I put “easy” in front of every recipe I make? I just want it to be clear that there are the fancy cooking blogs of the world and then there’s RER. You won’t learn how to make Hollandaise sauce here (or something equally confusing to me)but you may want to stick around anyways, because it’s… Mexican Meatless Monday! Today I’m making Chile Rellenos. … [Read more...]

BodyBugg Initial Thoughts


Hello and Happy Monday! I bought a BodyBugg on Friday and have been wearing it since late that night. For those that don’t know – The BodyBugg is an armband and computer program system that tracks how many calories you burn each day. At the end of an activity or at the end of the day you plug it into your computer and it shows how many calories you burned throughout the day. … [Read more...]

I Like Sundays


I like Sundays. I usually keep it super low key and that’s exactly what a Sunday calls for, don’t you think? I like an easy ramp up to the week Today I headed to my mom’s to visit Bailey, Roxy and the fam. We took them for a nice walk. Don’t let the sunshine fool ya though, it’s cold here! Okay, I know that’s relative to where you are, but I’m a freeze ball. My mom and I … [Read more...]