Me, Matt and Mamma Chia

After my long run and some quality refueling, Matt (my little bro) and I headed to Borders. Since my favorite location is going out of biz I wanted to scoop up some deals on discount books. I spent an hour walking around the store and ended up with the biggest haul of books in my arms!IMG 9083 thumb Me, Matt and Mamma Chia

Then, we headed to the line. It was ridiculous. I was hungry and didn’t want to make Matt wait for over an hour for books I could probably order online for the same price. So, I dumped them off somewhere and we went to eat.

I have been randomly craving a Panera bagel for days now and finally got one! One chocolate chip bagel, please. Go big or go home, right?IMG 9080 thumb Me, Matt and Mamma Chia

For some reason a big bagel is good enough for breakfast, but I needed a meal for lunch. I ordered the Pick Two with a salad and soup. IMG 9079 thumb Me, Matt and Mamma Chia

Then, Matt and I ventured into Whole Foods to see the sights wlEmoticon winkingsmile22 Me, Matt and Mamma Chia

We actually came across a really great sample booth for Mamma Chia!

IMG 9072 thumb Me, Matt and Mamma Chia

Mamma Chia is a drink packed with Chia seeds and of course the great benefits that come with it:

2000mg Omega-3
10g Balanced Fiber
High Antioxidants
4g Complete Protein
Only 110 Calories
Lightly Sweetened
Gluten-Free and Vegan

IMG 9074 thumb Me, Matt and Mamma Chia

You know how chia seeds make liquids turn into a gel? Well, this drink is similar to drinking loose jell-o, but in a good way. It’s thicker than juice, but smooth and I love the gel-y little chia seeds on my tongue.

IMG 9076 thumb Me, Matt and Mamma Chia

I’ll admit that I appreciate any new way to consume the chia, but I was really impressed with the nutritionals on this drink too. It is super tasty – even Matt (10 yr old boy) liked it! But, it’s not full of sugar. Gotta love that.

A whole bottle has 110 calories, 3g fat, tons of omega 3s, 10 g fiber and 4g protein.

IMG 9078 thumb Me, Matt and Mamma Chia

I was asking questions at the sample table and it turns out that the creator of the company herself was serving up tastes of Mamma Chia! It’s a local company and she is spreading the word herself at WF and races. IMG 9073 thumb Me, Matt and Mamma Chia

I’m gonna take the rest of the night off. See you guys tomorrow wlEmoticon smile45 Me, Matt and Mamma Chia


  1. says

    That mama chia drink looks delicious but I am hesitant…I love chia seeds SO much but I’ve never really had much of a desire to drink them…It’s hard to imagine! I’m from Canada so I’m sure we won’t get this for YEARS. That gives me some time to prepare myself ;)

  2. says

    I haven’t had a chocolate chip bagel in years! I totally forgot about those…so good when toasted! AND that soup at Panera is my favorite! Good choice. :-)

    The Borders by me is going out of business as well…they must not be doing so hot or something.

    Sounds like you’ve had a fun weekend!

  3. says

    That Mamma Chia drink sounds really great! I’d love to try something like that!

    Is it weird that I pretty much refuse to eat bagels anymore? I like their taste, but something about them makes my blood sugar go crazy! I’ll eat one with cream cheese and an hour later, I’m STARVING! It’s quite sad, really!

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