The Morning After

This is how I feel this morning…


Gimme coffee!!!


But why do I feel like this today? Let’s back up to last night…IMG_9503

Would it shock you that this is only my second (and third, fourth and fifth…) martini ever? I normally drink vodka tonics water.

drinks on tinafun times tina and chandrapics and drinks

fun with the girlsI <3 chickpeas.


Random egg sandwich.


I broke my new purse. New, like used it once. ONE.TIME. Fail.

So I tried to sew it in the middle of the party. Fail #2. broken purse

Cupcakes from Julie. She very nicely checked to see if my sugar free rule was void during travels. Yes, it is a California only rule Smile 


Murphy Love.



four of us


  1. says

    HA! That’s a lot of sugar and would explain the “morning after” feeling! Oops! Oh well, it happens and all that matters is that you had fun, laughed hard, and had great people to feel the pain the next day with you. :) Have a wonderful weekend!

  2. says

    Murphy!!!!! So cute! I was laughing at the tweets last night! U guys entertained me! Tinas was hilarious Carrots n Whores, lol!!!

    Glad you girls had fun!!

  3. Marcee/ILLINOIS says

    Ohgee. Was everyone tipsy/sholshed? You are all smiling. A good sign. Compared to you gals …. boring weekend here. Then again, none of US can hold booze. We’d be under the tables. Hey Murphy …. take care of these ladies!! Monica, Tina & everyone else …. talk to us next week …. when things are more clearly visable. (Sigh)

  4. Marcee .... ILLINOIS says

    P.S. Forgot to add.
    Monica ~
    How do you “break” a (new) purse? (This I gotta know.)
    My eyeballs see a Le Sports Sac. Right? Those are sturdy and tough purses. Made from parachute material. So, okay …. what happened?

    • says

      Yeah, it is Le Sports Sac and completely new. The strap completely unraveled!!! It was the most random thing too – it just fell off in the middle of our walking around :(

  5. says

    fun fun fun! and what i meant in my last comment was that i’m sort of close in proximity. i’m still in providence. bummer. but i hope you’re having a blast in boston :)

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