Charlie Sheen of Iced Coffee

Someone call Dr. Drew…dr drew

because I’m addicted to iced coffee.IMG_9728

Actually, I don’t know that I want to be cured. I am going to take Charlie Sheen’s attitude and say I’m winning…charlie sheen of iced coffee

But, I’m not winning at making the actual drink – I was in such a frenzy to make iced coffee this morning that I may have broken our coffee maker Sad smile

Maybe my body is a little confused to be back on West coast time? I dunno.

All I know is, when I went to check on the coffee it wasn’t coming out of the spout. I opened up the top and realized all the water and coffee grounds were creating a pool inside the maker, but wasn’t draining out.IMG_9720

Turns out I forgot the basket!!! Major fail. IMG_9723I have to try and clean it out, but I’m not sure how since those parts are not removable.

Vegas just stared at me, silently judging this whole debacle. I hope CPS (Cat Protective Services) doesn’t come take him away.


Since yesterday’s 10 miler was kinda sorta my long run for the weekend I took today as a Rest Day from running and did Jillian’s 6 Week Six Pack for some exercise.

Then, it was time for breakfast!

I made an egg wrap with laughing cow cheese, Lawry’s salt and ketchup.


Wrapped in my last Flat Out.


I would have paired this with some fruit, but we don’t have any. We are in desperate need of produce, so I’m headed to the store next.


Monday Mini-Goals for 3/7/11:

1. Get a tempo run and long run done – then STRETCH!

2. Read 5 chapters of my book

3. Focus on Intuitive Eating 

Question: What’s your biggest goal for the week?


  1. says

    Is carb loading an acceptable goal? Because that’s my main activity this week. Eating lots of carbs and drinking tons of water. :)

  2. Jessica says

    Oh charlie sheen, do you know sirus xm radio created a station called ” tigerblood radio” when the media frenzy began ? lol insane

    I don’t know if you have answered this question before, but how do you make your eggs so fluffy? mine never turn out like that lol

    • says

      I actually microwave them and they totally expand!

      My mom used to make the best fluffy eggs by whipping them up really well with milk before pouring them in the pan.

      • Jessica says

        you can also if you dont have milk…add water and then beat the crap out of them before you cook them…instant fluffyness.

  3. Kate says

    If you’re the Charlie Sheen of iced coffee, does that make Ben and Vegas your goddesses? :)

    My goal this week is to break out of this funk I’ve been in (I blame the Ohio weather) and get back to working out daily and eating healthfully…oh yea, and I have to finish, er, start my capstone paper for my PA program…oops!

  4. Marcee ..... ILLINOIS says

    Hysterical entry! Everything. CS ref, coffeepot + grounds, (looks depressing) Vegas + CPS + whatevs funnies I omitted. Question: Monica …. (just curious) why did you stop at TacoB? Fruit smoothie!!! Very tasty. (They do use toooo much sodium in their food/veggie preps though.)

    • says

      Why did I stop at Taco Bell?
      It’s really the only fast food place I would eat and it was after 10pm here and I was hungry :)

      I’m very picky about my smoothies and can’t get them out any more.

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