Frozen Cashews

The other day I spotted some cashews in my freezer and had a handful. (I keep the nuts that don’t fit in my cupboard container in the freezer so they won’t go rancid.) Well, turns out frozen cashews are better than room temperature ones! They have an extra bit of crunch to them that I love! I’ve been stealing a few every time I open the freezer now. Try it.IMG 8698 533x800 thumb Frozen Cashews

I felt very snacky all day and wanted to turn up the volume on dinner. So, I cracked open a can of chickpeas and paired it with roasted broccoli. I ate the whole can of chickpeas. IMG 8686 800x533 thumb Frozen CashewsIt feels weird to eat a whole can of something when there are supposed to be 3 servings in it, but there are also supposed to be 9 servings of Cinnamon Toast Crunch in a box. Yeah, right.i want to make love to this cereal thumb Frozen Cashews

I made Ben the most awesome BLT for dinner. When I was at Whole Foods yesterday I spotted ridiculously thick cut bacon and immediately thought of my bacon-loving husband.

IMG 8695 800x533 thumb Frozen Cashews

He said this was one of the Top Ten Meals of all time! I might have overshot it a bit, because I was just hoping for a back rub…

IMG 8693 800x533 thumb Frozen Cashews

After dinner we took a walk and ended up at Target. I got some supplies for tomorrow’s featured recipe…IMG 20110405 200512 thumb Frozen Cashews

And Ben tried out chairs for our patio… We have the most uncomfortable ones right now and avoid them. Now that the weather is gorg we need some good ones!IMG 20110405 200400 thumb Frozen Cashews

Okay, who’s going to put their nuts in the freezer now?

nuts of the gods Frozen Cashews

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  1. Pam says

    Hello Monica!!

    When I visit your blog I get hungry!! I’m going to try frozen cashews! That sounds good!! I actually watched and episode on food network (5 ingredient fix) and she recommended storing nuts in the fridge. First time I heard to do that!

    Have a great evening!! :)

  2. says

    funny story about cashews…once in college i needed to use up my meal plan at the end of a semester so i bought a HUGE thing of cashews (like several pounds)…and proceeded to eat most of it in 2 days. needless to say, my stomach did not thank me. my poor roommates!

    i still love cashews though…but try to eat them in moderation ;) i’ll have to try the freezer thing!

  3. Jill says

    Mmmm! bacon. One of my all time favorite foods. I would have run a mile, five miles or perhaps even more for a sandwich like that. Hope you got a first-class back rub out of it.

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