2nd Monday of May Mini Goals

Hello Smile I started my day with a little walk with Ben. It used to be so difficult to get him to walk with me, but now that he’s been running it’s no biggie and I love it.

When we got back I grabbed a piece of bread with PB&JPB&J Bagel thin

Then, I made a quick breakfast sandwich. Toppings include Laughing Cow cheese, buffalo sauce and ketchup.IMG_0642 (600x800)

I think another 2 glasses of iced coffee will round out this breakfast

IMG_0644 (600x800)

It’s so weird that I worked at Starbucks for 2 years during college and did not drink coffee at all.  Each week we would get a free pound of coffee and I would give it away to family. Now that I’ve discovered iced coffee I am sad to think of all that deliciousness I gave away…


Monday Mini Goals for 5/9/11

  1. Only eat protein-y snacks (I’ve been over doing it on the bread and cereal and Vitas…)
  2. Try a new class at the gym
  3. Stay positive. Choose to be happy.

Question: Where was your first job?

Mine was Starbucks :)  I have very good memories of opening at 4:30am (I’m a morning person and my co-opener was a BFF), making out in the back room great friends and falling in love for the first time <3


  1. says

    My first ‘real’ (read: not babysitting, pulling weeds for Mom or polishing her shoes) was at Starbucks. I LOVED that job. I never opened… or worked nights (but my brother who got me the job did). The second time I opened, I tipped over an entire venti coffee at the register and almost burned the shit out of a couple customers (still not sure how that happened). After that I begged to only start as early as 5am, my boss caved bc I was teary eyed and freaked out that I almost dumped scalding hot coffee on 3 people (who were SUPER annoyed). I can’t believe you never drank coffee while you worked there?!?! I remember some Sat’s when it was super busy, we’d all ‘do shots’ and get totally wired and freak out customers. Good times :)

  2. says

    Considering I’m at Starbucks right now, I am so jealous of your prior access to free coffee. *Swoon*

    My first job was at the restaurant, Sweet Tomatoes. I’ll never forget how sucky it was to clean the lemonade machine. Ugh.

  3. Beth says

    My first job (besides babysitting) was as a cashier at Kmart. Holy crap it was terrible.

    I loooove your mini-goals this week! I’m going to adopt them as mine :) Can you post your “protein-y” snacks? I need ideas!

  4. says

    My first job was at a movie theatre (and I hated popcorn, so not so different from you not liking coffee at Starbucks). I lost $30 the first night too because it was so old school that we had to add up all the concession items or ticket prices in our heads because there was no register.

    In other news, I was an English major because I sucked at math. :-)

  5. says

    That is funny you didn’t drink coffee when you worked at Starbucks! I would definitely have a huge problem working there, I am already addicted to their coffee as it is 😉 haha. My first job was at Sears working in the childrens dept. over Christmas to save money for my high school Europe trip.

  6. says

    My first job was working as a Straightener at Kmart. What’s a Straightener, you ask? I had to straighten and pull forward the items on the shelves to make it all look nice. It was super fun and glamorous…not! I still had some fun though because of the other teens working there!

  7. says

    My first job was at McDonalds; when I was 15 my dad slid an application under my bedroom door and I took the hint. I lived in that darn drive thru for most of my high school life. My hair always smelled like french fries.

  8. says

    My first job was at The Gap! I hated folding clothes and spacing hangers! My next job was at Friendly’s as a waitress, which I LOVED. Except the endless access to free ice cream. That was rough.

  9. says

    Working at Starbucks would be such a dream job for me 😀
    I still don’t have a first job, and I hope it will be a veterinarian at some clinic :) After I finish uni in 3 years. fingers crossed :)

  10. Christin says

    My first “job” was making and selling cookies! No, I wasn’t a Girl Scout…
    I was 10 years old, and I wanted ballet lessons, but my parents said they were too expensive. So I decided I needed a job at the right old age of 10 so I could go to ballet. Looking back, this is where my healthy love of dance AND my unhealthy obsession with cookies began (hey, at least i’m balanced, right?)
    So I made an ordering sheet, and got out my Mom’s recipe book, deciding on chocolate chip, and oatmeal raisin. I would sell them $3 for a dozen to my neighbors, taking pre-orders, and then baking the cookies accordingly.
    Once my parents saw that I was serious, my Dad was kind enough to make me a ordering sheet on the computer that was actually legible, and my Mom offered to take me to the grocery store to buy ingredients, and help me bake (I think in hindsight she didn’t want me burning the house down, but that’s neither here nor there).
    Anyway, my parents matched my profits, and I got to dance off the extra cookies! :)

  11. says

    My first job was as a dishwasher at a little restaurant. The dishroom had no AC and just a screen door for ventilation, so it was blazing hot. Also the place as a whole had poor ventilation, so I always smelled like french fries! My mom even made me keep my winter coat on the porch and take my clothes off in the laundry room as not to contaminate the house!

  12. says

    I had a work study job on campus. I was an admin assistant in the Graduate Students Association office. My job was usually very chill and I spent a good chunk of it just surfing the web and chatting with friends. If I was smarter, I would have used that time to study.

  13. says

    My first job was a work study job for my college. I worked in the admissions department, and we would send out these mass mailings of reminders and helpful information. When I was considering going there, I would literally receive up to 4 pieces of mail from them each week, just little advertising brochures. It was brutal, and such a waste of paper!

  14. says

    My first job was baby sitting the neighbor’s three daughters in the morning when she went on walks with her friends. It was my job to wake them up, get them dressed, feed them, and load them into the car. Then I’d get dropped off at school. It was super fun, the girls were adorable, silly, and charming.

  15. says

    My first job was at a movie theatre! And, like you, I did not like popcorn so never ate the massive amounts that some of my co-workers did. Although we did get free nachos and I ate plenty of those :)

  16. says

    Coffee makes my world go round. I try not to have it too often. I save it as a treat for pre-long run or race days but that’s only because I love to drink it with lots of non-dairy creamer and sugar.

    I like to snack on a hard boiled egg when I need some protein in my life.

  17. says

    My first real job was umpiring kids’ baseball and softball games when I was in high school. I sounded so easy and didn’t pay too horribly. To all you screaming overbearing parents: you suck.

  18. says

    My first job was working in the china shop on Main Street at Disneyland. Yes, it was a pretty good gig, but imagine all of the dusting we had to do! My favorite part of the job was ringing up purchases because we had those old-fashioned registers at the time where you had to punch in the numbers then hit a “total” button at the end and add in sales tax based on a little card you had to carry around. It was complicated and risky (because you could easily choose the wrong tax amount), so I loved it.

    Even in my teens, still a total nerd!

  19. says

    I was a temporary receptionist for my dad’s company. I didn’t take it seriously at all! Then I stocked shelves at the convenience store my mom worked at. But I worked at McDonald’s for the first job I did that I got for myself.

  20. Kasondra says

    I was a snowboard instructor. I always thought it was kind of a cook first job. followed then by lifeguarding and nannying.

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