Cheese Me

I hit up a new-to-me exercise class this afternoon. It was a bust Sad smile I guess I went at senior hour and was worried I was going to have to do CPR on one of my fellow exercisers at one point (even though it was a super low impact class). Yeah…

Before I went I had an egg. See? A protein-y snack. This might be for Monica (that carb loving whore).IMG_0648 (800x600)

I was determined to have cheese bread for lunch. The rest is just details. IMG_0650 (800x600)

I also had half a piece of that amazing bread with jam. (See carb whore comment above.)

I am headed to work this afternoon and have a few projects to get started on before I go. I’ll see ya tonight Smile


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    Have you ever tried to go carb-free or low carb? Currently doing that now and it’s pretty hard. Can’t even eat FRUIT! Boo. :(

    That bread with the melted cheese looks awesome!

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      I’ve considered south beach, but am not sure it would be the best idea since I’m still running. How is it effecting your cardio?? How long you going without?

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        What I’m doing now isn’t necessarily “low carb” it’s called Slow Carb…basically trying to eat certain foods that take a long time to digest…very high protein and high fiber. Eating beans at almost every meal. Last week when I started this I was feeling good until the end of the week and then it caught up to me (cardio wise). But earlier in the week I was able to lift weights/run and bike twice without issue. It effected my swim tho.

        The bf lost 5 pounds last week on this diet. I lost nothing. LOL

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        I trained for my second marathon on Paleo, with is very low carb, and I felt fantastic the whole time. But, my body loves high protein low carbo diets, and everyone’s body is different.

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        I did South Beach a few years ago and ended up in the hospital while in the no carb phase. The doctor said my body was in shock. Not saying this to scare you or discourage you from giving it a whirl, but you definitely want to be careful and listen to your body. Maybe even talk to a doc beforehand? Obviously many people are successful on plans like that. I just think lots of cardio + no carb can lead to bad things if you’re not careful.

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    Hate when you try a new class and its not what you expected. Oh well, I guess that’s all part of branching out! :) Yum! Your Cheese Bread looks fantastic.

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    “Carb Whore” would make a fantastic blog title. Much more memorable than “Run, Eat, Repeat” but not as classy on the business cards. :)

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