French Fries and Tums

Ben and I headed to my mom’s to pick up Matt and have some fun yesterday. We stopped at a burger joint on the way there to grab lunch. Ben got a burger and I ate most of our MASSIVE order of fries. When I got to my mom’s I made a salad to go with my french fry main course.

IMG_0088 (800x600)

And found chocolate covered pretzels as dessert. This was definitely not necessary, but I they were dark chocolate covered – c’mon, what did you expect?!

IMG_0091 (800x600)

But, gorging myself on french fries proved bad for my stomach and I followed lunch with a massive amount of knock-off Tums. Told ya I ate a lot A LOT of fries.

IMG_0126 (800x600)

Ben, Matt and I went to the Open House at the Jet Propulsion Laboratory in Pasadena. JPL Open House

This is where NASA builds the Mars Rover and a ton of other cool stuff!

IMG_0099 (800x600)

Matt (who’s 10) and Ben (who’s a Mechanical Engineer for aircraft) were in space info Heaven :)

IMG_0101 (800x600)

IMG_0103 (800x600)

IMG_0107 (600x800)

IMG_0115 (800x600)

It was interesting, but I was most impressed with this sign…IMG_0123 (800x600)

After the open house we dropped off Matt and met up with my friend Susan to see Bridesmaids. IMG_0131 (800x600)

I brought popcorn, but also stole some of Ben’s “real” popcorn to mix with it. IMG_0128 (800x600)

After the movie I was super hungry out of no where and raided my mom’s fridge (no pic). I also raided her freezer and found ice cream and a Vitatop. Sundae with a hot Vitatop and granola = the best dessert ever.IMG_0133 (800x600)


This morning I woke up feeling pretty crappy from my indulgent day of eats. Mentally and physically I just felt bloated :( I decided to go for a walk and clear my brain. Much better.

I picked up a Sunday paper and iced coffee to enjoy with breakfast.IMG_0812 (800x533)

Pancakes and sausage, Sunday breakfast done right Winking smileIMG_0815 (800x533)

I think I broke my point and shoot (dropped it a few days ago and it worked right after, but now won’t respond). So, I might have to get a new one. Boo. Ben and I are headed to church and then errands stuff.

See ya later Smile


  1. says

    I love it when husbands and siblings bond :) I love that sign- I really, really hate squirrels and this confirms my suspicions about their evilness.

  2. Amanda says

    I love french fries… crispy potatoes in general. French fries always give me indigestion….. fact. Looks like a fun day : D

  3. says

    Bummer about dropping your camera. I recently let my soak overnight in ranch dressing. :/ Yesterday I dropped my cell and now it won’t work, then I hit a guy while pulling out of a parking spot. Ugh!

    Love fries, hate the aftermath.

  4. Floey says

    Haha omg my dad used to always take me to JPL’s open house when I was younger as well! He’s a M.E., too, so he was about 8437593845x more psyched than I was.

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