Triple Tangent Tuesday–Cat Hair

Hello! Today I’m copying Janae from Hungry Runner Girl and doing a tangent post. This might become a new thing because I am random and this is how my brain works. Here is my version of Triple Tangent Tuesday…

1. I am in love with green smoothies. green spinach smoothieBut, 80% of the reason for this is all the toppings I put on it after I take the pictures. smootie in a bowl

I eat them, then I add more. And more.

green smoothie with trail mix

2. In addition to amazing food products, Trader Joes sold me this pot of miniature roses for two dollars. If you don’t live near a TJ’s you should move. That’s good advice, write it down. TJ's flowers

3. I am the messiest girl ever. Ever. But, it bothers me when the bed isn’t made. Side note: Vegas will find the one piece of clothing I randomly threw somewhere and lay on it so everything I wear is covered in cat hair at all times. cat hair is everywhereI guess I wear fur. Don’t tell PETA.KhloeKardashianPSA(source)

Have 3 tidbits to share? Feel free :)


  1. says

    1. I need to rediscover green smoothies–they always look so delicious on your blog!
    2. Those flowers are gorgeous. Fully agree about TJs. Now I want to make an impromptu trip tonight.
    3. My cats do the same thing. Love the PETA joke :)

  2. says

    Is it okay if I think that Trader Joe’s should come to me, instead of the other way around? I live outside of Asheville, NC, and if one came here they would do amazing business. I have visited them in other states (California, NY), but we NEED ONE HERE!!!

    My cats do the exact same thing. It still cracks me up seeing other people’s cats do it, though.

  3. says

    seriously?! who names their cat Vegas? bahah!

    1. I’ve only been to Vegas once since I’ve been “of age”- I’m definitely over due for another trip!

    2. I’m running my first half marathon this Sunday!!

    3. My blog is new, has no decorations and talks about my super slow times, so don’t click on the link! haha!

  4. says

    I don’t live near a TJ’s but would love too! I think the closest one to me is a 16 hour drive to Seattle! But you better bet when we take out summer trip to Cali this summer there will be alot of TJ shopping involved!

  5. Aleks says

    1. I went to Princeton TJ’s for the first time ever today (there wasn’t one here when I was a student); and got broccoli slaw. Hopefully, I can make something edible out of it!
    2. I hate shopping for clothes. Yet, I spent 6 hours today at Premium Outlets… It was worth it, but I can’t think of shopping again. Except at Lululemon.
    3. Never been to Vegas! But I have a cat I got while in the States that I took back home to Europe with me. She is staying with my parents. So I do get a cat hair issue… Also, waking up with a 10-pound cat sleeping on the back of my thighs, does it ever happen to you?

  6. says

    I totally agree about the bed thing- if I’m getting ready for bed and for some god-forsaken reason it’s not made, I’ll make it and then get in. Yup, weird.

  7. says

    I am always covered in cat hair too.. it’s kind of embarassing but I have learned to embrace it.

    I totally agree with the TJs comment. I could never move somewhere with no TJs!

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