Sunday Morning Traditions

After my run yesterday I spent some time baking in the kitchen. Inspired by Ben’s cupcake from Friday I created an almond cupcake with coconut frosting.IMG_5071 (800x533)

They came out great – sharing the recipe soon SmileIMG_5075 (800x533)

Then, I packed it up and headed to my cousins for a family BBQ. First I made a pit stop at my mom’s to walk the dogs.walk me please

That’s not my mom’s house in the background (in case you wanted to come over and steal our avocados). Sorry.not my house

I only brought flip-flops so I had to borrow some of my mom’s shape-up shoes. They’re so cushion-y!moonshoes

Normally my baking doesn’t go over too well, but even my brother Michael liked my cupcakes!mike loves cupcakes

The “BBQ” was actually a girl’s only surprise party that I couldn’t talk about yesterday. So, we had sandwiches and no grilling Smilewhy do those sandwiches have pepperoni?

ladies lunch spread

This was like #1 out of 6 plates for me.the first of many

My cousin Nicole and I sat right by the food table and just kept eating the whole night. We kept saying we needed to relocate to get away from the food, but never had the willpower.IMG_0159 (800x600)

One good thing about a girl’s party is the heavy emphasis on desserts Winking smile

We had  chocolate covered strawberries & bananas, 2 kinds of cheescake, carrot cake, fruit saladmessy dessert plate

My cupcakes…cupcakes with coconut

And DRINKS. Lots of drinks.

shots shots shots

This morning I woke up feeling bloated and gross. It’s a rest day for me, but I needed to get rid of that icky feeling. So, Ben and I took a walk for iced coffee. Sunday morning coffee

We keep trying to pin down a “Sunday morning tradition”. We were walking to get the Sunday paper for a while, then would come back and eat pancakes. That was nice too Smile

But, Ben picked up a chorizo burrito to go with his coffee this morning so when I got home I was craving a savory breakfast.

I went with a big ol’ egg scramble.egg scramble

Avocado makes this meal significantly better.avocado makes it better

Question: Do you have a Sunday morning tradition?


  1. says

    Oh how I love coconut anything! I’ll have to try out your recipe when you post it :)
    I don’t have any Sunday morning traditions other than sleeping in. Although, the boy and I do love to go to breakfast at diners around the city together. It’s our version of date night :)

  2. Jill says

    Most of the year, at least during the cooler months, we’re away camping every other weekend. (The alternate weekends are spent working, cleaning house and doing laundry, which doesn’t even COUNT as a tradition).
    I get up as soon as it gets light, or when the dogs wake up, whichever comes first. My clothes, shoes, headphones etc are all laid out ready to go. The two big dogs and I take off into the desert and just run. Sometimes I walk, Sometimes I fall down. The dogs run, chase and wrestle. Sometimes they chase rabbits.
    When we get back to camp, my husband has the coffee made, and spiked with Bailey’s Irish Cream. He makes bacon sandwiches on the grill. Each of the dogs get one piece of bacon too.
    I love our camping Sundays.

  3. Angie says

    Our Sunday morning tradition is splitting a breakfast burrito from the hole in the wall Mexican restaurant by our house, or if Im doing a long run my hubby has it waiting for me! They know us there now.

  4. says

    We have a Saturday and Sunday morning traditions :)

    Saturday – Farmers market, coffee date (Starbucks or local place), then grocery shopping. Nothing too exciting but we look forward to it!

    Sunday – Long run outside or gym if the weather isn’t cooperating followed by brunch!

    PS Cupcakes look delicious!

  5. says

    I think avocado makes everything significantly better. :) My husband and I typically are a little lazier on Sunday mornings and I almost always make breakfast for the two of us, which sometimes doesn’t happen on Saturday because I’m up so much earlier than him.

  6. says

    Well it used to be waking up early and going to church, but my night owl tendencies finally convinced me to start going to the service Saturday night instead. Now Sunday mornings are a bit more relaxed, but I usually save some sort of fun errand to do.

  7. Vanessa says

    My Sunday tradition is church! It’s the best way to start the week. It also is a day for long naps, finish up my lesson plans, and just ralax. I try to keep Sunday as lazy as possible so I am refreshed and ready to face my work week with 17 little hyper first graders.

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