Finger Licking Good Friday

And by finger, I mean plate…monica licks plate

I was supposed to go to yoga today, but Ben’s friends are staying with us this weekend, (they’re in town for the wedding we’re going to tomorrow) and I don’t want them to know we live in shambles. So, I need to clean the house before hitting up my To-Do List.

Ben and I took a short walk to discuss this weekend’s agenda. It’s kinda crazy.IMG_0314 (800x600)

Ben hit up the shower when we got back and I hit up the kitchen to make breakfast.

Since I love bread and syrup I made Bagel Thin French Toast.IMG_5177 (800x533)

Toppings included: pumpkin mixed with spices and stevia (heated), syrup and peanut butter. There was half a banana consumed at some point too.IMG_5181 (800x533)

I consider pumpkin a fall flavor, so it’s weird to be eating it now! No one tell the tree huggers I’m eating “out of season”.IMG_5183 (800x533)

This is why I don’t have any friends…IMG_5191 (800x533)

I usually only weigh myself once a month or so and today was that day. Despite a very indulgent vacation and week of eating out I’m not up on the scale. I’m sure I owe God a favor now, but I’ll take it!summer-snuck-once-again-seasonal-ecard-someecards(source)

Weekend Agenda:


  1. Long Run
  2. Wedding (Ben’s in it!)
  3. Remember: Have guests all weekend so don’t do dumb things.


1. Family Wedding/Reception – need to get there early to help with stuff. And it’s a Mexican party so this could take all night.

What are you plans for this weekend?


  1. says

    Looks like you have a fun weekend planned! And just so you know, I also lick the plate and drink directly from the bowl to get the last bit of milk at the end of my cereal. My future in-laws and future sister-in-law are in town this weekend, and we’ve got lots of fun things on the agenda. Have a great weekend!

  2. Cassie says

    Congrats on the weight maintenance! Sometimes, after a lot of fun, it’s all we can hope for (and be damn excited about too!)…I may be speaking from experience (cheesy bread and bleu cheese? what cheesy bread and bleu cheese?)….

  3. says

    I never make french toast –I need to get on that. I would lick the plate too for sure haha. Most exciting plans this weekend for me: FINALLY going to this gourmet vegan restaurant I’ve been wanting to try forever!

  4. says

    This weekend I’m going out of town somewhere mysterious! The bf planned a weekend getaway to celebrate our 3 year anniversary. I have no idea where we are going but I packed for every possible scenario. 😉

  5. says

    I lick my plate (at home) all the time!

    Bleh, I think I’m sensitive to pumpkin because I cannot stand the smell of it. I’ve tried everything but I cannot eat it in any form other than pumpkin pie.

  6. says

    The weekend plans are summed up by this: 1st anniversary. (Bom-Chicka-Wow-Wow) No, but seriously tonight we’re going to visit friends from college and Sunday is the big day. We’re going to a minor league baseball game and then dinner…oh yea!

  7. says

    I love someecards, they have some of the funniest little cartoon cards! Every now and again my bf and I send one to each other to brighten the day :)

  8. says

    Woohoo! Congrats on not gaining! I need to really get myself together in the weight department. I told my husband I want to run faster and I feel if I lose the tire I carry around my waist that may help! Right?

  9. says

    You totally crack me up! I’ve been known to lick my plate, too. And yes, I don’t have many friends!

    No plans for me this weekend. I’m lame. My kid has two birthday parties to attend, though. Her social calendar is way busier than mine.

    Have a great weekend!

  10. s says

    ok, i LOVE your pink sink. and i have those nike running shorts in blue i think. have a fun (slash crazybusy?) weekend.

    oh speaking of pumpkin, i have one of those mega-cans of libby’s pumpkin in my pantry from the winter still! i am reluctant to eat it in the middle of summer … plus i am out of nut butter. that should never happen, haha, but im going out of town for a weekish and have been eating through my groceries…

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