Good Eater, Bad Cook


Further proof that I am good at eating, but not good at cooking… I set a pot holder on fire today. See the smoke? I don’t even know how it happened?! In all the distraction of the fiery pot holder I let the lid sit on a hot burner for an extended length of time as I talked on the phone to my mom until it melted. I am an a-hole. But today’s cooking adventures weren’t a … [Read more...]

Life Well Laughed with Carla Hall


I am a HUGE fan of Top Chef. Huge. And my favorite chef is Carla Hall. So, I completely freaked out politely accepted when a contact at Laughing Cow offered me the opportunity to chat with Carla about their Life Well Laughed project. The Life Well Laughed project is an effort to motivate, educate and support communities across the nation to live healthier for our kids. With … [Read more...]

Fourth of July Feast and Running Shorts


Yesterday’s Fourth of July feast was courtesy of a Manager’s Special… That’s not a “real” burger it’s a portabello I made Portabello Mushroom burgers with sweet potatoes and approximately a gallon of ketchup. First, I marinated the ‘shrooms in some Italian dressing… The grill marks are courtesy of my George Foreman. Dinner was lacking protein so I made a protein shake as … [Read more...]