Slow Sweaty Six Miles

Hello! I had 7 miles on my schedule today and a 7am appointment. But, when my alarm went off at 5am I convinced myself to do it right after (since it was just one session).

Before I left for work I had some cereal and hoped it wouldn’t give me the poops on my run.IMG_5949 (800x600)

After my appointment I headed home to run – do not pass Go do not collect $200.IMG_5951 (600x800)

But, I made the mistake of checking the weather and instantly knew I was a tonta.image

I couldn’t push the run to another day (it was originally supposed to be yesterday as it is) so I just decided to go slow. Super slow. IMG_5955 (600x800)

I ended up walking at 6.5 so I stopped my Garmin and called it a day.It’s hot, I’m sweaty. It’s good enough.IMG_5957 (800x600)

This weekend I checked my blood pressure at the store blood pressure monitor. Do you guys do this too? I love it. IMG_5912 (600x800)

I might be dead though…IMG_5910 (800x600)

Tip: Don’t cross your legs/feet when you do it. IMG_5911 (800x600)

According to the American Heart Association I am technically dead normal is under 120 for systolic and less than 80 for diastolic. image

Luckily, I’ll be able to confirm if I’m dead or not on Friday because I’m going to the doctor. The thing in my foot is still there after I tried to have Ben take it out. It was drama.

Question: When was the last time you had your blood pressure taken? Are you dead? Do you see dead people?


  1. says

    Yeah, this heat/humidity is not something I am used to… weird that it’s gotten that bad in the OC. I am going to run outdoors tomorrow for the first time in a week and hope I don’t die too. But I will *try* to start at 6:30 am.

  2. Robin says

    I’m dead too! When I was first pregant my bp got so low that the machine couldn’t even detect it. No surprise I was on bedrest for the first trimester. And YES it is so humid as far as So Cal standards go! I ran at 7am and ended up at Starbucks with a trenta sized decaf iced americano.

  3. Jen G. says

    I can’t take my bp on electronic machines — they always show up way too high. It’ll read 135/95 at the same time it’ll manually read 115/75. (Manual is more accurate.) Once, it said 115/75 and I thought I’d finally found an accurate machine. It turned out I was anemic and my bp had dropped to 90/65 (not good for me).

  4. says

    Dang woman……HOW DID YOU RUN IN THAT HEAT!?!?! At least the cereal didn’t cause any problems:) Good luck on FRIDAY!!! Um, so my shins still suck and I can’t run on them….wanna go on a walk with me? It would be romantic:)

  5. Ida says

    I ignored my alarm this morning too and ran when it was 86 out- my run turned into a run/walk pretty quickly. kuddos for making 6.5 miles!
    I love doing the blood pressure machine- I like to see how low I can get my pulse. I think 46 is my PR:)

  6. Mary says

    Your BP is a little on the low side haha! To bad they dont show your Mean Arterial Pressure (MAP) because as long as that number is above 60 you’re perfusing all of your digits :) being an ICU nurse I see numbers like that all of the time! haha

    All of your running has paid off! Look atcha!

  7. says

    Low BP? Hahaha! I’ve struggled with seriously high BP for a long time, even though I workout and eat right (most of the time) and am only slightly overweight. Once I went to the Dr for a routine exam and they sent me directly to the ER as my BP was 190/120!! They I was going to have a stroke :( I had a lot of tests and scans to make sure my heart and kidneys were okay (they are) and now maintain a normal BP thanks to 2 meds.

    Scariest part? The fact I had NO signs or symptoms. Yikes!!!

    Favorite question asked by my cardiologist, “Do you ever feel like you are working harder than you should be when running?” Um…YEAH, what runner doesn’t?!?!?!

  8. says

    My blood pressure is about normal, but my HR is 48 and I’m convinced that I might actually be dead! … or then again it might be something to do with being fit and running a lot – either/or :-)

  9. says

    Every single time I go to the doctor they make me get an EKG because my heart rate is so slow. I don’t even exercise all that much… it doesn’t make sense. My BPM is usually mid 40s. I’m an enigma, but it’s awesome because the docs tell me to just add salt to everything!! Best. Diet. Ever.

  10. Kat says

    I love how they say anything under 120 is fine. Um, 0 is not fine. I’m 110/75 or so normally, but yesterday I was 102/58 and my head was hurting so bad…I think I would be having migraines if I was at 87.

  11. says

    I’m also one of the dead people, LOL. I believe my record for lowest reading was 86/65, although now that I’m a bit older my numbers are more normal, with systolic around 120 and diastolic around 80.

  12. says

    Looks just like my BP numbers. Doctors are always like “your blood pressure is fantastic!!!” so I’m thinking I must not be dead…yet.

  13. says

    AWESOME that you got your run in. I’m being a puss and staying out of the heat…with the exception of two hour basketball sessions every mon & weds. I stick to the elliptical and insanity/p90 workouts. haha. you’re stronger than me!


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