Smoothie Eatin’ No Hands!

Like I mentioned earlier, I’m hungrier than a teenage boy this week (and coincidently have as many pimples) so I am all about VOLUME eating to fill my belly! I added the leftover fajita fixings to a big ol’ salad and paired it with a tortilla Smilefajita salad

Dessert x3…IMG_6318 (600x800)

Then, I headed to work. Since I’m still trying to build up clients I have kept my availability pretty open, but that means my schedule it very sporadic. The back and forth is stressful, but I think that could be solved with a better commitment to staying organized Smile

On the way home I spotted a banana with a sign… “Honk if you love Jamba Juice!” I honked Winking smilehonk if you love jamba

But, instead of getting Jamba, I made myself a massive smoothie in a bowl at home.smoothie close up

Things got messy.IMG_6325 (800x600)

Don’t worry, I’ve got this…look ma, no hands!

I’m going to try and get some freelance writing done and check email before I have to go back to work for an evening shift! See ya tonight Smile


  1. Ashley says

    Hey! What r u up to this Saturday and how far are you supposed to run!? I think a friend and I are going to run in Encinitas–I know it’s kinda far!! But definitely going to run next weekend and prob this sunday!

  2. says

    Haha, I LOVE that picture of you. I may just have to make it my desktop background if that isn’t too creepy and stalkerish, because I am a smoothie addict and that’s exactly how I eat mine too.

    Because I make my smoothies in the kitchen and eat them upstairs, I tend to slurp from the overflowing bowl (s) as I balance them so I don’t lose precious smoothie over the side (and then have to clean the carpet…) But I have to say my technique pales in comparison to yours. All hail the smoothie queen :)


  3. says

    I always hate seeing those “honk if you…” signs, because sometimes I want to be able to honk and participate! But my horn hasn’t worked for months.

  4. Marcee! says

    HAHAHAHA!!! = (LMAO)

    Honestly Monica ….. UR too hysterical!

    You should do these eating-skits on Jay Leno. Ha! You’d (U ARE) be sooo good at it. (My keyboard, etc. cannot cross off/out words. Duh.)

    Please Monica ….. keep keeping us entertained …. I LOVE IT!

  5. Nicole says

    “But Maaaaahhhmmm! I’m HUNGRY!!!!” (I’ll change it for you, “But MoooNNNNNNNNnnnn! I’m Hungry!!”)

    Oh my gosh – I have been such the ravenous monkey this week! I’m trying to fill myself with water, big ol’ salads, protein shakes with xanthum gum (for extra thickness), but nothing’s working! I feel your pain girlie!!

    • Nicole says

      For some reason my first line of my post didn’t appear:

      It should start with:
      “In my best Cartman voice….”

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