Problem, Solution

Problem: I like to eat A LOT of food.

Solution: Put your put sad ol’ frozen meal on a BIG bed of lettuce and hummus. Also, pair with crackers wlEmoticon smile18 Problem, Solution Don’t show crackers on blog as the number of them consumed will horrify healthy readers.IMG 6363 800x600 thumb Problem, Solution

Problem: I had an almost empty nut butter jar, but am not the biggest fan of oats.IMG 6364 800x600 thumb Problem, Solution

Solution: Eat cereal in a jar instead! This rocked. IMG 6365 800x600 thumb Problem, Solution

Refill until nut butter and/or cereal is gone wlEmoticon winkingsmile11 Problem, SolutionIMG 6367 800x600 thumb Problem, Solution

Problem: I am a dork.

Solution: Sorry, still trying to think of one. Also still trying to think of a reason I was doing the pledge of allegiance in my kitchen this afternoon…IMG 6369 800x600 thumb Problem, Solution

Problem: I am fresh out of Vitatops.

Solution: Chop up a chocolate bar, put it on a piece of PB toast and melt. IMG 6371 800x600 thumb Problem, Solution

no hay problemas excepto una frente grande Problem, Solution

Got any problems you need me to solve? I’m on a roll…


  1. says

    if you get any questions that really stump you, you can always bring back the magic 8 ball!!
    love the cold cereal in the pb jar – pure genius.

  2. Liz says

    I have tried overnight oats twice, and I think they are so disgusting…I gagged! The cereal looks awesome in the jar. That I will have to try!

  3. Alisha says

    Good morning

    Ha, didn’t you received a supply of Vitas maybe a couple weeks back? I can’t remember how many, but still, lol, too funny.

    I want you to be my bestie due to our common love for summer season fruit and because of our diversity – with your Mexican flava and my Native attitude, I think we would be a riot at parties, haha.

    Is there any chance I can lure you to Canada with Watermelon? I bought 3 massive ‘melons yesterday for a BBQ today. I can also promise hospitality and entertainment. This weekend is my communities pow wow and our cuisine specialty is “Indian Tacos” – which is just chili or meat sauce topped with fixings of choice that sits on top a homemade piece of fry bread. Haha, don’t you just love cultural appropriation? Sometimes something very beautiful can come out of cultural highjacking :P

    Think about my offer :)

    Oh yeah, you make cutting watermelon look too easy. I almost lost a few fingers, but then again eating ‘melon when your trying to hack it to pieces is dangerous. I want watermelon in or around my face, now.

    *Yes, I realize I’m prolly making a fool out of myself now – word.

  4. says

    I always have to eat a frozen dinner on the side of a HUGE side salad. Salads of epic proportions are the only reason I am not constantly eating. Yum!

  5. says

    Haha, I’ll toss pretty much anything on top of a bed or romaine in order to bulk it up. Sometimes volume matters :)

    Oat bran in nut butter jars is also tasty!

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