Problem, Solution

Problem: I like to eat A LOT of food.

Solution: Put your put sad ol’ frozen meal on a BIG bed of lettuce and hummus. Also, pair with crackers Smile Don’t show crackers on blog as the number of them consumed will horrify healthy readers.IMG_6363 (800x600)

Problem: I had an almost empty nut butter jar, but am not the biggest fan of oats.IMG_6364 (800x600)

Solution: Eat cereal in a jar instead! This rocked. IMG_6365 (800x600)

Refill until nut butter and/or cereal is gone Winking smileIMG_6367 (800x600)

Problem: I am a dork.

Solution: Sorry, still trying to think of one. Also still trying to think of a reason I was doing the pledge of allegiance in my kitchen this afternoon…IMG_6369 (800x600)

Problem: I am fresh out of Vitatops.

Solution: Chop up a chocolate bar, put it on a piece of PB toast and melt. IMG_6371 (800x600)

Got any problems you need me to solve? I’m on a roll…


  1. says

    if you get any questions that really stump you, you can always bring back the magic 8 ball!!
    love the cold cereal in the pb jar – pure genius.

  2. Liz says

    I have tried overnight oats twice, and I think they are so disgusting…I gagged! The cereal looks awesome in the jar. That I will have to try!

  3. Alisha says

    Good morning

    Ha, didn’t you received a supply of Vitas maybe a couple weeks back? I can’t remember how many, but still, lol, too funny.

    I want you to be my bestie due to our common love for summer season fruit and because of our diversity – with your Mexican flava and my Native attitude, I think we would be a riot at parties, haha.

    Is there any chance I can lure you to Canada with Watermelon? I bought 3 massive ‘melons yesterday for a BBQ today. I can also promise hospitality and entertainment. This weekend is my communities pow wow and our cuisine specialty is “Indian Tacos” – which is just chili or meat sauce topped with fixings of choice that sits on top a homemade piece of fry bread. Haha, don’t you just love cultural appropriation? Sometimes something very beautiful can come out of cultural highjacking 😛

    Think about my offer :)

    Oh yeah, you make cutting watermelon look too easy. I almost lost a few fingers, but then again eating ‘melon when your trying to hack it to pieces is dangerous. I want watermelon in or around my face, now.

    *Yes, I realize I’m prolly making a fool out of myself now – word.

  4. says

    I always have to eat a frozen dinner on the side of a HUGE side salad. Salads of epic proportions are the only reason I am not constantly eating. Yum!

  5. says

    Haha, I’ll toss pretty much anything on top of a bed or romaine in order to bulk it up. Sometimes volume matters :)

    Oat bran in nut butter jars is also tasty!

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