Granola Makes Everything Better.

I had a break before my 5pm client so I rushed home to turn off the crock pot. And since I was there and all I figured a snack was in order Smile I made a smoothie in a bowl with tons of Love Grown Foods granola. Put chocolate chips in something and I’m you’re biggest fan.IMG_6432 (600x800)

I got home from work after eight was super grateful for dinner to already be done! Roasted broccoli, sweet potato (both from yesterday) and crock-pot salsa chicken with cheese. I had the biggest craving for cheese. Weird huh.IMG_6439 (800x600)

To top the night off – fruit Smile IMG_6441 (800x600)

But since fruit isn’t dessert… some chocolate.IMG_6442 (600x800)

I desperately need to watch some trash TV tonight – Basketball Wives is on. I’ll see you tomorrow!


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