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Happy Monday! I started my day with a 5 mile run. I specifically didn’t bring my ipod since this was a recovery run and music sometimes makes me go faster (at least on the good songs). No. Since I did 19 miles on Saturday I knew I should pay attention to my body not Katy Perry telling me I’m a Firework Winking smile

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I get a lot of questions about running shoes and really believe everyone is different and needs to be assessed and fitted individually. You can do this at a local running shoe store (not Footlocker or similar chains). But, I will share my shoe choices.

I alternate 2 pairs of running shoes at a time. I have lower mileage shoes and “heavy lifting shoes” <- for my longer runs.

Right now my heavy lifting shoes are the Brooks Ravenna 2brooks running shoes

My long run shoes are a heavier stability shoe that help with slight over pronation. See that darker grey area on the bottom? It’s more dense material that helps prevent pronating. This is super important for me on long runs when my legs get tires and my form suffers.brooks ravenna 2

I got injured after the Disney World Marathon and (along with Physical Therapy for 8 weeks!) feel that a more stable shoe helped me get back to running.monicacastle2

*In the past I’ve worn Adidas and Asics and love them. But I got this pair for free for coaching my local 10K running group. After I’m done with these I’ll probably opt for the cheapest stability shoes of these brands.

someecards.com - Wearing your running shoes everywhere this spring may increase your odds of actually running

Because that’s the real reason I wear them 😉

Breakfast was “Over-Run Oats”. Instead of letting my oats sit overnight I just mixed them up before my run. I mixed a Oikos Strawberry yogurt with 1/3 c oats, almond milk and chia seeds. Let sit for 45 minutes and it was plenty of time to soak.overrun oats

Toppings were cereal and PB. I really need to replenish my sunflower seed butter stash.IMG_7644 (800x533)

For some reason my iced coffee came out amazing this morning! I’m on my second jug now!IMG_7649 (533x800)

I am speaking about Blogger Safety at the Healthy Living Summit this weekend! If you are attending and have a story about a time you feel your safety might have been compromised because of twitter, your blog or Four Square please email me at runeatrepeat at gmail.com

Question: What shoes do you run/workout in?


  1. says

    I run in Mizuno Wave Riders, and also do other workouts in them, but ideally I would like to have more minimalist shoe for cross training and weight workouts.

  2. Amy says

    I have been loving Asics Nimbus shoes for the past two years. Wearing Nimbus 12s right now; love that I can usually find last year’s model on sale. I have never rotated shoes before but am this summer. In the past I’ve worn NB and Saucony (until they discontinued my fave model). I’ve never considered a different shoe for long runs but might consider that. I usually just buy what Road Runner recommends for my foot type and body size (read: hefty, heh). 😉

  3. says

    I only wear Brooks Adrenaline GTS shoes. I started wearing them after being fitted at a running store in 2005. They’re the only shoes that fit my Flinestone-like foot bed, narrow heel, and stabalize my over pronating stride. They’re expensive, but after numerous injuries using other shoes, I see it as an investment. They don’t even need to be broken in. And now they’re making them in cute colors, so I have one in red and one in purple. Love them so much!!

    • Jessca says

      I have a pair of the Brooks Adrenaline GTS in wide. I was fitted a little over a year ago and these were recommended. I liked them but they were a bit tight on my long runs. When I went in this past April to get new shoes they put me in the same but a wide width…love them!

  4. says

    I actually have no idea what brand my shoes are. I buy them all at Wal-Mart. I mostly stick to machines so I don’t worry too much about it. But I don’t know what brand I’d get if I were to get some actual shoes for walking/running.

  5. jillian says

    brooks glycerin for longs runs and saucony kinvara for racing! I was a long time asics nimbus wearer (i think i have 6 pairs in my closet), but the Brooks Glycerin have been AMAZING for long runs. I highly recommend them for neutral runners!

  6. says

    I ran in that exact same Disney World Marathon. Was it not ridiculously cold? I have lived in Florida for nearly ten years and it was the coldest I’ve ever been while living here. Figures that happens on the day of a marathon.

    About shoes…I love Asics Gel Nimbus for long runs and Brooks Glycerin for shorter runs. I’m thinking of buying some Asics Blurs or Nike Frees for my short runs tho. Blame my recent reading of “Born to Run” for that.

  7. says

    I broke in my pair of Minuzo Wave riders last night on a ten mile walk. They held up pretty good, too. My feet were basically the only part of my body that didn’t hurt by the end of it. I have a nice worn out pair of Saconys Pro Grid, or something.

  8. says

    i work at a specialty running store (the running room) so i have tried a lot of different shoes!…currently, my faves are the brooks ghost and the nike vomero, but i’ve also run in the mizuno wave rider…i have a narrow foot so asics and saucony don’t fit as well.
    the ravenna 2 – > great quality of shoe for the mid-range price!

  9. Ida says

    Haha- ‘heavy-lifting’ shoe. I wear asics 2100 series for long runs, and love the Asics DS 16 for shorter/faster runs. I also just got a pair of Brooks Green Silence for 5ks/speed work and I am loving them.

  10. says

    I workout in Nike Shox but run in Brook Adrenaline 11. I used to run in the shox but sustained so many injuries through them! I wouldn’t even be able to run 4 miles without my shins and knees screaming in pain..but long runs are so easy in the Brooks!

  11. says

    i had a lot of problems with my feet from wearing the wrong running shoes in college. Through a lot of trial and error, I now wear Asics Gel Nimbus and I’ll never wear anything else. I started when they were on the Nimbus 6, and have kept up with them – they’re now on Nimbus 13!

  12. says

    I wear Nike Free Runs. I love them because they are like you have nothing on your feet and are super duper light. I bought my first pair this year and will probably buy a second soon! I am really excited to hear your presentation at HLS!!! I hope you travel safely :-)

  13. says

    I like to rock addidas running shoes…they just fit the shape of my feet right, ya know? I also have a pair of split sole dance sneakers i wear for dance classes…they let me spin really well and even go up on my tip-toes if needed to look extra cool :)

  14. says

    I would love a really great pair of running shoes but choose to spend my money on more important things like rent and food (unpaid internships SUCK). Right now I have a pair of Nike’s that suit me well for now.

  15. says

    I have tried every shoe brand under the shoe… Asics, Brooks, Saucony, and now Vibrams. I got fitted at my local shoe store and I feel like if you do that, you’ll have good results in your shoes. I have liked every pair, except for this one pair of Brooks last year that the tongue kept sliding off to the side. I actually LOVED the shoes, but that drove me nuts and I had to return them. I’m trying to jump into vibram’s too, but that isn’t as easy! It takes a while to try to run in those babies.

  16. says

    “I knew I should pay attention to my body not Katy Perry telling me I’m a Firework.” – ha! I totally know what you mean. Not that I’m fast to begin with, that song just makes me run a little less slow when it comes on my headphones :-)
    Your shoe reporting made me realize that I have no clue as to what brand my current running shoes are. I got them at a running store and was fitted, etc. but am seriously drawing a blank right now! Oops.

  17. says

    I have the same pronation issue and wear Asics GT-2150’s. I’ve had 5 pairs of these and they just discontinued them. Foot locker (had a giftcard for there) literally just deliverd me the new 2160’s which supposedly replaced the others so I’ll get to see how close they are soon!

  18. says

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