Ben Is Better

I worked 4 to 8pm today, so I packed a snack in between clients since that’s my usual hungry time. I can’t decide if I love or hate this bar. I got this from the HLS swag bag, but had tried it before. The chocolate flavor is delicious, but the consistency is stale (it’s not just a stale bar as I’ve tried them before).IMG_8339 (800x533)

By the time I got home I was super hungry and threw together someone that wouldn’t require cooking. I made this Amy’s meal that’s been living in the depths of my freezer for a while.IMG_8325 (800x533)

I threw gently placed it on top of a salad with some spaghetti and peanut dressing. Random, but tasty.IMG_8318 (800x533)

I think we’ve established that Ben is better than me. But in case you need further proof, Vegas was dirty (he takes after his mom and lacks proper hygiene skills). I just thought, “So sad to have such a dirty cat…”

Ben thought, “I should clean this filthy animal that sleeps in my bed.” And he did.IMG_8337 (800x533)

Even though I don’t like when people post “Nom nom nom” in reference to eating. I love this picture and have to share…lost-my-leg-in-nomHa!

I’m either going to attack the watermelon or have a little cereal for a night cap. See ya later.


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    HAha, aww, I wouldn’t say Ben is better than you…you two just compliment each other so well. You come together and make one phenomenal force!

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    I have to give Amy’s husband actually likes the pizza. I never thought that would happen.

    Love the picture at the end. I am not a fan of the word “nom” but how could someone resist posting that…lol

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    I am so glad to know that I’m not the only person who doesn’t like the ‘nom nom nom.’ I don’t know what it is but it drives me crazy when people say/type/text that about food!

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    So I’m going to tell a dirty story, everyone cover their eyes…

    Nom nom nom is a running joke in our home because once, during, um, “husband and wife time” I looked down there and said “nom nom nom” because that’s what it looks like (don’t act like you never thought it). I couldn’t stop laughing for well over 20 minutes.

    It’s a good thing my Ben is better than me, because he didn’t get mad.

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    Aw, he’s not “better” he’s just taking care of the two precious people in his life [an impress you] :) I wish I could say the same for my Dear, our poor fish swam around in murky water for weeks because he “never had time!”

    Am’s is a go-to whenever I’m looking for a simple supper- it totes counts as homemade if you add your own touch, right?! haha

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    Amy’s gf df burrito is one of my faves, but oh my gosh their roasted veggie pizza is THE best. Who knew a pizza could taste sooo good without cheese? Certainly not I until I tried it! Caramelized onion sauce is too damn good.

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