I’m Not Depressed Because of Iced Coffee

I always worry about dumb shit things like whether or not stevia is going to give me cancer and/or iced coffee is bad for me.IMG_9897 (800x533)

You’re doing it wrong…IMG_9899 (800x533)

Anyways, it turns out – I don’t care! Okay not really. It turns out iced coffee helps prevent depression. This article from Health says Risk of Depression Falls as Coffee Intake Rises.

So even if I do end up dying from it, at least I’ll go with a smile on my face.IMG_9900 (800x533)


coffee makes you crazy(someecards.com)

No Run – I didn’t feel like running today and my hip has been tight, so I’m going to hit up TKB at the gym instead. I’m obviously taking this taper thing way too seriously – skipping a run in the last 2 weeks before my race. Busted.

Eat – Breakfast was Pumpkin Oat bran. I only made this because I have pumpkin to use up, it’s not my fave.

In the mix: 1/3c oatbran, 1/4c pumpkin, 2 packets stevia, pumpkin pie spice, dash salt, 1/4c greek yogurt. Topped with sunflower seed butter. IMG_9903 (800x533)

I know it’s not hard to believe, but I am quite loud and obnoxious. So imagine my surprise when a group of OC Runners/Bloggers invited me to be on a Ragnar team with them! I will be running the SoCal Ragnar in April! For now we are getting everything organized and need a name.

Here are the team name options. Please vote on your favorite![polldaddy poll=5537679]


  1. Annalisa says

    no dudes 24 boobs is in there twice — skewing results?! i love all of those names! i also think you’re hilarious and love catching up on your blog posts because i get such a chuckle. have a good day!

  2. says

    I worry about stevia as well. Just because something is natural, in my mind, doesn’t mean that it is good for or better for me than the unnatural alternative.

    Granted, the one time I tried stevia, I got spider hives, so I may be a bit biased.

  3. says

    I really really miss having coffee in my life… especially delicious, creamy, iced coffee… and frothy cappuccinos! It makes me so so so so so anxious (and it also make me break out on my chin line… like, a LOT.. so weird!) So, I have decided to give it a rest. I guess I can live through your happiness as my happiness begins to wane from lack of coffee BOOO :(

    LOVE those names haha it was hard to chose! 😀

  4. Mel says

    Hello! Just wondering, have you ever read anything stating that stevia was bad for you or could cause cancer? Please don’t burst my stevia loving bubble!ha!

  5. says

    I feel a lot better about Stevia than Splenda. But that could be because 1. Splenda tastes awful. 2. It is chlorinated and 3. I am allergic to chlorine, and even if I wasn’t the fact that Splenda is chlorinated is just plain disgusting to me.

    And I certainly get annoyed every time coffee’s benefits are touted. More and more they keep finding great things about coffee and someone couldn’t even pay me to drink the stuff. It’s that horrific to me. Darn healthy things that don’t taste good!

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