Ask a Monican #19

Here is Ask a Monican #19. Sorry, it’s super long – I was very random today. Also, I tried something new and taped it straight to YouTube from Ben’s computer. It cut me off at 15 minutes, which is for the best…

Monica blabs about…

1. How often should you get new running shoes? Do you have different pairs of shoes for different surfaces?

2. What are 6 things you want to do before you die?

3. Do I really need to get massages if I run?

4. How do you deal with putting personal and embarrassing information on the internet?

I mentioned in the video that I ate a whole box of cereal. It’s been a rough week. Don’t judge. IMG_0202 (600x800)

I also made an impromptu quesadilla at some point.IMG_0199 (800x600)

And raided a candy dish at AAA. This has been a very 80% unhealthy, 20% healthy day <- I need to switch that around asap!IMG_0201 (800x600)

Got a question?

Email me at : runeatrepeat at gmail dot com

Local Race Announcement:  The Richard Leary 6 Hour Challenge is a 1 mile loop you can do as many times as ya want, it’s  only 30 bucks and for a good cause. Check it out.


  1. says

    As a massage therapist, I have to say that you’re right: they’re not a necessity and they can be expensive sad to say.

    I don’t even get massaged regularly because I can’t afford it all the time! Laying on a tennis ball for myofascial release while watching an episode of cartoons is good enough for me!

  2. Dynamics says

    I am not a big fan of You Tube. It took me 7 minutes to watch 3. BUT…I have a horrible internet provider, AT&T and have difficultly on live feeds and things. They say it is not them. HA! Anyway, I will say it is quite entertaining to see your frozen facial impressions as the boring wheel is turning. I will have to watch this when I have more patience.

  3. says

    I think you will definitely be in a magazine soon (for something other than dying in a ditch) considering that less appealing bloggers seem to be featured with great frequency.

    Suggestions for changing the world, one person at a time: I was a CASA (Court Appointed Special Advocate) for a foster child and it was one of the best things I’ve done. I helped a child, which had the added benefit of making me feel better about myself. In some states CASAs are called GALS, so you should look up both. I recently received an email about a Big Brother/Sister program and it also sounded really good, so you might want to look into something like that instead.

  4. says

    I have to say I love reading your blog and your vlogs. You are so real and I love your sense of humor. I appreciate your honesty about your struggles with food – still – whereas so many of the “healthy eating blogs” out there make it seem like it’s all so easy.

  5. says

    Love your Ask a Monicans! It’s such a great personal touch.

    I replace my running shoes every 300 – 350 miles or when my knees start aching. I’m anal and totally keep a running log where I track the mileage on each pair of running shoes (I always get the same shoe but in different colors to make it easier to keep track of them). I’ll do anything to reduce injuries!

  6. Adrienne says

    I do a lot of cross training (bike, gym classes, walking, etc.) in addition to running (maybe 10 miles a week?) so I really have no idea how many miles my shoes have gone. Is there a really rough estimate for how long- months, years- I should wear them? Should I wait until they fall apart? I’ve never noticed my feet or knees hurting. Thanks! (P.S. Your braids look super cute for a lazy hair day.)

    • says

      I have never heard of a timeline estimate, but you should not wait until they’re falling apart. I would use your current shoes as cross trainers and get a specific pair you only use for running from here out.

  7. says

    I’m totally bummed because my internet sucks and I can’t watch your youtube :(.
    HOWEVER, I just thought I’d randomly pop by and tell you in a non-creepy-you-don’t-know-me-but-I-look-forward-to-reading-your-blog-everymorning kinda way.


  8. says

    You have such a well balanced range of life goals!! Loved the pizza one…a friend of mine and I used to pool our allowances and ‘share’ a pizza…she at the crust and I ate the cheese (terrible, right?) haha! we never made it through the whole thing though…

    Great insight on blogging/intuitive eating…I agree it’s better to just be honest and put yourself out there from the getgo…easier said than done, but it is kind of a relief! Still working on it… :)

  9. Jen G. says

    If you end up in a magazine because you’re found dead in a ditch, it would be after you die. So it wouldn’t be one of the six things you want to do BEFORE you die. (I thought I’d offer another reason not to end up in a magazine for the ditch thing. Since I’m sure you needed one.)

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