Search Me Sunday–Wrong Turn

It’s so sad how many people take a wrong turn at Google and end up at Run Eat Repeat. Consider this post a formal apology and an attempt to steer you in the right direction…

But first, if you were searching for a fashion blog you came to the wrong place. It was cold this morning so I put a random white tank on top of my running shirt. All fancy like.IMG_1820 (800x600)

At least my dogs approve?IMG_1821 (600x800)

If you were searching for a blog that makes beautifully plated breakfasts you took a wrong turn. I was on a mission for PEANUT BUTTER!!! I slathered it all over my toast, a banana, my fingers, Ben’s fingersIMG_1827 (800x600)

If you thought you were reading the blog of another girl with baby fever, you took a wrong turn.

I have a ten year old brother thankyouverymuch.IMG_1830 (800x600)

If you were looking for the blog of an artist’s wife you took a wrong turn. But, Ben used what artistic skill he has to make a jack-o’-lantern with a “LOL face” as my little brother requested. IMG_1833 (600x800)

But, if you want to see the website of an artist you can check out another Ben’s work…IMG_1839 (800x600)

If you were searching for inspiration on how to avoid Halloween candy this year you definitely came to the wrong place. At least it’s a delicious wrong place…IMG_1835 (600x800)

IMG_1842 (800x600)

IMG_1845 (800x600)

If you were searching for Alcoholics Anonymous you came to the wrong place. But when you find the link you should send it to me just in case Ben and I decided to keep all the rum we bought on vacation for ourselves. (In Ben’s hand is Ron Abuelo a Panamanian rum.)IMG_1841 (800x600)

We didn’t get home until after 1am last night and stayed over at my family’s place. After church and pumpkin carving we needed to head home to unpack and grocery shop. My mom made me lunch for the road SmileIMG_1847 (800x600)

If you were looking for the blog on how to cook eggplant fries from scratch you took a wrong turn. IMG_1817 (800x533)

But, what you should do is take a turn into the supermarket parking lot and buy these…IMG_1820 (800x533)

Preferably for a dollar…IMG_1823 (800x533)

These eggplant fries are AMAZING! Cook them a little extra to make them crispy. Then, cover in ketchup and devour 2/3 of the bag even though it says there is 5 servings.IMG_1818 (800x533)

Again with the candy for dessert. In case you’re curious, 2 Reeses and a Twix have – it’s about 156 calories. I’ll take it!IMG_1826 (800x533)

Lucky for you I’m not completely useless – here is a link to FitSugar’s run down of the calories in popular Halloween Candy.

If you want a review on War and Peace you came to the wrong place. But, if you want to know my thoughts on The Hunger Games after everyone else in the world has already read it… sorry I’m not done yet. IMG_1828 (800x533)

Other unsuccessful searches the led people to RER this week…

  • what i look like when i run” – Um, I look like the 50 million pics I post everyday, but I can’t say how you look.
  • butt napkin” – I have no idea what to make of this.
  • which side of the street should people run/walk on” – I hope this searcher is foreign, because there’s no excuse for this.
  • big girls don’t run” – Hey, not nice!
  • extremely horny and extremely hungry…” You should get off the internet and grab a snack and a girlfriend. Just saying.

In the spirit of making myself feel better there were a few successful searches this week…

If you searched, “can you run across the golden gate bridge” YES, check it out here!golden gate bridge run

If you searched, “how to eat a bell pepper” – like this:eat a bell pepper

See ya later Smile


  1. says

    How hilarious!!! I was just commenting today to my boyfriend about the odd searches to get to my site like “intravenous injection of coconut water”, “small grasshoppers”, and “stupid cowbell”! Really? WTH?

  2. says

    Ahahaha, those searches are hysterical. Butt napkin? Really??

    I have a friend who has a bunch of food allergies, so the food she eats can be a bit random at times. Once during a meeting, she whipped out a whole cucumber and just started eating it like it was an apple. We all paused and just stared at her in shock! Your red bell pepper reminded me of that (she eats those that way, too).

  3. says

    Hahahaha this post cracked me up! I love seeing the crazy things people search for. One day though it was “fat ari’s cupcakes” and it made me sad because of course I just assumed it was someone who knew me and thought I was fat because that makes sense haha.

  4. says

    My blog is still brand new so the only search that has led someone to me was “myspark walmart clothes” And I still wonder how they know where I shop…

  5. says

    But you forgot to mention one thing:
    Wrong turns lead to the best adventures! 😉

    Speaking of which… I wish I had read this before I posted my “how much candy” post today. That link from FitSugar would have saved me a ton of search time!

    And speaking of searches… butt napkin???? Seriously?

  6. says

    I wish we celebrated Halloween like this in the Netherlands! It just looks like so much fun. Pumpkin, candy, food, food, food. Why cant I have it!

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