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I can cook Mexican food and Chinese food and occasionally even Thai food. But, I’m not good at Indian dishes. (Okay, technically I’m afraid of how to use the spices, don’t judge.) Nope, for my Indian cravings I rely on a frozen meal (or take out). This one worked as lunch paired with some toast.IMG_2231 (800x600)

<insert piece of pumpkin pie for dessert>IMG_2370 (800x533)

Speaking of things that are foreign to me, I think persimmons are very odd. I guess it’s because I never tried them until a year ago? I LOVE them, but still am not over their tomato like appearance, but sweet taste SmileIMG_2234 (800x600)

Random Thought: I prefer funny blogs (and books and movies) over serious ones, but it recently occurred to me that my magazine obsession lacks humor. Maybe 1 article in 100 is fun and funny, but they are usually pretty sterile. Why is that?diet magazines

I’m not exactly picking up Popular Science every month, so why can’t these casual reads throw in a joke or two? Thoughts?


  1. says

    I bought that tandoori chicken on manager’s special for $1. It was AMAZING for $1. Not sure I would have loved it for $4.

    Persimmons freak me out.

    Blogs that make me look like I’m dying while I’m hiding giggles are the best. I don’t know that I’ve ever read a funny magazine…

  2. says

    I agree! A little humor goes a long way! A joke or two or maybe a satirical article here and there.

    By the way, I just received three persimmons in my monthly produce shipment. What do you do with them? Just eat them plain? Or do you put them in a recipe of some sort?

  3. says

    yum. indian food. i could live on spicy vegan saag aloo from my local restaurant!! as for magazines – i never thought about them being funny or not, but i sure do *love* them. i have a subscription to like a million magazines and they

  4. Jennifer L says

    That’s why I read your blog, because it’s fun! I know what you mean about those magazines, though…. where’s the personality??

  5. says

    I like a good mixture of serious and funny. But funny definitely helps lift up my spirits. I’m definitely on the Fitness, Shape, Self, Women’s Health, etc. etc. train

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