Healthy No Bake Pumpkin Pie

Thanksgiving came early this year! Well, at least the pie did…IMG_2368 (800x533)

A few days ago Chobani sent me some of their big containers of plain greek yogurt to try. I’ve been eating eggs for breakfast so I knew I had to incorporate the creamy goodness into a few recipes.

Last night I created the easiest Protein packed Pumpkin Pie you’ve ever seen. It’s easy because it only requires 5 ingredients and is no bake. Love it!IMG_2356 (533x800)

Protein Pumpkin Pie


  • Pie crust (store bought because this is supposed to be easy, remember)
  • 1 cup pumpkin
  • 1 cup greek yogurt
  • 1 package s/f butterscotch pudding mix
  • 1 tsp. pumpkin pie spiceIMG_2358 (800x533)

Directions: Mix pumpkin, yogurt, pudding mix and pie spice. Carefully spread into the pie shell. (Careful the mix will be very thick and might crack pie crust.) Refrigerate for 1 hour. Eat.IMG_2364 (800x533)

I also paired rotisserie chicken with zucchini casserole and mashed potatoes. It really was like T-day!IMG_2366 (800x533)

I enjoyed two pieces of pumpkin pie for dessert. You know, in case the first delicious piece was a fluke.healthy no bake pumpkin

This morning Ben wanted to take an early walk before work. Since I wasn’t sure if I should run today I joined him.

The walk was early and so was breakfast Smile

IMG_2389 (800x533)

I should try to get to the gym at some point, but I also have other work to do. We’ll see if I make it there…

Winner of the Manna Organics Giveaway: Kim (Norriskvt)

Motivation Monday – Runners in New York got the chance to sprint along side  Ryan Hall’s marathon pace – 4:46!

Mini-Goals for the Week:

  1. Get to bed by 10pm.
  2. Go to yoga
  3. Close the kitchen after dinner

Question: What is the best thing you did this weekend?

Got any Mini-Goals to share?


  1. says

    Wow, that sounds amazing! I might just have to give that one a whirl – I just tried out a “Pumpkin Pie Overnight Oats” makeshift recipe that came out quite good – pureed pumpkin, vanilla coconut milk, oats, and some crushed walnuts – mix in cinnamon/nutmeg to taste… and top with a dollop of whipped cream. MMMM!

  2. says

    the best thing i did this weekend was drag my sleepy butt to spin class. i hadn’t been in over six months. it was definitely worth the trip. i’m going to steal your weekly goals too — they’re pretty much spot on over here too.

  3. says

    Saturday I had a pretty epic schedule. 5 AM run, then CPR training, then a few errands, then my 9 and 11 year old cousins’ bday party. And I ninja kicked it all. Crashed hard about 10 PM though. And I’m certified to save everyone’s life now.

  4. says

    The best thing I did this weekend was go out with all the ladies and dance/make an ass of myself to 80’s music. That is exercise, right? The pie looks great!

  5. says

    That looks delicious! Best thing I did this weekend was have an adult dinner, one where I didn’t have to worry about a 2 year-old’s palate, with my hubby. We celebrated our 6th anniversary! My mini goal this week is to snack less…or rather better. No more empty calories!

  6. says

    I am sooo sooo excited that you posted this recipe! I am in charge of the pumpkin pie this year for family thanksgiving…guess what i’m going to make now? yay!! (you’re my new hero) :)

    Best thing I did this weekend? a 4.3-mile run for POTM! :)

  7. says

    That pie looks delicious and creamy! Can´t seem to find any greek yogurt in mexico which is something I definitely miss from the states.

    I ran an 8km race and a went to a party on saturday which was great but exhausted all sunday.

    Mini goals of the week: go to bed earlier, drink more water and more vegies!

  8. says

    No bake pumpkin pie? LOVE it. Two slices? No problem. :) I also loved the Ryan Hall video…man is that guy fast! I also loved reading about your wedding bash + 1/2 marathon fun – awesome job doing that all back-to-back!

  9. Sadie says

    Anyone know of a warm protein shake or drink? I love muscle milk in the am right after my workout but would be awesome if there were something warm alike to drink during these cold months. Packed with the same great nutrients that is. Chai tea/ vanilla spice kinda like.. mmm

  10. says

    That pie looks great! I’m going to try it with coconut yogurt. I’ll probably skip the crust – the filling is the best part anyway! I had to Pin this 😀

  11. says

    Looks yummy!! Maybe a dumb question – But do you make the pudding and then mix it with the pumpkin, yogurt and spice, or do you just mix the dry pudding package with the other ingredients?

  12. Samantha says

    I just made this and tasted the filling– wonderful! Thank you for the idea. Keep the good ones coming!

    I also put the extra pumpkin into a protein shake…. Mmmmm

      • Melissa s. says

        I saw that too!!!! Pudding esp. Fat free has so much junk in it and I can only imagine what is used to make the ready to use pie crust. Not healthy. And way more than 5 ingredients…I can only imagin the laundry list in both pudding and crust.

  13. Ashley Z. says

    I saved your pumpkin pie recipe to make for Thanksgiving. Holy moly it’s good. It was everything I could do to not eat it immediately.

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