Morning Boot Camp Training

Despite staying up late last night consuming reckless quantities of fro-yo I woke up before 5am for an early morning boot camp training. (More on this later!)IMG 2329 800x600 thumb Morning Boot Camp Training

I stayed up way too late last night so on the way home I had a debate in my head =  coffee vs. a nap

I hope this issue gets covered in our next presidential election.

Yes, I’m asleep here…IMG 2334 600x800 thumb Morning Boot Camp Training

nap or coffee thumb Morning Boot Camp Training

Who is that doggy kitty in the window?

IMG 2335 800x600 thumb Morning Boot Camp Training

When I lived at my mom’s Vegas was an indoor/outdoor cat. We have a big yard and he was able to go in and out as he pleased. Since he got in that fight I try to keep him in 90% of the time. So now he sits in the window and stares out. It’s like a creepy statue.IMG 2337 800x600 thumb Morning Boot Camp Training

Flapjack Friday! I had pumpkin pancakes with PB and chia seeds for breakfast.IMG 2344 600x800 thumb Morning Boot Camp Training

Crunchy PB and chia seeds – loved the texture combos going on here.IMG 2345 800x600 thumb Morning Boot Camp Training

And a glass of the thickest Orange Juice of my life! I practically had to chew it.

IMG 2353 600x800 thumb Morning Boot Camp Training

running turkey thumb2 Morning Boot Camp Training

The Pile on the Miles participants have walked or ran over 5,000 miles so far!!!

CRAZY, right?! Keep it up – we are less than a week away from Thanksgiving!!!

Pile on the Miles Week 3 winner gets a copy of Mama Pea’s Book  – Peas and Thank Youimage thumb11 Morning Boot Camp Training

The winner is: Mackenzie Hunter

Congrats and send me your info!!!

Next week is the grand finale. There will be 3 prizes and 3 winners – an Odwalla prize pack, Love Grown Granola and a Fila Toning Outfit!!! Fila Toning outfit thumb Morning Boot Camp Training

Question: Coffee or a Nap? What side are you on?

I vote for taking a nap, then drinking some coffee.


  1. says

    Nap. I could pretty much sleep 16 hours a day, no lie. I figure I might as well be dead if I’m gonna do that though… so I’m grateful for the coffee.

  2. Allison says

    I read somewhere once that you’re supposed to chug a cup of coffee (lukewarm or iced I guess) and then take a 20 minute nap. Supposedly the caffiene is fully kicked in after the nap and you’re good to go!

  3. says

    Nap first then coffee is my motto! If you’re tired then your body needs the rest. I just have to learn to take cat naps and not college length sleeps (2-3 hr naps).

  4. Jessica says

    Coffeecoffeecoffee. My naps usually go with me saying, ‘Ok, 20 minute power nap aaannnddd go!” Then I wake up 3 hours later.

  5. says

    A nap then coffee sounds great to me, if I could nap! I hate it, but no matter how hard I try I cannot nap. But I can still pretend and just lay on the couch ;)

  6. says

    Since I have such a crazy weekend and week ahead, I’m on the side of coffee! :-)

    My old roommate has a crazy cat that loves to bring in garden snakes from outside when he goes out. Not so fun. :-/

  7. says

    Ah, the age-old question: sleep or caffeine? A nap will usually win out for me. Unless of course when you say coffee you really mean white mocha latte, then it’s going to be tough for me to choose. ;) And pumpkin pancakes with PB? Yes, please. After my nap.

  8. says

    I always go for nap, and then some green or black tea…

    And my cat does the same thing, except she broke a bunch of the mini blinds and now just sticks her head through it to stare down anyone coming up the stares. too funny, and creepy.

  9. says

    Oh my gosh, that poor cat–it looks so genuinely sad to not be outside! Wahhhh…

    Coffee or nap? Neither for me! I don’t like the taste of coffee, and I always feel WORSE after a nap than I did before! But it also depends on the day…if I have things to do, then I’d probably just try to push through and stay awake. If it’s a lazy day anyway, then I might just nap.

  10. says

    Coffee all the way! But only because I can’t nap. It just doesn’t happen for me – ever! And if I do ever pass out I wake up feeling horrible…My husband can nap on chair lifts to the top of a run on the ski hill! At the top he wakes up like a new man, ready to go with renewed energy. Wish I had that super power.

    Excited for the last week of POTM! Those are some sweet prizes. Thanks for heading this up, Monica! Oh – and I want to hear more about the bootcamp! Always looking for ideas. :D

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