Pile On the Miles–Final Results

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Pile on the Miles 2011 is over Sad smile

The good news is everyone did amazing and I’m super happy to have been a part of it this year! The bad other news is I want to do another challenge in January!!

Here are the winners of the last week’s loot. Please send me your info!

Love grown granola

1. Love Grown Granola Pack Winner: Deanna Pogorelc


2. Odwalla Juice Pack Winner: Tia Parmar    http://couchtohalf.blogspot.com/

mix 1 prize pack

3. Mix 1 Prize Pack Winner: Anne Turner    http://strawberryjampackedlife.com

Fila Toning outfit

4. Fila Toning Outfit Winner: (Send me your sizes along with address) Jess Milcetich    http://jessruns.com

I also want to give a special shout out to three girls who completed over 50 miles this week! They take piling on the miles very seriously!

Amanda Brooks    www.runtothefinish.com
Kara Kramer    http://itsadoglickbabyworld.blogspot.com/
Alyssa Lindsey    http://chocolateismylife-us.blogspot.com/

I got you guys tickets to the promised land, but it’s closed. Sorry. promised land sign(someecards.com)

Great job everyone! Stay tuned for the “Pile On Real Numbers Challenge” aka “PORN Challenge” in 2012. You know you want to play!

Question: How many miles did you walk or run this month? Please share loud and proud in the comments :)


  1. Aleks says

    Congrats to all the winners! Great job :).

    It’s tragic that I ended up signing up, but never remembered to put the miles into the spreadsheet! I always planned to do it Thursday nights, but then ended up going out or something… Oh well, I checked I ran 42 miles in November, which is not bad, given that I’m running in under 35F degree weather here in Zurich! I got sick following one of the runs #fail. It’s my first time running in winter, got my cold weather running gear, but still, sometimes I just want to stay in and drink hot chocolate ;).

  2. Lindsay says

    I ran/walked about 45 miles this month! Yahoo! I am all about doing another “PORN” haha challenge in January. It really helped me stay accountable and made excercising a little more fun with an extra incentive. Plus, I didn’t win any of these bang up prizes so i’m ready for a second chance :-)

  3. says

    Sad I didn’t win, but thanks for the shoutout! I’m not sure if I count, 55 miles were all in one day (on my first 50 mile trail race….note that the race was supposed to be only 50 miles) and then I took it pretty easy the rest of the week! I am so in for any PORN challenge.

  4. says

    Haha, I think the fact that I had a 50 mile race on one of the days of the final week was a big factor in my impressive mileage 😛

    I’m bummed I didn’t win anything, so you have to do it again in January for sure!

  5. says

    Hi Monica! Thank you so much for organizing this challenge. I ran 78.47 miles this month, including two marathons (my 1st and 2nd ever.) I am looking forward to the January challenge!

  6. says

    73 miles, but the month’s not over yet! I have a half marathon on Sunday so I’ll do one more long-ish run (8-10) as another short run before then. I think I’ll be up to 85ish.

  7. marie says

    Congrats to the winners and many thanks to you, Monica, for hosting/organizing the challenge. It was just the motivation I needed to go for an after-dinner stroll with DH every night. :-)

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