Chickpea Dance

This afternoon I had a Chobani while trying to fend off the snack monster that lives inside me. It kinda worked (outside of half a Snickers protein bar I got from the race).IMG_3086 (800x600)

I have the most random schedule lately and didn’t go into work until 5:30pm. So I decided to make/eat dinner before. I needed volume – that means veggies.

I roasted a huge pan of onions, chickpeas and broccoli. I left a tiny bit for Ben and paired it with a chicken and guacamole burrito. Lalalove.IMG_3088 (800x600)

I left the rest of the veggies and chickpeas for Ben, but he ate around the chickpeas?! He doesn’t like them (who is this guy?!). So, I did a little chickpea dance when I got home and ate them. It’s like my cat dance, but with chickpeas SmileIMG_3095 (800x600)

Even though it’s freezing here I came home wanting a protein shake. Inspired by Serendippity’s Frozen Hot Chocolate I had Sunday I tried to recreate it.IMG_3029 (800x600)

In my frozen hot chocolate: ice, milk, chocolate protein powder and a packet of hot cocoa(!) Blend. Top with chocolate shavings granola.IMG_3097 (800x600)

I gotta get to sleep – see ya later!


  1. says

    I absolutely love roasted broccoli. I just wish it didnt take so long. When i want my food, i want it now. No waiting 45 minutes to roast.

    When you roast the chic peas do you roast them till their crunchy or still soft just warm? I roasted them once but they turned out like corn nuts.

  2. says

    It’s really wonderful that you have a dance to correspond with an occasion such as leftover chickpeas. Love it. I get cravings for cold things in the cold, but ever since it’s been in like the teens here I’ve been fro-yo-less!

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