2012 Goals

Happy New Year! Last night Ben and I hung out with his brother and his GF for a little beverage and fire pit action. IMG_4250 (600x800)

Ben and I were covered in ashes from a big Christmas tree eruption. IMG_4254 (800x600)

I was the Dunkin Donuts Designated Driver so I didn’t really drink outside of a champagne toast and a sip of this pumpkin beer when we arrived. I don’t think I’ve ever tried pumpkin beer before! I’m very sheltered. Plus, I don’t like beer…IMG_4247 (600x800)

The only reason I was able to stay up past midnight was because my body is still on California time.IMG_4261 (800x600)

It’s 2012!!!

I LOVE making New Year’s Resolutions! I’m not really a competitive person – something I think is kinda rare for a runner. Example – I was recently asked what my half marathon PR is and I had no clue (luckily I have a lil’ blog that can keep track of these things)! Truthfully, it makes me uncomfortable when people ask about numbers and stuff because I don’t want to feel like I’m being compared!

But, I need goals because I love to compete with myself. I want to be better for me and new goals motivate me. So, I finally put together my goals for 2012.

First, let’s review 2011 Goals. I had a big list at the start of the year…

  1. Run a sub-four hour marathon. DONE
  2. Make RER better. Nope, sorry peeps.
  3. Save Money. Nope. Times were tough this year as training is a luxury item and times are tough for others.
  4. Run in 6 Different states. Nope. I did three though!
  5. No diet soda. Nope. I’m an addict. Send me to rehab.
  6. Relationship Resolution: One date night a week. Eh.

But somewhere along the way I decided to focus on 3 main goals. I wrote them on my fridge and let the other ones slide.IMG_0487 (533x800)

Those goals were:

1. Run a sub 4 hour marathon. I did it!

2. Get to goal weight. I didn’t do it. But, I did eat a lot healthier and more balanced. I made a short attempt at BFL and realized it was too anal for me. But, I did start eating more protein and that helped prevent a lot of snacking and overeating.

3. Grow blog. Yep! I’m very proud of how much RER has grown in the last year. It’s crazy! Or I’m crazy. Probably both. im a bad person2

Now I’m ready to tackle 2012 and new set of goals.

2012 Goals:

1. Run Faster.

PR in the Half Marathon.

Run a 5k and  10k by March. Then, PR in those by the end of the year.

2. Tone my ass and abs. Get in the best shape I can.

Strength train 3 times a week. Yoga once a week. Identify my trouble spots and focus on those.

3. Don’t eat shit.

(Eat Clean 80% of the time.) Cut back on processed food and sugar. No junk food unless it’s a cheat day. Eat what I love, skip what I don’t love.

4. Save Money.

Get my finances in order and save money to be financially ready for a house or baby or move to Costa Rica. One of those.

5. Improve professionally.

Get another PT certification. Learn about photography and social media and video editing. Get on an organized, do-able schedule.


I don’t know if I’ve ever admitted this, but I’m a big scaredy cat! Ben jokingly calls me Safety Suzy. I want to live this year as if I cannot get hurt or fail or die. And if I do – it’s okay.

I’ll be dead before I know it anyways…stop lying to yourself

Did you make a New Year’s Resolutions? What is it?


  1. says

    I need to work on being fearless as well. I like safe way too much. I admire people who can take risks on new business ventures, the stock market, skydiving, etc. In 2012 I hope to do at least one thing that is ‘risky’ and hope for the best!

  2. says

    I may take a page from Rachel Wilkerson and pick a verb for this year. I am running my first half marathon and I am a slow runner (my 5k time is 35-37 minutes). I want to run it in 2 hours or less, so my biggest goal is to get just a little bit faster. Or run HARD.

    Mostly, though, I want to enjoy this year. Walk a lot. Grow my blog.

  3. says

    My main resolution is to live more in the moment and worry less. I waste way too much time worrying.
    I am also resolving to collect more sparkling wine/Champagne. And I would love love love to run a sub 4 marathon, but I would have to shave about 18 minutes off my PR. Perhaps it’s possible. . .

  4. Lorin says

    When you say strength train 3 times a week, would you do cardio then as well? I want to get stronger but I don’t have enough time/discipline to work out 6 times a week. I was thinking doing 2 days of strength training and 3 to 4 cardio days with some of the strength/cardio overlapping.

  5. says

    Great resolutions! I didn’t make any resolutions, but set some running goals but those will change over time anyway- they’re more running life goals than for the year.

  6. says

    My goals are to log 600 miles (outside of my commuting, which is 3 miles a day), I did do 5 miles today..woohoo! Only 595 more to go. I want to eat at home more, and use better choices. I plan on signing up for two halfs, and hope to not hurt myself this year.

    If Ben thinks you are Safety Suzy, it is good he has never met me.

  7. Marcee ..... ILLINOIS says

    Resolutions? Not sure if they are ever followed up. Maybe the first 48 hours. Then …. done.

    However …. I do believe in goals. For sure Monica throughout these past months you’ve showed us lots of great “stuff!!” Keep it up.

    Glad you had a fun time w/your family. Always a good thing.

    Hey M …. when you move to Costa Rica + have a baby, are you still going to be friends with us? Promise? Please?

    Everyone …… HNY twenty/twelve …… !

  8. Jessica says

    Very good goals (I might have to copy / paste / repeat). I haven’t really thought that much about mine beyond, ‘Keep running’ ‘Run faster’ and ‘Stay motivated’ and the usual ‘Save money’ ‘Don’t kill anyone’ etc. I’d really like 2012 to have the feel that 2011 did. My 2011 was a great year (2010 not so much). I want (am hoping / crossing my fingers / training) to run Disney in 2013, so I guess that’s a 2013 resolution. 😀

  9. says

    Isn’t it the best feeling to look at blog traffic growing? I am always shocked at the number of people that read supersana, I don’t even know that many people in real life!

  10. says

    I love the “Eat what I love, skip what I don’t love” idea. I think we ALL would do better by eating the “fun” foods that we TRULY want to eat and not wasting time on stuff that’s just in front of us but not that amazing.

    I am hoping to run 3 half marathons plus some 5 and 10K’s this year, and, like you, get more serious about my strength training.

  11. says

    Great goals. Question for you on cheat days (I’m new here, sorry if you posted about that before): Do you do one a week? One a month? One when you feel like it? Just curious, cuz I think I need to start designating cheat days and be good days, but how many is appropriate? I don’t want to be too restrictive… or too forgiving!

  12. says

    Awesome job completing [and attempting] your 2011 goals and best of luck with the 2012 goals… Posting a list on the fridge is a great reminder!

    This year I’m making a few resolutions that I hope to stick to… Years past I’ve made a resolution just for the heck of it and forget about it within the following week, ha!

  13. Marija says

    Ahhh yes diet soda…I call my diet coke the brown monkey on my back. Eh…better then the sugary stuff i suppose

  14. Julie says

    I made three this year and this is more than I have ever made before.

    1- Run my first 1/2 marathon
    2- Pay off debt
    3- Speak to a College Counselor

    I quit college back when I was young and dumb and now I am not even sure if my credits will qualify. Not 100% sure I want to go back to school but I think that is a great step in thinking about it.

    As for my first 1/2 I have only ran 5k’s and I have not yet ran a complete 5k without stopping to walk. I have built up to running 2 miles without stopping and have found a training plan that starts 1/15 for a half on the 4th of July!

    Wish me luck!

  15. Katy A says

    My New Year’s Resolutions are :

    no more diet soda (I found the fake sugar was causing my breakouts!)
    no fast food (except Subway and Quiznos)
    read more and watch tv less

    PS. I too am the biggest scardy cat! Probably more than you. My fiance has been gone this week and just going into the garage to get the dogs food freak me out. I think someone is in there and about to get me so I have to run back into the house. Mind you the lights are on and I’m not even on the garage floor (I’m on the step). Can you say FREAK!!! LOL

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