Motivation Monday

Motivation Monday, because the first work day of week sets a trend for the next 4 and we’re going to make it a good one!image thumb4 Motivation Monday

You can buy this tank top at One More Mile.

I don’t need any motivation to eat, but it’s nice to have dinner ready when I’m hungry!I used this TJ’s Curry Simmer sauce for a super easy crockpot dish. Very complicated recipe= Place 4 chicken breasts, half an onion and some chopped zucchini squash in the crockpot with this sauce for 5 hours on high (or 8 on low). IMG 4464 600x800 thumb Motivation MondayIMG 4473 800x600 thumb Motivation Monday

I made myself skip the Naan section of the store because I dominate the entire package and opted for brown pride rice (with butta and salt) – dinner is served. IMG 4470 800x600 thumb Motivation Monday

I spotted the new Iced Oatmeal Cookie Z bar at TJ’s today. It tastes just like an oatmeal cookie! But, for 130 calories you could eat a “real” oatmeal cookie, right?IMG 4460 800x600 thumb Motivation Monday

However, I ate it with a glass of milk and my taste buds were pretty convinced this was a legit cookie. I would get this again and again and again.IMG 4462 600x800 thumb Motivation Monday

Okay, I’ve gotta date with my TV – The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills to be exact.


  1. says

    I love that picture. I just finished a running streak and realized that the only reason I could make it 23 days straight running (at least a mile a day) is cuz I gave up any pressure to run a certain pace. I may have run really slow but I’m just building a base so that’s what I needed. NTM I can still walk.

    I’ve never tried a Z bar but maybe now that I know they’re legit I will!

  2. says

    OH man. I would have to skip the Naan too. It’s ok at restaurants where they somewhat portion control it for me. Lol. Delicious dinner. It’s been a good Monday. :)

  3. says

    Love the Beverly Hills ladies! Who is your favorite? I think Lisa is absolutely the best housewife out of all the franchises! Every day I try to think “What Would Lisa Do?” :-)

  4. says

    I’ve been using brown jasmine rice lately – it’s got a nice taste that gives a unique (unique in a good way!) flavor to any dish.
    RHOBH sure has been a whole lot of crazy lately :)

  5. says

    That is exactly how I felt this morning when I got up and 4:34 am to go for a Tuesday morning marathon training run. I just needed to GO. :)

    I really need to try more sauces at TJs, maybe they will inspire me to cook something new every now and again. Right now we’re on a rotation of pretty much 5 meals that I can cook well. Lol. Really need to work on that cooking!

  6. Ashley says

    I had that Clif Z bar the other day with milk – SO GOOD! It’s hard to find near me though so I hope more stores start selling them.

  7. says

    Very cute shirt, I need some motivational work out shirts.

    I’m always so jealous reading about everyone shopping at Tj’s & Whole Foods. I have to travel 1800kms to hit the closest Whole Foods lol!

    BUT Vegas in May & I’m hitting up some stores crazy tourist style ;) … Now that I think about it, going to Vegas and being excited to hit up Whole Foods is pretty sad ..

  8. says

    I saw that new bar the other day and wanted to try it but it looked tiny aka not gonna fill me up :-Z Gah, how was Real Housewives?! I tuned into The Bachelor instead and it was a drama fest as usual… Planning to catch a re-run of the Real Housewives later today!

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