Lost In L.A. Traffic

Hello! I was MIA yesterday because I had to take a little trip to Los Angeles. First, I had a quick appointment around 1:30p so I packed lunch…IMG_4636 (800x600)

Then, I met up with my friend Susan (the one who just got married!) to hit up the Los Angeles 13.1 race expo. I was really hoping Susan would sign up for the race, but no dice. IMG_4654 (600x800)

The expo for the L.A. 13.1 was sad – just a table where you get your bib and shirt. I don’t need anything from expos anymore, but I love looking at all the running loot. Plus, I think a big expo is FULL OF BUZZ AND ENERGY!!! I needed some of that today.IMG_4650 (600x800)

Even though she didn’t sign up for the race, I’m lucky Susan went with me because it ended up being a 5 hour ordeal!?!?! It was worse than last week when I had to bail out of a dinner party. Yes, over 2 hours each way and the place was about 20 from her house. WTF.image

We wanted to avoid some of the traffic on the way back so we stopped in Gelson’s for a snack. Um, their eating area has a fire place. So awesome and ridiculous at the same time.IMG_4655 (800x600)

I saw these new to me snacks and got ‘em to try.IMG_4659 (600x800)

And I was trying to be “good” so I got an apple and a special edition of my favorite magazine SmileIMG_4660 (600x800)

But, Susan did a big song and dance about how amazing the chocolate chip cookies she bought were…IMG_4665 (800x600)

So, I tried one. They didn’t change my life because she likes crispy cookies and I like chewy ones. You learn something new about your friends all the time.

 IMG_4662 (800x600)

IMG_4663 (600x800)

Susan swears she’s going to run a race with me later this year (we ran a 5k together a while back). We have to pick one and start training because I’m really burnt out on running and need a fren SmileIMG_4664 (800x600)

When I finally got to my mom’s I made breakfast for dinner. Eggs.IMG_4669 (800x600)

Cereal. My mom always has the best cereal.IMG_4667 (800x600)

Now I’m sipping on some iced coffee and about to go on a walk to shake out my legs.

Question: Is there bad traffic where you live?

YES  yes yes!!! But, I’m not complaining too much it’s supposed to be 72 degrees today… image

***It’s funny that I just talked about virtual races on my latest Ask a Monican because my friend Heather is holding a virtual race  to raise money for the Pediatric Cancer Research Foundation. I am all for being able to combine a good cause with your hobby, so check it out if you like to run and hate cancer!

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