Lost In L.A. Traffic

Hello! I was MIA yesterday because I had to take a little trip to Los Angeles. First, I had a quick appointment around 1:30p so I packed lunch…IMG_4636 (800x600)

Then, I met up with my friend Susan (the one who just got married!) to hit up the Los Angeles 13.1 race expo. I was really hoping Susan would sign up for the race, but no dice. IMG_4654 (600x800)

The expo for the L.A. 13.1 was sad – just a table where you get your bib and shirt. I don’t need anything from expos anymore, but I love looking at all the running loot. Plus, I think a big expo is FULL OF BUZZ AND ENERGY!!! I needed some of that today.IMG_4650 (600x800)

Even though she didn’t sign up for the race, I’m lucky Susan went with me because it ended up being a 5 hour ordeal!?!?! It was worse than last week when I had to bail out of a dinner party. Yes, over 2 hours each way and the place was about 20 from her house. WTF.image

We wanted to avoid some of the traffic on the way back so we stopped in Gelson’s for a snack. Um, their eating area has a fire place. So awesome and ridiculous at the same time.IMG_4655 (800x600)

I saw these new to me snacks and got ‘em to try.IMG_4659 (600x800)

And I was trying to be “good” so I got an apple and a special edition of my favorite magazine SmileIMG_4660 (600x800)

But, Susan did a big song and dance about how amazing the chocolate chip cookies she bought were…IMG_4665 (800x600)

So, I tried one. They didn’t change my life because she likes crispy cookies and I like chewy ones. You learn something new about your friends all the time.

 IMG_4662 (800x600)

IMG_4663 (600x800)

Susan swears she’s going to run a race with me later this year (we ran a 5k together a while back). We have to pick one and start training because I’m really burnt out on running and need a fren SmileIMG_4664 (800x600)

When I finally got to my mom’s I made breakfast for dinner. Eggs.IMG_4669 (800x600)

Cereal. My mom always has the best cereal.IMG_4667 (800x600)

Now I’m sipping on some iced coffee and about to go on a walk to shake out my legs.

Question: Is there bad traffic where you live?

YES  yes yes!!! But, I’m not complaining too much it’s supposed to be 72 degrees today… image

***It’s funny that I just talked about virtual races on my latest Ask a Monican because my friend Heather is holding a virtual race  to raise money for the Pediatric Cancer Research Foundation. I am all for being able to combine a good cause with your hobby, so check it out if you like to run and hate cancer!


  1. says

    I feel your pain! I have been down in laguna the last few days cuz my dad is very sick. I left at 2 pm to come home (Ventura) yesterday and it took me 3 1/2 hours! I was going crazy!!!! It was awful. Wish I was running la on Sunday. Things have just been to crazy with dad being sick so I had to pass. Have a good race!

  2. says

    I totally understand your disappointment with small/one table expos. I always get excited for free samples and goodies (even when I grocery shop) so to not have all of the buzz like you said is a let down. By the way I’ve tried the puff wheat and they aren’t too bad if you put jam on them :)

  3. says

    I definitely don’t miss So Cal traffic. In Austin, we have traffic too but it’s nothing like that. I like to stay in a small radius from home most of the time (work is 5 mins away), so I rarely experience it. Have a great race!

  4. says

    So funny story. In college I ate Cracklin Oat Bran for breakfast almost every day. I was seriously addicted to the stuff! I think I over did it though because I haven’t had it since…hmmm….

  5. says

    You can try to make me feel bad for you because SoCal has bad traffic….but it’s not going to work. I see you out in the sunshine in a t-shirt while I worry that intermittent snows might impede my 12 mile run today. BUT at least Missouri doesn’t have a lot of traffic!!!

  6. says

    There is NO traffic where I live. My island is 5 X 9 miles in total size, and the city is in one little speck area. It takes us 5 minutes to get ANYWHERE. I dont know how I will cope when we move anywhere else.

  7. says

    I shouldn’t complain about the traffic where I live, b/c I know it could be a lot worse. I grew up in a town of 1400 with no stoplights, and after college moved to a town of 2500. When I moved to an area with several hundred thousand people, it’s taken a bit to get used to!

  8. says

    1. cracklin oat bran is the best. it looks like dog food and tastes like heaven.
    2. Dallas traffic is AWFUL. I’m sure it’s nothing like LA, but I swear there are at least 10 accidents every morning and some how traffic will be dead stopped at 11pm on a Sunday.

  9. Marcee ..... ILLINOIS says

    Love Gelson’s! Not the prices though. Did you meet any “stars?”

    Bear Naked cereals are excellent. Haven’t tried the Cracklin Oat Bran.

    In this family, we are very aware of CA traffic. Terrible. You have to know the in’s and out’s. I personally would not want to live in LA. Visiting family/friends is okay.

    Ohyeah …. Tate’s cookies (and their other baked goods) are fantastic! Now some are available at Treasure Island. We don’t have to order on-line any longer. The oatmeal are crunchy and yummy.

    On your next visit to LA Monica …. hit up Fairfax Blvd. They have marvelous kosher bakeries all over the place. Absolutely delicious everything! Breads are the best. You gotta try em.

  10. says

    Traffic can be bad here in NJ, especially during rush hour. Getting in and out of Philly can be bad at rush hour, and I don’t even think about driving into NYC, I take the train instead. But one month from now I’ll be living just north of LA and will be able to compare awful LA traffic with NJ traffic for myself!

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