National Popcorn Day and HIIT Workout

Update on my Smart Snacking Challenge: Yesterday went well, but I had lunch early (had to work at 12pm) and had my 2 snacks before dinner.

This morning I chomped on an apple and pineapple cottage cheese (obsessed with it right now!).

This afternoon I will be snacking on some Smart Pop because today is National Popcorn Day!

As part of my partnership with Orville Redenbacher the company sent me some of their new Pop Up Bowls. I’m pretty excited since I always pour my popcorn into a bowl anyways and dim the lights while watching trash TV.IMG_4908 (800x600)

It hasn’t been easy for me to stay on track with snacking. It’s been my worst habit for YEARS, but I’m slowly becoming more aware of the random trips to the kitchen and bites while cooking. I have caught myself grabbing a piece of bread with PB&J twice already! One time I successfully stopped myself, the other time I ate it. And I grabbed a handful of cereal after my apple this morning before redirecting myself to get something with protein.

Progress, not perfection.

About two weeks ago I shared a Beginner Level HIIT workout here. Hopefully, you’ve done this a few times and are ready for the next step.

Here is a 4 minute workout using the Tabata Timer


Do each move 20 seconds. Then, 10 seconds of rest. Run Eat Repeat if you want.

The moves:

Jumping Jacks
Screamers (alternate)
High Knees
Butt Kicks

*Consult your physician before starting a new exercise program.

**I don’t know why, but I feel very dumb posting this video and Ben just told me these shorts aren’t flattering. But, I’m not going to be scared this year of looking dumb on the internet since it’s basically my night job… Enjoy?

Question: How’s your Smart Snacking Challenge going? (If you’re joining me) What did ya snack on today?

***For the record I told Ben I was going to click on the “Meet Single Runners” link on the video after he said that.


  1. says

    I wish I’d known about the popcorn day! I’ll celebrate in honour of today another day…

    Today’s snacks were boring: cereal, a granola bar, and apples. I’m trying to eat more carbs though, and it appears as though I’m owning it. Heading for fro yo in a bit here too.. :)

  2. carrie bradshaw says

    Awesome video! I think you should make Ben do the workout with you on here-haha! And your cat was hilarious.

  3. says

    Today I snacked on a cottage cheese with preserves, an apple, and plain greek yogurt mixed with unsweetened cocoa powder and stevia new favorite treat (would have been even better with chocolate chips mixed in)!!!!!

  4. Kaelin says

    My husband is currently popping popcorn in honor of this very special day!

    And I LOVED your workout video!!!! I seriously hopped up and did a couple of rounds right after watching it. It rocks!!

  5. Katy says

    I just did this by following you 3 times and I love it! My first time doing HIIT and this was a great help! Thank you!

  6. sue says

    Great video…love your energy. Sometimes husbands say the dumbest things, don’t they? You look great, your cat is hilarious, don’t worry about it! Thanks for posting the workout.

  7. says

    Thanks for the workout videos, I need some good ideas. Good job on the snack attack fix, it is a hard challenge for sure. When you stop and really focus on something you want to change it is amazing how much work it can take isnt it? You can do it!

  8. Ellen says

    Monica, I read your blog everyday but have never commented before. I struggle with snacking and picking, especially while I am cooking. One tip that has worked really well for me is to not allow myself to eat in the kitchen. It’s hard but I try to focus on preparing my snack or meal and not eating anything until I have taken it out of the kitchen. I realized I was consuming a lot of calories by taking extra bites straight out of containers or while prepping food and this strategy really seems to work!

  9. Erin says

    Today my morning snack was a banana fudge vitatop with banana pb, the afternoon snack is two high fiber tortillas that I baked in the oven to be like crackers. Before baking them, I sprayed butter flavored cooking spray and sprinkled them with cinnamon and stevia. YUM! It’s like cinnamon sugar pita chips.

  10. Tori says

    I don’t know what Ben’s talking about, you look adorable!

    Also, after my first attempt at this one, (I was doing the beginner one all last week), I realize my burpees are kind of pathetic. I’m hoping it will get better.

  11. lauren says

    I’ve heard you shouldn’t do a HIIT workout every day if you want the best results
    How often should you do one?

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