Tinker Bell Half Marathon Recap

The inaugural Tinker Bell Half Marathon is done!ariel after tinkerbell half marathon

I signed up for this race in April hoping and wishing and praying that I’d make a friend to run with me. Well, that never happened. But, I did find someone that needed a ride to the race so Skinny Runner and I carpooled. IMG_5353 (600x800)

We met at 3:52am so she obviously had no time to change after her night job. IMG_5350 (600x800)

I’ve been burnt out on running and finally was excited about this race! I love Disney stuff so I have been looking forward to running through Disneyland. For a second I thought I was Tinker Bell and tried to fly. It wasn’t happening.

You win again, Gravity!!!”IMG_5355 (600x800)

I hit up GoodWill last night for a throw away cover since my shirt was tissue thin.before tinkerbell half

But, it wasn’t very cold so I was ready to toss that thing before the start.

Just a sell out with my shells out…tinkerbell half marathon

Skinny Runner should change her name to Photo Runner because she ran with camera in hand and documented every mile, snot rocket, water stop, porta potty, back fat shot and Disney Character!

The first part of the course ran through Disneyland – it was still dark at this point. Running through the castle was pretty romantic awesome though! Main Street and Cinderella’s Castle were lit up and magical Smiletinkerbell half marathon inaugural

At about mile 3 we headed out of the D-land area and ran around Anaheim. There was a lot of crowd support through Downtown Disney and right out of the park. The course around Anaheim was nothing amazing, but there were some good bands and cheer squads!

Around Mile 11-ish we headed to California Adventure. This was perfect timing and pumps you up to finish the race! Plus, by this time the sun is up so you can really see and enjoy the sights and sounds of the park!disney charactersrunning through california adventure

My side braid didn’t want to cooperate so I kept fussing with it the whole time. For some reason 2 braids work fine, but one braid is too thick and keeps jumping from front to back. Noted.running tinkerbell half

But, I am happy to report that my shell bra didn’t fall off! I was afraid one of my shells abandoned ship when someone yelled, “Areola!!” but it turns out they were just yelling “Ariel”! Whew!

running scared

Skinny Runner is significantly faster and skinnier than me so I thought she was going to take off and win the whole damn thing. But, she ended up running with me the entire time. We talked and enjoyed the course – it was the most fun I’ve had in a race.disney characters at tinkerbell half

Before I knew it we were at the finish line! This race really flew by!!tinkerbell finish line

runeatrepeat and skinnyrunner

Tinker Bell Half Done in 1:50:25 – That’s pretty good considering we were  talking (about vacations, races, ex-boyfriends, bowel movements and religion) the whole time!after tinkerbell half marathon 12

Thank you SR for running with me, going to the porta potties twice before hand, taking pictures and looking the other way as I shoved an entire Clif Z bar in my mouth post race.run eat repeat and skinnyrunner

Question: What’s your favorite Disney Character?


  1. says

    Good Job!! I love both of your costumes! I wish I had too much hair for one braid..one braid and I look like I am bald.

    speaking of bald..have you seen that new app called “Make me bald”? OMG so funny. You should download it, take a picture of Ben and make him bald …so hilarious.

  2. Lindsay says

    My favorite Disney character has to be Belle or Minnie!! Great job!

    Oh, because I’m a crazy obssessed Disney chick, I have to correct you and point out that Cinderella’s castle is actually in Disney World. It’s Sleeping Beauty’s castle in Disneyland. Sorry, it was bugging me…yes I’m THAT girl :-/

  3. says

    I actually like Ursula (not just because she’s my twin…) Sense of empathy there. I’m clearly a messed up person because I also feel sorry for Scar (and think he’s rather cool) and think Iago needed his own movie. Not really a fan of the princesses though. A lot of jealous resentment going on there.

    I love the Run, Eat/Skinny Runner alliance – you’re both so effortlessly funny and cool that you’re pretty much made for each other.


  4. Kerri says

    Congrats!! Your costume was cute and looks like you had a great time!!
    What brand is your cute skirt?? I love it!!!

  5. says

    So Jealous! That medal is amazing. Did yall stop for pictures with the characters? Those would’ve been adorbs especially since yall dressed up!

  6. Denise says

    Awww I never did spot either of you, but you are much faster than me so I didn’t think I would unless it was at the start.

    I dressed up as Minnie too – with slightly less skin showing. Haha I’m not very creative but Team Sparkles Disney costume guide made it easy and I just added white dot stickers to a sparkly red skirt. I had to mess with my “ears” a lot and my gloves only lasted 2 miles, but all in all it worked out.

    That one really did fly by. Got my 2nd fastest time but my knees hate me now.

  7. runnrjo says

    Aren’t Disney races awesome?! I ran the Goofy race and a half last month. It was the shortest 39.3 miles I have ever run!

  8. Summer T says

    Now that looks like one fun race with two fun girls! My friends here in Indy hope to do the Disney Half in Orlando one of these Januarys :)

  9. says

    LMFAO @ Areola! Seriously!

    My favorite Disney character has to be Thumper from Bambi! Something about that smart-ass bunny makes my giggle every time… I may have once nick-named an ex “Thumper” for reasons that remain to this day un-disclosed 😉

  10. Sarah says

    I’m a new reader of yours, but read your race recap this afternoon and loved the costume. This evening, my boyfriend and I were at our neighborhood Italian restaurant (I live in Santa Monica) and the local ABC news happened to be on a small tv in the corner. They had a piece on the race and I saw you and Skinny Runner on the screen running and waving! Too funny! Congrats on the race!

  11. says

    How fun! Loved both of the costumes :) Congrats on the speedy finish

    I wasn’t too much of a Disney movie watcher when I was young but I do love Jasmin in Aladdin.

  12. says

    Great race!! My absolute favorite Disney character is Ariel! I’ve been obsessed with the Little Mermaid since it came out when I was 3….so naturally I love your costume!

  13. says

    Disney races are so fun! Fave character? That’s a hard one for me……. I’d have to say Tigger or Snow White or Minnie….. there are just too many I like!

  14. says

    Glad you had a great time! The costume turned out well. I think my favorite characters were Belle and Ariel. Don’t think I could really choose between the two.

  15. says

    Great costume–both of you–and great job! I definitely want to do this one next year; I love Disney and think it’d be a blast to run through the parks. Favorite character? That’s a tough one; I can’t choose just one!

  16. Kirstin Stone says

    I saw you and SR when I was getting up to Corral A yesterday! But I geeked out too much to say hi! So…hi! Are you running Surf City next weekend?!

  17. says

    Great race! I also ran it and had so much fun – like you, most fun ever in a race. We stopped at every picture stop, brought a camera (although your pictures came out way better – mine are all dark and fuzzy), and finished in our slowest 1/2 time EVER, but had a blast. Btw, I love your blog!

  18. says

    I LOVE the Ariel outfit! You did good! I was thinking/hoping that was the costume you were coming up with! Love it!

    Good job on cruising your way to a sub-2 half in the midst of chatting and photo taking frenzy. You girls rock.

  19. Sheena says

    Love this! I discovered your blog through SR, and really love it! Your story is really inspiring, and I can relate. I just got back into running (after not running since high school), and am up to 5 miles now. :) I’m Disney obsessed, and told myself my first half needs to be Tink! 2013, here I come!!! If you’re doing it again, let me know! I’d love a running buddy! :)

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