The BEST Bar–Vega Bar Giveaway

Despite my Sangria slinging Super Bowl party, my favorite bar is not a seedy establishment with loud mariachi music. (Okay, maybe sometimes.)IMG_0688 (800x600)

Nope, I think I’ve found my favorite bar and it’s not Papas and Beer.

I was recently sent a pack of pre-, during and post- workout fuel from Vega Sport, the sports nutrition company formulated by Brendan Brazier.image

I am always excited to try new running fuel because I don’t have that aspect of marathon training down to a complete science with my body. vega workout energizer

I got the package about a month ago and grabbed one of the bars to try before my afternoon shift one day. This Chocolate Saviseed bar is in the “Recover” series and supposed to help with recovery after workouts. I ran that morning and called it fair game.IMG_3227 (800x600)

Here is the nutrition information:

IMG_3228 (800x600)

I remember taking a bite of this bar and saying out loud, “This is the best bar I’ve eaten!” I don’t know if I was extra hungry or needed chocolate or maybe ‘Saviseed’ is another word for crack because I swear it’s the best protein bar ever.IMG_3220 (600x800)

It’s delicious, good for recovery and has 15g of vegan protein. IMG_3224 (800x600)

Vega also offers a Chocolate Coconut bar that Ben stole after I raved about this one. This fuel is pricy, but it’s super delicious and if you’re just using it for workouts it’s worth it (especially if fueling for and after your running is lacking!).

You can buy all of the Vega Products here or at many WF and health food establishments throughout the US.

I tried the “Sustain” products during longer runs and really liked the taste of them too. The Endurance bars remind me of Larabars actually!vega endurance bar

A few weeks after I got my package Brendan Brazier himself sent me an email to check in and see what I thought! How cool is that?!

I raved about the bar of course and apparently that helps you guys because I somehow begged and pleaded my way to a giveaway (no other blogger was able to giveaway the bars) and my contact said YES!

One very lucky RER reader will be getting a supply of the Vega Chocolate Coconut bars. (I will try not to tell Ben where you live as he’ll probably try to wait for the postman and grab your loot!) *They are Gluten Free and Vegan.

To Enter: Leave a comment answering

“How do you recover from your workouts?”

Closes 2/7/12 at 6pm PST. Contest open to US and Canadian residents only.

Vega’s Facebook and Twitter can be found here.


  1. says

    Oh, I’ve been wanting to try the Vega bars!! I usually recover from a hard workout with some sort of protein shake…if I’m lazy a muscle milk, otherwise a blended up one of my own making.

  2. Lesley says

    Fun! I’ve been wanting to try these! For me, recovery means putting my feet up on the couch and watching some tv 😉

  3. Joell says

    After my long runs I will have either eggs w/veggies or a protein shake … just depends on my plans for the day after the run and how much time I have :)

  4. Heather C says

    Egg whites! or oatmeal + egg white, I try to get protein in me ASAP! I need to try and find these bars though.

  5. Aditi says

    I try to refuel after a long run or particularly tough workout with chocolate milk and or a protein smoothie! Lately thought, I’ve really been into larabars!

  6. colleen says

    I usually have a green smoothie after my weekday workouts. On Saturdays, though, it’s all about meeting my run club for long run and then brunch!

  7. Heather says

    I usually refuel with a protein iced mocha – cold coffee + almond or coconut milk + Max Muscle Triple Whey Chocolate Ice Cream flavor. Since discovering this combo, I’ve not ordered an iced coffee from Dunken Donuts or Starbucks since!

  8. Julianna says

    Chocolate milk immediately after. Then I’ll shower and whip up some combination of egg whites and avocado. Yum.

  9. says

    I love the Vega products that I’ve tried. I would love to try the bars. I don’t think I do recovery properly if at all. After long runs I am usually most focused on hydration and often not very hungry.

  10. says

    I tend to recover by moaning annoyingly in the shower, then lying on the couch being too lazy to feed myself. I am clearly an all star athlete.

  11. Brittany says

    I’ve heard so many good things about Vega!

    Typically I workout in the morning before my breakfast. So to recover I’ll have a big bowl of oatmeal mixed with protein powder and peanut butter or I love having overnight oats all set for me when i’m done!

  12. TeresaD says

    Great giveaway! I’m a protein shake kind of girl, but that’s always followed by some form of carbs- pasta, sandwich, pizza.

  13. Iris Lee says

    This probably sounds gross to some people, but I like to drink ~1 TBSP apple cider vinegar diluted in hot water after I workout. I feel like it cleans out my insides (very scientific, I know), and it helps with digestion/pH balance.

  14. Chole Franklin says

    Does stretching count!? I always leave time for 5-10 minutes of stretching after a workout….and I try to workout so that dinner/lunch is not over an hour away from when I finish!

    Always look forward to reading your blog!!

  15. says

    Perfect timing! I’m just recovering for a beautiful lunch time cross-country ski… Here is my FAVORITE way to recover, it made my Monday feel like a Saturday!

    Americano misto extra hot
    Yummm homemade frittata (with noddles in it!!)
    and today I had a treat (cookie monday!) Fudge krinkle cookie

  16. Diana S. says

    Ironically, this is the very bar that I use after my runs. I sit with an ice pack on my knee and eat a Vega bar before I hop in the shower. They are expensive, but totally worth it. It’s the best tasting bar in my opinion. I tried it because of your post.

  17. katie says

    HI! Great giveaway!!
    I usually recover from a workout with a protein shake! The thicker, the better!
    I have been wanting to try Vega for some time now!
    Have a great day!

  18. Rachael Ann says

    I know it’s not food but my infrared sauna really helps with recovery after a workout. None of that DOMS and lactic acid buildup for me!

  19. says

    I recover from my workouts by drinking alotta water, stretching (sometimes) and walking around in my stank for about 30 minutes to an hour. I like to eat a little almond butter on a sandwich thin…that helps me stay sane after a good workout.

  20. Caitlin Fernandes says

    I recover from long run saturdays with a stretch, hot shower, and protein pancakes w/ nutella & bananas =heaven.

  21. Shreya says

    Steel cut oatmeal with vanilla protein powder, fruits (banana, papaya, blueberries etc), cinnamon. So Yummy
    or a protein shake with the same stuff without oatmeal.

  22. Alyssa says

    I don’t usually eat something specific with recovery in mind, I just eat the next time I get hungry after I work out. It usually ends up being something like a piece of fruit with a handful of nuts.

  23. Cheryl says

    I jumped on the whole chocolate milk train! I’m never super hungry after a long run but I could never ever EVER say no to chocolate

  24. says

    I got to hear Brendan speak a few months ago and after the talk they were handing out samples of that very same bar you’re eating with the Saviseed. It is OUTSTANDING. I just wish they weren’t so pricey, but I totally agree with you it’s my favorite bar ever.

  25. Jean says

    I go for chocolate milk and a salt bagel after a long run. The salt bagel doesn’t serve any recovery purposes, it’s just delicious. Plus, I need to make up for the salt I lost by sweating, right? Right…

  26. says

    I like recovering by sleeping more than usual. I work at a restaurant and have long shifts, therefore I can only sleep about 6 hours. When I recuperate I strive for at least 8 :)

  27. Brittany says

    Oats with cinnamon and flaxseed; and some scrambled egg whites. If I’m still hungry after a long run or workout I’ll have some chocolate milk too! It’s a runners best friend :)

  28. says

    I always try to down some chocolate milk right after my workout, and then I go for the carbs when I get home and my stomach has settled a bit. Bagels are my fave!

  29. Jordon says

    Immediately after a tough workout I recover with a bagel/egg/cheese sandwich. Later that day I “recover” with beer and froyo. And lots of time on the couch.

  30. Laura says

    Recovery after a difficult run includes a pat on the back, a carbo/protein snack (pb and oatmeal), and a bath. I have my best runs with Vega sport optimizer. I haven’t tried the bars yet.

  31. Kate says

    I’m horrible; I don’t do anything special to refuel. I usually just eat whatever is in my cupboards. Licorice, bananas, peanut butter. Totally random stuff. But as a vegan I am ALWAYS looking for new food, so I can’t wait to try that stuff! (Even if I don’t win I will probably attempt to find it somewhere!)

  32. Leah Rindner says

    I try to stay on me feet as much as possible for the rest of the day and eat food that isn’t just sugar (always a struggle).

  33. Erica H. says

    How I recover from runs is … nonexistent. It’s tragic. And I need to do something about it … this might be a good start!

  34. Stacy L says

    I don’t usually recover in any specific way. I eat 5 – 6 small meals a day, that always include a protein and complex carb. That fuels me just fine throughout the day regardless of whatever workout I may have done.

  35. simone says

    to be honest, at the moment I don’t… well not properly at least, I normally go strait for the box of cereal and don’t stop till its all gone :)

  36. says

    A green monster smoothie (banana+almond milk+vanilla protein powder+spinach) and a couple episodes of any Bravo reality TV show (extra points for RHOC!). After that I always feel like a brand new person.

  37. Jessica says

    I don’t. I just eat normally. I am not an athlete and have a hard enough time keeping my calories under control, I dont want to push the extra pressure on myself of thinking what I should eat to recover. But these bars would be a great idea :)

  38. Nan says

    If I’m working out in the morning, I’ll have a super filling breakfast with an extra dose of nut butter. At night though, it’s all about froyo, the couch, and trash TV :)

  39. says

    any run over 12 miles, I’ll usually take an ice bath. I also have a foam roller and the stick, though I find I use the stick more often because I can use it while sitting on the couch. I’m also pretty good about stretching, but not so good at immediately refueling. I need this giveaway, clearly :)

  40. Samantha says

    Honestly, u have no idea what to do when it comes to fuel. It is really trial and error everytime. I have found though that it is essential for me to eat within the first 30 mins after a long run (that’s anything over 7 for me) if it’s an early morning run or I get almost weak… So, I usually go for protein shakes or a simple omelette.

  41. heather says

    I’m vegan and like to get carbs, protein, and salt so I eat peanut butter filled pretzels and I drink coconut water. Definitely hits the spot.

  42. Lauren says

    I like to recover with a glass of Silk chocolate milk mixed with psyllium husk powder! It’s the only time I can force that powder down my throat and the chocolate milk makes it so much better!

  43. Akemi says

    On a short one, just water. On a long run, water and salt and a piece of fruit or bread immediately followed by a big meal with protein after a shower.

  44. Meagan says

    What a sweet giveaway! I just finished Brendan’s book Thrive and absolutely loved it. I’ve been wanting to try his Vega products but alas I am surviving on student loans and can’t justify it at the moment. I usually refuel with a huge salad – I always crave veggies after I run. Plus crystal light lemonade with added salt. Might sounds odd but hits the spot. I would LOVE to win this but if I do – can I have a different flavor (I’m allergic to chocolate!)?

  45. Stephanie says

    It depends, but lately a Larabar and protein shake have been good breakfasts following morning runs. I love me some coconut cream pie Larabars, so these Vega bara sound amazing!

  46. Beth says

    Recovering from my workouts usually involves drinking some water, taking a shower, and eating some breakfast. Three cheers for morning exercisers!

  47. Beth says

    After a hard work out I will usually make a protein shake but if I am headed somewhere and can’t run home to make a shake, I’ll grab a protein bar or a piece of fruit!

  48. says

    These new bars sound awesome! I’m a big van of Vega Products.
    I recover from workouts by grabbing a quick snack, using a foam roller, wearing an ice pack on any sore spots, then taking a nice hot shower. Can’t wait to do that in a few hours, later tonight!

  49. says

    I have a routine that I came up with during my marathon training last fall that I love! After my long (long!) runs I would stretch while drinking a Nuun electrolyte drink and then I would make a plate of brown rice + veggies (whatever was in the freezer/fridge) + protein of some sort (leftover chicken or pork or tune) and feta cheese!!!. I called it my “recovery plate” and it just fills me up right every time :)

  50. Kara says

    I have tried his protein shakes. They are great. My recovery usually involves an apple and peanut butter. Apples are such a staple in my house. My youngest son begs for apples when he is sick! They just taste so refreshing after a sweat session. I also like green smoothies for recovery!

  51. TJ says

    Panting and breathing heavily? Oh right, not that kind of recovery. Usually I’ll eat a little of what I was planning to eat later anyway, sometimes these homemade energy bars with some protein powder in them.

  52. Suzi says

    I recover from my workouts with a protein shake and lots of water. I try to get more protein in me, especially after a hard workout.

  53. says

    I always try to follow long runs, races & tough workouts with protein. I have to eat gluten-free, so it’s not always the easiest thing for me (especially at races). I’ve learned to always have a gluten-free protein bar in the car, like Promax, Purefit, or ThinkThin bars.

    I’ll have to look for these “best bars” at Whole Foods :) I’m a sucker for coconut, so I really hope they have them!

  54. says

    I recover from workouts with foooood! After lifting weights we typically head to Chipotle for burrito bowls. After runs (I mostly run in the morning) I recover with a big bowl of oats and pb.

  55. blair says

    I’d like to say I have a really solid recovery plan but…I don’t. I know it’s important to refuel post-workout so I always eat something, but sometimes it’s a wholesome glass of chocolate milk and other times it’s more like peanut m&ms. Ha I’m a work in progress…

  56. says

    Ooh, those sound good! My favorite ‘recovery’ food after a long run is probably a falafel sandwich from the place near my house. Or a mock duck banh mi. Not so much ‘recovery’ as ‘calorie replacement’.

  57. says

    I’m not going to lie, I am horrible about eating after I work out. Nothing sounds good and usually I’m not hungry. Maybe these would help :)

  58. Jessica says

    They do look pretty yummy!

    After a run, I always stretch. Something which I’ve noticed has seriously helped me, just 10-15 extra minutes to check in with everything. And then I chug a low-fat chocolate milk.

  59. Jillian says

    I just saw these at whole foods! I got the protein powder – but was tempted to get more :) I do protein shakes to recover after working out!

  60. Kerri A says

    FINALLY – one that Canadians can enter!! Yay!! :)

    I usually recover with a protein shake if I’m coming straight home from a run or workout. If I have some running around to do (in my stinky workout clothes – I know, I’m gross!) then I’ll have chocolate milk because it’s quick & easy and I can bring it with me.

    My biggest problem has been finding something that I can stomach pre-run/workout and I’ve yet to find anything at all I can stomach during a long run, so I’d LOVE to try this stuff!!

  61. says

    These look amazing! I love that he is coming out with pre, during, and post workout fuel! I just bought the Thrive book for my boyfriend and we are both thinking of trying the plan – would love to win these to incorporate into the program! What an awesome giveaway!

  62. Dayna says

    These bars look amazing, I’d love to try one!!
    I recover from my workouts with a protein shake made from one scoop of protein and cold coffee from the morning. It may sound weird, but it’s a great combo!
    Have a great day!

  63. says

    usually a bag of almonds and some raisins to get me nourish on the way home…..or If I was not lazy I prepared a protein shake before hand and chug that on the way home.

  64. Erin says

    I really don’t recover which I probably should start doing…since I typically work out at night (think 8 or 9 pm) after work, I’ll have a luna bar first, and then after, since its already late and I don’t want to eat a lot, I might eat soup, or an omelette, veggie burger, or something not heavy. I wish I could work out in the morning but cant force myself to get up that early

  65. Elizabeth says

    After a workout I grab my blender throw in some protein poweder, fruit and soy milk and blend till smooth! This is great but a bar would be so much easier!! Thanks for the giveaway!!

  66. Vanessa says

    I usually recover from workouts with a big glass of water and then breakfast! However, these bars would be perfect after an afternoon workout though.

  67. Amy says

    Usually I recover from workouts with a scoop of EAS chocolate protein powder mixed with almond milk, and some sliced fruit to munch. Orrrrr handfuls of tortilla chips…:)

  68. Jackie says

    I love coming home from a run and drinking a smoothie. but usually i’m too lazy or too hungry to actually make one. There’s this Chinese soy milk that comes in juice boxes called Vitasoy that I have loved since I was a kid. So for the days that I’m on the go, I’ll usually have a supply of it in my car. One of those Vitasoy’s plus a banana and I’m good to go. It also helps that here in the deep Canadian winter, my car provides natural refrigeration :)

  69. Tori says

    I recover usually with some sort of protein! Jay Robb egg white protein powder shakes or egg white “pancake”- or 3 whole eggs and maybe some strawberries! I am super stoked about trying these bars because I am gluten and dairy free!!!! AND I never win anything- so here’s to hoping! 😉

  70. Emily says

    I recover with lots and lots of water, a nice shower, and a protein shake. Unfortunately, it’s Michigan in the middle of winter, sometimes I don’t want a cold shake…this bar would be perfect!!

  71. Meg says

    For hardcore days I recover with an ice bath and protein shake. For normal workout days I recover with a protein smoothie or cliff bar. Oh and did I mention a nap? :) Not during the workout of course (I try to not make a habbit of that).

  72. Alexandra U says

    Post-workout I love protein shakes!

    I usually do a smoothie with kale, spinach, some sort of fruit and the vanilla chai vega protein powder. It’s yummy! I’ve been dying to try the vega sport line but have been pretty hesitant since it’s not exactly student-budget friendly. :(

  73. Laurel C says

    I always have greek yogurt after I run, but lately I’ve been loving siggi’s yogurt (which is technically cheese lol). But I’d love to try something different and these bars look amazing!

  74. Jane says

    I eat an “energy bar” that I get from a little store that is FULL
    of home made treats and baked goods. The bar is very filling and
    has all kinds of nuts and such in it….with chocolate, of course! 😉

  75. says

    I get up at an insane hour to work out, so breakfast is my post-workout recovery. I try to slip some fruit and carbs into breakfast every day so I get my vitamins and energy in!

  76. Denise says

    I use a half a serving of vega health optimizer to recover after a work out…….vanilla chai :) but I have never tried a vega bar and would love to!!!!!!

  77. Renee says

    I recover very poorly – usually I run at night and just shower & go to bed. Better nutrition is clearly called for!

  78. says

    I usually recover with a tall glass of water, then eating something solid soonish, like a chocolate or chocolate peanut butter power bar. I have been wanting to experiment with drinking chocolate milk afterward more too. I just never seem to have that around the house.

  79. Maren says

    I definitely try to eat a protein-rich snack after a workout if I’m not going to immediately eat a meal! Plus, since I’m trying to eat BFL style again, protein bars definitely come in handy!

  80. Lara F. says

    I eat a protein bar and drink plenty of water. I am a college student living in a dorm, so it’s the best I can do when I’m short on time and lacking a kitchen! :)

  81. Liz says

    I don’t really have a consistent recovery plan; I guess I should. Sometimes I’ll drink a protein drink like muscle milk.

  82. says

    After my workouts I stretch really well. I have a banana and a big glass of water. I’d like to try a “recovery” bar. That’s got to be better than a Snickers…right?!

  83. Alyssa says

    I do the majority of my workouts early enough that I can refuel with a large breakfast– cottage cheese and eggs often make an appearance for extra protein (and salt!).

  84. Jenny says

    I loooooove a good sauna session! And then I like to eat greek yogurt with chia seeds, hemp hearts and some kind of fruit :)

  85. Annie says

    How do you recover from your workouts?
    a shower to clean off, some fruit or other healthy energy source, and water!

  86. Olivia says

    Honestly… poorly! After a long run or half I typically drink a low-fat (hopefully) chocolate milk and eat mashed potatoes :( Sounds like I could use these bars.

  87. Emily says

    My gym is right by a Trader Joe’s, so I normally stop by after a workout to pick up a banana or a protein bar…and usually pick up about a million other snacks, of course:)

  88. Leilani says

    I recover with a refreshing cold smoothie with almond milk, frozen fruit, banana, chia & hemp seed. Delicious!!! Those bars look so good! I love that there vegan & gluten free!

  89. says

    I recover from workouts by stretching/ foam rolling for at least 5 minutes, and eating a protein/carb within an hour- usually protein oats :-)

  90. Susan says

    i usually have a protein shake but I would love to find something to actually eat that doesn’t taste like crap!

  91. Lindsay says

    I drink flavored water and several handfuls of salted peanuts. I’m always craving salty after a good work out! Then…shower time.

  92. Andrea A. says

    I like to follow workouts with a smoothie – frozen fruit, almond milk and a scoop of whey protein. These bars would certainly be more convenient for on-the-go recovery, though! Thanks for the chance to try them :-)

  93. jennifer p says

    To be perfectly honest I have no idea what to do to recover. I usually just eat random food. There is absolutely no rhyme or reason to it and I feel like I’m doing it all wrong. I would love to try some kind of “system” to this whole thing. I must figure it out if I’m going to marathon train, right?

  94. Ashley says

    With a healthy dose of reality tv, preferable an episode of Real Housewives of Beverly Hills accompanied by 2 kashi waffles smothered in almond butter, chia seeds and banana!

  95. Sarah says

    I almost always hit the cereal!!! It is a perfect post workout snack and good for repair. Pair with milk and a sprinkle of nuts…good to go! (or good to go back for more…)

  96. Johnna says

    I try to eat something but being a vegan, it’s hard to get protein. I’ve wanted to try these bars! I saw them at whole foods but for whatever reason did not purchase. I live two + hours away from a WF so don’t get there too often.

  97. says

    Great giveaway! Always wanted to try their product…I refuel post-workout with either some PB and banana or a green smoothie with some protein powder…love learning about the best ways to refuel for my body!

  98. Martha says

    Lately I’ve been mixing a serving of chocolate soy protein powder with one cup of unsweetened almond milk. It’s quick, tasty, and keeps me full until the next meal time!

  99. says

    I don’t really have anything specific that I do (or eat), but I usually try to have some sort of protein and a ton of water after a workout. Those bars look amazing!

  100. says

    I’m not nearly as deliberate about recovery as I should be. I just make sure I get some carbs and some protein from whatever is in the house. Long runs usually get the compression sock treatment and occasionally an ice bath.

  101. sue says

    First, I lay down on the floor in my living room and thank god my workout is over…then a shower. And if it’s the weekend, a glass of chardonnay is part of the recovery program.

  102. Tori says

    I’m awful at fueling. After races and really intense training, I tend to end up with chips or pretzels, something salty, but I rarely actually do recovery after training.

  103. Megan says

    10 min yoga for runners youtube video, some protein. Of course, lately I’ve been recovering from my laziness by taking more mid-day naps and sitting on my butt.

  104. Jenny says

    Chocolate milk, green smoothie or something with PB. Would love to try these bars, haven’t seen them anywhere in my area.

  105. Diana says

    After a good workout, I usually drink a vitamin water and have a greek yogurt or bread with hummus (or cheese…or any kind of spread I’ve got). But these vega bars look amazing!

  106. TiffanyS says

    I love coconut water. I like a smoothie too, but I eventually want some real food. I like to have some cheese sliced really thin with some pretzel crisps and apple slices. Heavenly!!

  107. Blair says

    greek yogurt with at least 15g of protein :) i eat one almost everyday anyway, so i try to have it after a hard workout. these bars look great!

  108. says

    Awesome – I would love LOVE to win this. I make a little shake with 1/2 cup soymilk, 1/2 frozen banana and some vegan vanilla protein powder.

  109. Stefanie says

    I was just looking at these the other day. The Price was a little high for me to try without knowing how they are. The past couple of weeks, I have been munching on potatoes with hummus after my workouts.

  110. Lorin says

    After a workout it really depends on what I am doing but something with a bit of carbs and protein. Today I just had some strawberries and 1/2 a nature valley granola bar. I find it hard to balance working out and not eating all the calories i just burned off. However, I’m trying to get stronger so I need to up the protein since I’m vegetarian and not really being responsible about getting protein in my body.

  111. Caroline says

    I usually just go right home and jump start on making dinner! So I guess my post workout fuel is dinner? These bars could definitely help me on this one!

  112. Katie Mc says

    I usually workout in the morning so I always come back and make coffee right away. My breakfast following a workout always consists of eggs, toast and a fruit of some kind (usually mango). Yum!

  113. Kelly says

    I recover by sitting on the couch and not ever moving again, except for food (hopefully healthy, most likely not).

  114. Katie says

    Foam roll! It’s seriously the best thing for recovery. My ITBs can reliably start to bother me if I don’t foam roll consistently.

  115. Beth says

    I love making a spinach shake! I know it sounds gross, but it actually doesn’t taste like spinach. With 2 tbsp of peanut butter in the recipe, it just tastes like a peanut butter milkshake! Makes me want to work out just so I get the shake!

  116. says

    long runs- it’s a science. reGen (i was sponsored by them last season), then shower, grilled cheese and diet coke, sometimes with a side of broccoli, then nap for 3 hours. it’s my favorite way to spend my saturdays

  117. Stacey says

    I try to recover by having a good cool down, stretch and having something small to eat (probably not the exact right thing to eat as I’m still working on that, but I know the body needs re-fueling!)

  118. Brittany says

    I’m still working on my recovery routine also. I don’t have a regular “go to” meal or bar, so this would be fun to try!

  119. abby r says

    i usually down a gatorade and take a nice shower. sometimes i will try to keep myself moving but other times the couch wins me over. fueling is one aspect of my (first!) 1/2 marathon training that i am most unsure about. this would be great!

  120. Rachael says

    I’m still working on finding a good workout recovery routine – I try to drink a lot of water, stretch, and eat a protein filled snack like almonds!

  121. Meagan says

    After hard workouts or long runs, I drink lots of water, foam roll, and have some chocolate milk… oh, and then laze around like it’s my job.

  122. marie says

    I recover from my workouts by slurping a big fruit & whey protein smoothie right after them and by making sure to rest properly on my off days.

  123. says

    i usually recover with a protien smoothie/shake with a recovery powder in it.. (usually EAS muscle armor) that’s all i’ve really tried so far!

  124. Pauline says

    I wish I had a better recovery routine, but it usually involves resting, a gatorade/water cocktail, and eating a banana with some PB. If it is a particularly long run…some ibuprofen too.

  125. Emily says

    After a workout I drink plenty of water and have a healthy balanced meal about an hour later. If I cannot have a meal afterwards, I drink protein in water or have fruit.

  126. says

    I’m a newish runner (only been doing it about two years), so I’m still figuring out the perfect recovery. So far, my favorite is just a glass of chocolate milk and then a healthy dinner (since I usually run in the evenings).

  127. Jennifer says

    My recovery food almost always includes peanut butter! Usually PB on pita bread with some Greek yogurt or cottage cheese will hit the spot.

  128. Meredith says

    I usually drink a ton of water, then eat a protein bar like a Clif Bar or something like that. Or depending on what time of day my workout is, I just eat dinner directly after I workout!

  129. ltb102 says

    STRETCHHHHHH!… for a good 15 minutes. It feels so good. Salty snacks are usually a must right after too. Pickles, feta cheese, popcorn, etc… I know. Weird, right? Great Giveaway!

  130. says

    I am bad about refueling afterwards. Chocolate milk after a really long run, otherwise I’m not consistent. (I tend to do most workouts in the evening and this could be before or after dinner which again impacts what I eat or feel like eating)

  131. Emily says

    Chocolate milk is my old standby. And I am seriously addicted to the vega sport pre-workout energizer. I cannot workout without it! If you haven’t tried it yet, you should.

  132. Denise P. says

    My recovery usually includes drinking chocolate coconut water or Coco Aloe water and depending on the time of day usually some sort of egg scramble.

    I picked up a Vega gel but have yet to try it on a run. Maybe it will be the answer to the heartburn I get during high mileage runs.

  133. WendyF says

    I usually try to make myself a smoothie and coincidentally, I started using Vega protein powder in my smoothies just last weekend. I’m addicted !

  134. Nikki F says

    I’m so inconsistent about refueling after a workout, I need to get better at it. I do enjoy a nice protein shake with vanilla whey and blueberries and a banana.

  135. says

    After long runs I follow up with chocolate milk or coconut water. If I’m working out in the morning, I usually have some sort of protein/fiber bar to tide me over, whatever is on sale- HEY i’m a student again, don’t judge :)

  136. Suzie says

    i am an awful re-fueler! I usually just eat breakfast and that is my recovery. see- proof that i need these bars!

  137. Kate says

    I always grab a drink of some kind – chocolate milk or a sports drink – before showering, and then eat a protein heavy meal, usually eggs and toast.

  138. Michele says

    I always refuel with a protein shake. It tastes like dessert so I feel like its a good reward and recovery tool.

  139. says

    I am OBSESSED with the entire Vega Sport line!!! The protein bars are the most delicious bars I have ever eaten… i am so with you on that! I love the coconut flave. I call the workout energizer ‘running crack’. I have got all my friends hooked on it. For recovery, I drink chocolate milk… AND eat a Vega protein bar. So glad you discovered them! Only thing is… they are $$$… an expensive habit to develop.

  140. Sara says

    Usually I’ll spread some peanut butter on an apple or a banana. Admittedly I’ll have a beer after a long run every now and then.

  141. Laura says

    I have just started juicing and love it after a workout. My favorite seems to be spinach, carrot, apple, ginger and lemon. Refreshing! I usually grab a handful of almonds as well for some protein.

  142. says

    I recover from workouts (any long run and bootcamp, at least) with EGGS. On more than one occasion I’ve found myself chanting “Eggs! Eggs! Motherf**king eggs!” in my head, in time with my feet, to get myself through the last couple miles. One time there was eggs florentine consumed in an ice bath after a 12-miler…secretly, so my roommates wouldn’t judge me.

  143. Alison says

    I make oatmeal with peanut flour for protein, a little unsweetened cocoa powder and some fruit. So good. Who doesn’t love a little chocolate for breakfast?

  144. says

    I typically just eat breakfast after workouts. When I run outdoors in the heat or after a long run, I go with coconut water and a banana.

  145. mackenzie says

    i always use a foam roller to help recover my legs after a long run or a hard workout on the bike/stair master. and i always eat some extra protein afterwards, which usually comes in the form of peanut butter.

  146. Colleen says

    Honestly, I’m TERRIBLE about refueling. Often I have an apple or banana, but I’m really not good about the protein component :-/

  147. Lora says

    A green monster, and then sitting on the couch, propping my feet on the ottoman, and having my preschooler sit on my outstretched legs, to stretch them. Works wonders!!

  148. says

    I recover with a mix of carbs, protein, and fat. Peanut butter is a fave of mine, as well as chips and salsa, which might seem random but tastes so good after a workout. It’s the saltiness 😉 Oh…and laying on my butt watching trash TV too, that’s the best recovery :)

  149. says

    I recover with a mix of carbs, protein, and fat. Peanut butter is a fave of mine, as well as chips and salsa, which might seem random but tastes so good after a workout. It’s the saltiness Oh…and laying on my butt watching trash TV too, that’s the best recovery

  150. Sara says

    I suck at recovering from workouts. It depends on what time of day it is and how busy I am for the rest of that day, but I try to eat a meal as soon as I can and drink agua and stretch. Sometimes I fail at all of these things so perhaps I should look into bars. That one does look tasty.

  151. BillieJean says

    Hi! I LOVE refueling after a long run with CHOCOLATE! I mix up a smoothie with unsweetened almond milk, a banana, dark cocoa powder and ginger…SO good! 😀 Chocolate and Coconut go AMAZZZZZING together, I can’t wrap my head around it!

  152. says

    Those Vega bars actually even LOOK good. I have a hard time finding bars I like. I end up eating a cookie instead. :)

    My recovery includes icing my hip (never-ending, well 10 month old, pelvic stress fracture injury) and lots of water. I’m trying to get better about eating right after working out, but usually it’s a fight with my stomach to get something in there and keep it there. I do eggs a lot, bananas, peanut butter.

  153. Kaelin says

    I love chocolate milk after a long or tough workout, otherwise it usually just water and whatever meal is headed my way next.

  154. Abby says

    Thanks for opening your giveaway to Canadian residents! My husband turned vegan about a year ago, and I’d love to win some Vega products. They’re a pretty penny!
    If it’s a regular workout I recover by eating what I normally would. If it’s intense, I have either a protein shake, eggs, or incorporate cottage cheese into my meal.

  155. Alyssa says

    I use chocolate milk but am looking to cut out dairy and these sound like a great replacement! Thanks for the review!

  156. says

    I’m usually way too busy to properly recover…slash recover at all…woops! I’m trying to incorporate ice baths after double-digit runs and stretching – but sometimes that is done at red lights while I’m off to my next activity! :0

  157. Jen says

    I usually guzzle down some water with lemon and then after a shower I whip up a quick (and extra thick) chocolate, banana, and PB protein smoothie :)

  158. says

    I usually spend half my run fantasizing about what to shove down my throat when I’m done and its just what ever I’m craving. I do love luna bars, string cheese, cottage cheese, and nuts.

  159. Kary says

    For times when I need to be quick, it’s raw almonds and a banana. If I have time, I’ll whip up some eggs & veggies. Yum!

  160. Cathy says

    I’m super prone to fainting after long/hard runs and chocolate milk does the best job of getting me some fat and protein and sugar to keep me from bonking. :) I’ve pretty much tweaked my fueling during half marathons to where it doesn’t happen, but I’m always game to try something that might help my sugar crashes while running.

  161. Jessica says

    depending on the exercise stretching, Epsom salt bath and foam rolling! Hot showers are a nice little treat too 😉

  162. says

    Lately, I recover with some stretching and an ice bag on my knee (blasted IT band!). I don’t usually eat something after working out unless I am hungry (I usually workout just after breakfast). I would love to try one of those Vega bars after one of my workouts. :)

  163. Angie says

    I recover from long run workouts by taking a hot shower, eating a yogurt mess bowl (Greek yogurt, raw oats, chia seeds, and a banana), and plopping my butt on the couch.

  164. MaryEllen says

    I actually use Vega products for before and after workouts, but not these particular bars (yet!). I am anxious to try !!

  165. says

    My favorite way to recover is with a beer and a bubble bath… but it isn’t exactly feasible if I am working out on my lunchbreak. More often it is a well balanced lunch and good snacks all afternoon.

  166. Dani says

    Lying on the floor panting? I kid (mostly!) It depends on the workout and the time. And my mood. Sometimes it’s simple chocolate milk, sometimes it’s a few dates with almond butter (or replace dates with apple, or banana) and sometimes it’s just some yogurt with granola.

    And always stretching :)

  167. Candice says

    I love chia and crystal light focus flavor. Then my low carb protein shake made with unflavored coconut milk from Trader Joes. I did go through an insane Ovaltine phase, Ovaltine+Protein Powder+PB=YUMMY but I don’t metabolize sugar so great. So I switched it up, I should mention I love Hammer Gels but not their Recovery drink, makes my tummy feel whack B)

  168. Amy H says

    I recover from workouts with a protein smoothie or eggs and by taking my dog for a walk (um, not nutrition-related, but I swear it helps with recovery)

  169. Heather says

    I am a vegan girl, so I tend to reach for peanut butter if I am in a hurry or if I have time I will refuel with a vegan protein and lots of veggies! I use the Vega Gels during my runs, so I am curious about trying out the bars, Chocolate and Coconut are my favorite flavors! Also, ice packs and epsom salt baths help my recovery.

  170. Beth U. says

    I recently started using the Vega Chocolate Protein Powder as my recovery drink and like it, so I’d love to try the bars!

  171. liz says

    I recover from workouts by foam rolling, icing, and compression, depending on how much I need. I also always drink a green smoothie with protein powder following a workout since getting nutrition in right after a workout is so important!

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