Weight Loss Wednesday–Chia Seeds

I get a lot of questions about chia seeds.

Most of the time the question is, “Do you realize you have chia seeds stuck in your teeth?”

But at least a few times a week someone asks if chia seeds help with weight loss or what is the point of them?!?

Obviously the reason to eat chia seeds is because everyone in the healthy living blog community is doing it. You really run the risk of being kicked out of the club if you don’t.

It’s kinda like Pink Shirt Wednesday on Mean Girls, but with a food that looks like tiny bugs. Wear pink and eat chia seeds on Wednesday, it’s a rule.pink shirt day(image source)


Chia seeds are a good source of Omega-3 and Fiber and something else. I chat about chia in my vlog today…

While they are not necessarily a weight loss food they can be a good addition to your balanced diet.

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Any chia thoughts?


  1. says

    Such a timely post! I was tossing some in my eggs this morning and thought, “what are these why am I even eating them? oh cause monica does and they must be good for you or something.” ; ) That and I like the look of my little egg sandwich with all the spots.

  2. says

    Also cuz… they are delicious. I have always been a huge fan of tapioca/boba consistency so they are right up my alley. To be honest I could care less about omega whatever, I just love me some chia pudding.

    They were originally marketed for weight loss though, I think, because they expand in volume so much and because they contain quite a bit of fiber. So they may be helpful for some who want to lose weight by helping you feel full on less.

  3. says


    I have a 6-year old son who is grossly overweight and I am kind of worried for him. Can you recommend some weight loss tips for him? Almost all the weight loss solutions I found online are meant either for teens or adults! Many thanks for your help!

  4. says

    I add chia seeds to my food a lot, you blog makes me feel like I’m not the only one 😉 And your ‘Mexi-can’ comment reminded me of being at a competition and meeting the Mexican team who taught me the “official” Mexican cheer which turned out to be “Me-hi-co *clap, clap clap*”. Aaand that was totally random, I’m sure you don’t care. lol /overshare

  5. says

    I am LITERALLY cracking up! I started blogging December 2011 and before then i had no idea what chia seeds were. Now, only two months later, I eat it with breakfast everyday but I still don’t know why. Mostly, like you said, I just feel like they get stuck in my teeth.

    Great post.

  6. Elizabeth says

    What perfect timing. I finally bought a bag of chia seeds today (found at my local grocery store in the baking aisle, go figure). So coming home to see your video was PERFECT! Thanks!

  7. Kerri A says

    I LOVE chia seeds!! I’m not sure if your Costco down there carries them, but the Costco up here (I’m in Canada – HI from the great white north!) has giant bags of them way, way, way cheaper than I can get at the health food store or grocery store (the bag I bought at the health food store was 150 grams for $18.99 and the same bag was a dollar more at the grocery store – I got a 905 gram bag at Costco for $8.99)
    You might want to check your Costco – they might have them at a way more reasonable price! They also have hemp hearts and all kinds of other healthy stuff there! :)

  8. says

    No joke – I saw a commercial this morning for chia seeds from the company that makes Chia Pets. Can you imagine eating your chia pet?! I had one of those once, a chia dinosaur. The thought of eating those slimy seeds I spread on my dino grosses me out.


  9. anna w. says

    just cant seem to get into the whole chia craze. the only way i like em is for making chia “jam” with blueberries and/or strawberries.

  10. Bella Espinoza says

    I have never tried chia seeds, my sister and I were talking about this yesterday so I decided to do some research on it, it helps her with her weight loss issue and I am going to try this for the same reason. I want to lose some weight not much just some and if it’s good for you I’m up for eating healthy and losing some lbs. Thanks for your video and by the way, you do not look Mexi-can! lol

  11. says

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